Fahai and Sun Wu went to Huanghuaguan from Lingshan together. Xu Xian saw that Fahai was coming. He said coldly, "We haven’t seen Fahai for many years. Now that you and I meet, it’s just the right time to finish what happened before."

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Fahai saw that Xu Xian read the Buddha’s name and said, "Xu Xian’s little white snake is a monster. At the beginning, the poor monk wanted to save you from the fire and water. Unfortunately, you are stubborn and want to save the white snake. This is bitter again."
Xu Xian growled, "At the beginning, our conjugal love killed my unborn child more than you, a bald donkey, who believed that exorcising demons and doing evil for heaven, but broke up our family. This hatred haunted me day and night and tortured me constantly. I had been penalizing for 30 thousand years just to get revenge on my child and to save my wife who had been killed by you for 30 thousand years."
Fahai said, "When the benefactor of South Amitabha Xu advised you to go back to the shore, the shemale would not have a good result. It’s a pity that you are still stubborn today. The poor monk can take you back to Lingshan to recite scriptures day and night, hoping that you can repent of your white road one day."
"Nonsense," Xu Xian angered with a sword in his hand. "I won’t talk to you about Fahai. In those days, you cheated me with your magical powers. Today I will find one.
Xu Xian said, "Kill the Fa Hai with a sword." Sun Wu had already seen that the momentum of the two men was not good. From the circle of war, Fa Hai saw that Xu Xian killed him. A mord appeared in his hand and he fought at Xu Xian. Two people used their weapons to fight dozens of tricks in front of the Yellow Flower View. Xu Xian spent 30,000 years in the Dharma Sea and learned the Tao very early. Xu Xian refused to catch up with the Fa Hai. When Zhang Wen taught the Tao, there were more things that made Xu Xian have the opportunity to achieve quasi-holiness. In this way, Xu Xian’s strength was superior.
Xu Xian, who occupied the wind, immediately made a strong attack on Fahai Nai, waved the cassock, and a alms bowl flew out toward Xu Xian’s hood. Xu Xian saw that Fahai’s alms bowl was more angry, and a clear light flew out toward Fahai, and the sword in his hand was severely cut toward the alms bowl.
"Dang" Fahai’s alms bowl is really not a parallel product. From the degree of Xu Xian’s hand, you can see that the alms bowl was actually damaged in Xu Xianjian’s sword and flew back to Fahai. As soon as Xu Xian’s land was clear, he was trapped in the clear light and had no chance to get out. Xu Xian was just about to fly back and grabbed the alms bowl.
All objects are spiritual. After all, there is a master in the treasure. A little Yuan God falls into the hands of Xu Xian. Naturally, Xu Xian is not willing to give up and struggle to get out. Where will Xu Xian be furious and let this alms bowl fly away? Really Yuan is forcibly injected into the alms bowl to suppress the Fahai Yuan God inside.
For a moment, the alms bowl was quiet, Fahai was trapped in the clear light and couldn’t get away from it. I watched Xu Xian grab a mass of green light from the alms bowl, and Xu Xian grabbed the green light and laughed. "Fahai, when you separated us from husband and wife, I didn’t hate you much because you were a Buddha. You wanted to exorcise evil spirits and forbid transvestites to fall in love, but you killed my child and took your mother to Lingshan for 30,000 years. I hate you for 30,000 years. Today, I’ll kill you first, and I’ll be a little
Xu Xian pinched the green light with his hand and dissipated. Fahai was trapped in the clear light and immediately became uneasy and spit out one mouthful blood. The clear light immediately narrowed and tied Fahai up.
Xu Xian laughed. "Fahai, you also have today. It’s really karma."
Fahai said, "Xu Xian, although you can arrest me, you want to save the little white snake, which is a delusion that you will never see the little white snake in this life."
Xu Xian eyebrows a wrinkly nu way, "now you’ll want to curse me because the Tang priest is in my hands. Don’t you dare not let my mother go?"
Fahai said, "Most of my Buddhists’ collection of evil spirits over the years has been in the town demon tower, which was set up by the leader. How can you save the little white snake if you can get in or out?"
Xu Xian was furious and clapped his hands on Fahai’s head.
"Amitabha Buddha" sounded, and Xu Xian clapped his hands and was hit by a golden light. He looked up at the sky and frowned. "Burning the ancient Buddha, you just want to stop me from killing Fahai. Burning the lamp." Xu’s benefactor and enemy should be reconciled. It is also the right way to protect the people. That lady white snake is a snake demon. You are so bitter and persistent. The beach is back to Amitabha. "
Xu Xian said, "The misery in your eyes is the happiness in my heart, and you won’t let my mother go, and you still come to persuade me to change my ways. You Buddhists are the real demons and heretics who specialize in harming the world."
Burning the lamp and sighing, "Xu benefactor is so persistent that he seems to be possessed by that evil spirit. I advise you to put a butcher’s knife and convert to Buddhism, and chanting in front of the Buddha may restore your mind."
Xu Xian nu way "it seems that you are also deceiving the world’s thieves and famous people under the banner of demon reduction and exorcism. You and the wicked people didn’t separate, and I didn’t show mercy to you." Xu Xian said, "Sweep the light out toward the burning lamp, and then throw the sword-like streamer into the burning lamp."
Xu Xian has come for revenge for 30,000 years. He has been studying Taoism constantly. When traveling, the avatar will see who has powerful magical powers, and he will steal them. If he can’t learn them, he will study and simulate the swordsmanship of Shushan by himself. Xu Xian took a fancy to it and was finally stolen by him.
The clear light reached the front of the burning lamp and was blocked by a clear air. Although Xu Xianjian was extremely fast, it was still slower in the eyes of the burning lamp. After the flying sword was close, the burning lamp held the orchid finger and controlled the flying sword.
Xu Xian eyebrows a wrinkly right hand into a sword refers to constantly waving the quartet reiki immediately attracted Xu Xian behind several swords to form a circle, constantly rotating around constantly fluctuating and several swords flying around him.
Xu Xian’s hands closed, and the whole person rushed towards the lamp like a sword. Several swords followed him to fly up. The scene in Qi Fei, Wan Jian was spectacular. It’s a pity that Xu Xian achieved the quasi-sacred realm too little, and he didn’t have a Taoist couple to learn from each other. In the middle of nowhere, now there are twenty-four heavens to help. It can be said that the three realms are not saints and roots can’t beat him. How can Xu Xian be a lamp-burning opponent?
Wan Jian Xiang Xiang flew to the front of the burning lamp and stopped it. The burning lamp stretched out his hand and pointed at Xu Xian’s sword. Xu Xian flew back and fell to the ground like being hit.
With a wave of his hand, the burning lamp returned the Qing Guang and the Sword Department to Xu Xian. "Would donor Xu like to go back to Lingshan with the poor monk now?"
Xu Xian hated, "It’s a pity that after ten thousand years of penance, I still can’t get out of my mother or get revenge. You want to take me back to Lingshan, but it’s a delusion that I can’t beat you but I won’t go with you."
Burning the lamp, he said, "Since donor Xu doesn’t want to go back to Lingshan with the poor monk, please let donor Xu let the Tang Priest go west, and the poor monk can go back and tell the Buddha."
Xu Xian suddenly thought that he still had a Tang Priest hostage in his hand, waving his hand to sweep out a cloud of smoke and blocking everyone’s sight, but he returned to the yellow flower view and took Tang Priest and drove away. When Sun Wu saw Xu Xian sweeping out the cloud of smoke, he immediately waved and swept the cloud and shouted, "Ancient Buddha, please save my master and light the lamp and gently wave it to disperse the smoke." The Great Sage needs to worry. Xu Xian also wants to change back to the white snake to learn from the scriptures, and it will be fine. "
As soon as Fahai came out, he said, "Thank you for the help of the ancient Buddha, because Xu Xian can’t go to the Western Heaven until he can’t collect the scriptures. Please kindly ask the ancient Buddha to bring Xu Xian back to Lingshan and slowly change it."
Chapter 60 Killing God Gun
"Luohan doesn’t have to worry about this," he said. "Xu Xian is also a true fairy. If he listens to persuasion, he will turn over a new leaf. If he insists that the poor monk shouldn’t take him back to Luohan in Lingshan, then Xu Xian has a deep cause and effect. It’s better to go back to Lingshan to recuperate. Everything has me."
Fahai said, "Thank you so much for the poor monk of the ancient Buddha going back to Lingshan first." After Fahai left, Sun Wudao said, "The ancient Buddha was sent by the Tathagata to finish the cause and effect. How can he go back now that he has not finished the cause and effect?"
Burning the lamp, "You monkey like to mess around, but the cause and effect of Luohan Xu Xian in Fahai is still unresolved, but the poor monk also promised to make it easier. If you can persuade Xu Xian, this cause and effect can be resolved naturally. If you can’t, the poor monk will take him back to Lingshan to make it easier. This cause and effect will end and it will be useless for him to stay. It is better to go back and recuperate first."
Sun Wu said, "Oh, so that’s it. The ancient Buddha must know that Xu Xian can beat Fang Gu Buddha when he takes the master away. You are no match for Xu Xian. After you."
Burning the lamp, "Just now, Xu Xian arrested your master, and your two younger brothers are still in this yellow flower view. You’d better save your two younger brothers first. Xu Xian will deal with it myself."
Sun Wu laughed. "No, no, my two younger brothers are all great masters or mortals. One of them can’t stand Xu Xian’s ordeal. Let’s go and save the master first. The two of them will come back later anyway. They will be fine."
Burn the lamp and say with smile, "You monkey is worried about that pig saying bad things about you. Now you can retaliate against him and come with me to save the Tang Priest."

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