At this time, everyone knows that rg is just a matter of losing the game.

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"Directly tear down the rg to play? Gg, it’s still a big move for trolls and women to push the trolls forward and get stuck in a column and quickly remove this defensive tower in the back row! Directly settle the Bloom spike! "
The enemy player has been killed!
The cold display on the big screen didn’t cheer people up. Everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before the rg team loses this game.
"If you push this highland away again, it will be broken in three ways, so the words will be eaten away at last."
Reggie shook his head and looked at the screen in front of him. By this time, his explanation was more like a statement of a settled event.
It is true that the outcome of this game has been decided.
Soon the first front tooth was pushed out and then the second front tooth was also pushed out.
"In this case, let’s congratulate the gg team for pushing off the last rg crystal, and at the same time, they also won the first victory in the 16 th spring playoff finals. Let’s congratulate gg!"
At the end of the big screen, the purple Fang Shuijing exploded like fireworks, and at the same time, the pilot lens was switched out of the game. The live beating music made all the audience temporarily separated from the bonfire battle picture.
Gdganes won the first game!
The fourth volume DiQiLiuRG a rob
“nie! Haha, congratulations to the gg team. "
"It’s a pity that rg played well in front."
"gdeyes, this guy is still too good at seizing opportunities, and gg is also very good at team fighting."
"gdgaes is worthy of being the champion of ie World Series. The rg team is also the top team in the world. Unfortunately, there is still no chance when facing gdgaes!"
At the same time, in the lpl English studio hall in Los Angeles, the game screen also reached the eyes of all foreign players watching the lpl final battle through the studio hall after a slight network delay.
Amanda was surprised to see the rg crystal finally pushed off.
As a gg team fan, Amanda naturally had a support goal in mind before the game started.
However, the strength of the rg team from the strong teams in the playoffs is absolutely top-notch.
Amanda has been watching the game nervously in the competition seat, but gg didn’t let her down in the first game.
"It’s just the first game. Aren’t you so excited?"
Beside him, Tiki looked uncomfortable and said
"Ha-ha, Tiki is upset again."
"He doesn’t like gg team. It shouldn’t be said that he doesn’t like all teams in lpl. The real support of Tiki is lk!"
"In fact, I also expect that if gg team can enter si, how will the ticket progress be 1/3!"
"Haha, then congratulations to China for being the runner-up again."
Foreign audiences have also said
Runner-up again. This is of course a ridicule, but it is also the best result of China team in the S-train competition.
"gg team beat rg to win the first game!"
"Champion Qi continues gg team to get off to a good start!"
"gdeyes will sacrifice the fisherman gg team to win the first victory!"
At the same time, the news of the first game won by the gg teams of the major competing nets was also released.
"… beautiful is still two steps away!"
Fengyun Jingguan backstage gg team after all walk Dong Rui also some excitement way
Although the strength of gg team has been greatly recognized after ie competition.
But there is no strong team that doesn’t want to go further.
There is no strong team that doesn’t want to beat S and win the championship again.
Especially the China lpl team don’t know how long it took to carry the anti-Korean logo and how many times it fell at the foot of the Korean team!
In the League of Legends competition, the most sympathetic team is sometimes not the team with the worst performance, because most of them know their own strength and want to get their hands on a better ranking. It is impossible for these teams to enjoy the game every time.
In the end, the king team will naturally have no regrets after winning the championship.
The most desperate people are often the runners-up and even the third runner-up teams. They are superior in the overall team, not without the hope of winning the championship, but they are still disillusioned after hard work.

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