Moreover, due to its own strength, Chixiao will almost have high-end fruits every time the Red Crescent is robbed.

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This is the area where Xu Le will touch itself for a long time to come.
It can be said that the only channel for advanced fruits is Chixiao.
So he won’t hide it.
"Since there is a giant that is not a good result? What is this expression? "
Xu Le secretly glanced at Chixiao and finally told the truth.
"Because there is also an intermediate element-Golden Thunder"
Chixiao squinted slightly, and this choice is a bit interesting.
The Golden Thunder Curse: A part of the thunder destroys the warlock, which can make the thunder have the purification effect of judgment.
Very powerful.
Golden thunder, the fruit of intermediate element, has already possessed extremely high value.
It is said that it is the most valuable intermediate element fruit.
But now it is a standard creature-giant, so the question is, will the value of golden thunder be higher than that of giant?
After all, one is intermediate and the other is level.
"I remember you elementalization is level? Do you really want Jin Lei? "
Xu le nodded and said that he didn’t have to hide anything.
"yes, I really need the powerful destructive power of the golden thunder to make up for the shortcomings of my current elemental flow."
Xu Le’s fighting style is flexible and changeable, but it is nonsense to say that there are no shortcomings.
He obviously lacks the ability to release large-scale attacks at will, and each ability is extremely restrictive
If you have Jin Lei, you can’t finish making up for his shortcomings, but he is more or less like a French grandfather.
Chixiao nodded. She didn’t directly promise Xu Le to give away the fruits.
But I didn’t really refuse.
After a moment of silence, she said slowly
"I can choose Jin Lei, but I also want to know what price you can offer."
Xu Le heard ChiXiao promised to heart suddenly excited.
To say the price …
Xu Le wondered how much the fruit would be worth if he chose it once.
If you compare it with simple values,
Suppose that the fruit value of Chixiao every time is 1+1+3+5+1, which corresponds to two garbage fruits, one with a long life, one with a middle life and one with a high life.
Then the total value of the fruit is 25 points, and the value is 4.
Every time Chixiao chooses value guarantee 4.
Although Jin Lei is intermediate, the current situation is to replace the giant according to the comparison of advanced fruit 1.
Every time I help Chixiao choose 1, according to the value, then I earn 6 every time.
The value of fruit can be paid by the second compensation choice.
It sounds exaggerated, but it is the truth.
However, Xu Le thinks that twice is definitely not enough, and he should show more sincerity.
Because he wants to get a loan on credit … it is right to give interest.
"In addition to this time, I can repay the red crescent fruit for three times and choose to exchange it for this golden thunder fruit."
ChiXiao slightly one leng her original Xu Le idea is to make some future promises.
Help yourself or accumulate wealth in exchange for classes.

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