Score "full marks for the fairy goddess"

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"Let’s take a look at what is the score of Snow Goddess? One point, ten points, one point, one point, I would like to ask God to give ten reasons? "
God bless looked at the shy goddess of ice and snow "campus swimsuit also points what people to wear! The goddess of ice and snow wears a unique flavor! I give ten points! "
"Oh oh so that’s it! Ok, the second sentence is also that the fairy goddess wins. "
"In the third game, please judge Chen Yanyan!"
"One, two, three, stop!"
"So soon!"
"Turns out to be cooking? Please prepare! "
Suddenly, many robots appeared and set up a ring in an instant. Soon, many kitchen utensils and ingredients were carried.
"Two players in place! Two hours! "
"Ah, ah, the principle of the fairy goddess is stew! It’s corn, potatoes, beef ribs again! "
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, the principle of the goddess of ice and snow is that glacier fish are heavy! Wow, the goddess of ice and snow is very skilled, and soon the fish is cleaned up, and the scales and gills are all processed! "
Seeing the goddess of ice and snow laughing, "Glacier fish is a special product here, and it grows extremely cold. Today I will make you a special glacier fish."
Seeing that the ice goddess took out an ice skate, it was a bit like a scalpel, and the size was the same, and then she danced back with great skill.
In the end, the knife was changed on both sides, and then the ice goddess took out the ice fruit. "The special ingredients are from your own orchard!"
God bless "I’m both cooking idiots. It seems that I guessed wrong!" " Two pieces of mashed pulp of the goddess of ice and snow are put into the belly of the fish, and this side is covered with ice fruit juice, and then the fish body is gently patted, and then it is smeared again for three times, and then it will be put aside and a live glacier fish will be taken out, which is also heavy, and then the special ice fruit wine will be put into the mouth of the fish, and then it will be put into a bathtub, and then the ice fruit wine will be continuously introduced.
"This is fish with wine? In other words, this kind of fish is more powerful, and the general fish is finished! " God bless and spit aside.
On the other hand, the fairy goddess has handled a lot of ingredients, which should be cut, chopped and changed into water to copy water.
"Alas, what is that? I see a mass of black creatures! And that’s not a slug! And what’s that with wings? What is this stew? How do I look at the encyclopedia of insects! " God bless your face. It will be a normal stew. Now it seems that part-time job is terrible.
Several of his judges looked normal, except God bless and Pandora.
After an hour.
"Good cooking is over! The first is the ice and rain goddess glacier fish! "
Some robots and glacier fish were brought in, with a big plate and a small plate in front of everyone.
Then Gai hit "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!" Luminous cuisine! "
"People say that non-luminous cuisine is not a good cuisine! Come on, let’s try it! "
The first small dish is ice fruit sashimi and the second is steamed fish with ice wine!
God bless and others first took a bite of steamed fish with frozen fruit "Eminem!"
A bite of fish is sent into the mouth, and God bless the instant hair. "Oh, this is the delicious and refreshing fish in the youth orchard. Oh, that’s awesome! I eat sashimi! "
"Sashimi can be eaten directly without dipping!"
"Oh, oh," God bless and pick up a piece of sashimi. "Sashimi is like a flower and I have to admire your knife skills! Eminem! "
Chapter two hundred and forty-one
"This glacier fish is great! From the tongue to the body, there is a taste of bingguo! “
"Now continue to stew a fairy goddess dish!"
"I go to what is this? It is also a luminous dish! " God bless the things in the big bowl with golden light, and then after the golden light, God bless the expression "Holy shit!"
See a big bowl of black activity tentacles peristalsis slug carrying ribs around and say "which ribs come and eat me and ribs!" "
God bless watching chubby dead slugs in vain, which belong to living magic ingredients. God bless that you can’t enjoy them. Pandora didn’t move chopsticks, and several of them did. God bless watching several people eat spoonfuls. "You can all eat it! Pei! " 】
"God bless the judges you also want to eat or how do you score? Must eat. "
God bless "can I abandon? I don’t want to eat! I don’t score! "
The God of Justice must eat! You’re challenging my dignity! Give it to me! Why don’t you bite me, the public god! Just give me a bite! Then score! "
God bless "I’ll fight!" God bless picked up a spoon and took a mouthful of soup, then closed his eyes and swallowed "huh? Not as terrible as I thought? It tastes good? "
This is the magic cooking of the game god. It looks terrible and tastes good! Can also add magic to promote digestion. "Just finished the game, God’s face instantly changed several times, and finally his eyes fainted, and his mouth kept foaming at the mouth.
God bless fell with a spoon in his hand. "Oh!" God bless felt a spasm in my stomach and then my face changed several times. "Pandora! Don’t eat! This thing will kill people! " Say that finish directly to the table "god bless? Do not die! We still have an adventure to finish! Oh! God bless my partner! " Pandora hugged God bless and pinched her thigh to try to squeeze out tears.
Justice God "Judge Pandora invites you to taste the food so that you can score"
Pandora still holds God bless and pretends not to hear "whoops! My partner, you died miserably! You just left! Let’s star knights swollen! What should I do if I am swollen? "
God of justice "your sister! Stop pretending! You don’t want to eat, do you There’s no competition. Be absolutely fair! Somebody force feed her! Then let her score! "
Didi Didi, a group of robots grabbed Pandora’s mouth and pried a spoonful of justice, and took it to Pandora’s mouth and fell backwards. Yes, it was to "mumble!"
"Another spoonful"
"Hey, hey!"
Pandora is dying, and she feels that she may ascend to heaven at any time. "All right, score! Cone! "
"Judge Pandora gave a score!"
"That cone pricks up God bless the judges!"
God bless suddenly up "no, I’m good! Points! "
Others were awakened one by one and scored. By the way, even the goddess of ice and snow finished scoring. Finally, the goddess of ice and snow won in the third round. "That’s all for today. How many judges are not feeling well?"
The next day, seven judges were in low spirits and sat on the bench. "If you don’t do anything with the goddess, you will die!" God bless said yesterday’s feelings. Several of them nodded. Pandora came back from the dead and swam out of the sky. Since she was stewed by a big pot of fairy goddesses yesterday, she has been unable to say anything like this. She is a little demented. "Poor Dora! It is estimated that it will be better in a few days! "
"Then the fourth round! Choose a topic, Beshaba! "
"Uh huh turned out to be a mutual touch Armageddon! Take the lead in letting the other party reach the climax or admit defeat! "
As soon as "666" God bless came, the spirit game god also had a bright eye.
The fairy goddess is a little shy, but she quickly adjusted. The goddess of ice and snow is petrified. "What the hell is wrong with that bastard!"
"come on I won’t lose! "
"I won’t lose either!"
The goddess of snow and ice took the lead in launching an attack, and both hands caught the giant breasts of the fairy goddess "Ah! Don’t! " The goddess of snow and ice looked at the evil smile from the fairy goddess who breathed heavily. "Let me reveal your sex here, slutty cow!" After that, keep working hard with your hands and stick to it. The fairy goddess’ big breasts are rocker. "This is going to be a big treasure!"
"ah! ! ! ! ! It’ s not going to work! "
"No, you can’t go like this! I want to fight back and look at me! " The fairy goddess grabbed the chest of the ice goddess and caught a "I don’t have a chest!" "
"oh NO"
"ah! No, I surrendered! "
"In the fourth game, the ice goddess won!"
"The fifth game dress up! If you dress up as Lord Hestia! "
God bless "is there such a topic?"
The God of Justice "Please come to Lord Hestia!"
God bless looking at being tied to Hestia by a robot. "Is this please? Just tied! "

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