Jiang Feng nodded his head does have this truth.

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Maybe it’s just that the ice fairy didn’t finish sealing it.
"You go first! I want to stay here for a while! " Jiang Feng toward Qingyun mouth.
Green non-success didn’t refuse to turn away from here.
Jiang Feng was left alone around for a while.
Chapter 117 Being abducted
Jiang Feng quietly looked at the ice fairy before freezing.
Vaguely seems to find that the ice fairy smiled at her.
At that time, Jiang Feng had mixed feelings in his heart.
Strong emotions flooded into his mind, and his eyes were vaguely moist.
I don’t know how long it’s been when I’m so quiet
When he walked out of the chamber of secrets again
I found that Qing Yun had been waiting for him in front of the door and I didn’t know how long she was here.
Jiang Feng smiled "wait a long time! ?”
Green non-success shook his head but relaxed a lot as if a stone had finally fallen to the ground for many years.
"no! Sister Ice Spirit must have no regrets. "
Green non-success chuckle a also don’t know whether to himself.
Give up this wish
Jiang Feng hung a boulder on his chest and finally fell to the ground, but it was really more pressure.
Desperate to save Bing Poxian.
But if you want to save her, you must awaken the third mark of heaven.
This is easy to talk about. At present, he can’t do it or upgrade quickly, which is also urgent for Jiang Feng.
On the Eternal Curse of the Eternal Emperor
Or do you need him to upgrade quickly here?
Jiang Feng long sigh.
Day Xuan door for another day Jiang Feng then leave away.
Green non-success go out to send a lot of long bro heart doubts, especially hu 2 see Jiang Feng every day is accompanied by the elders patriarch.
I regret it even more in my heart
If I had been able to play Jiang Feng well, I could at least enter the door and be Xuanzong’s younger brother all day.
It’s a pity that it’s too late to say anything now
You can blame yourself for being too powerful.
Jiang Fengli Tianxuanzong
He didn’t go to practice at once, but he didn’t decide to go and see them first.
I don’t know how long it’s been.
Jiang Feng finally stopped outside the town and strode into the town.
Thinking of Jingjing, he was filled with joy and deliberately grabbed some wild animals to make the little girl happy.
Jiang Feng strode to the restaurant.
To his surprise, the restaurant was closed.
The door is locked and there is no one.
"touch! Touch! Touch! " Jiang Feng patted the door for a long time and still no one responded. Did they go hunting again?
"Young man! Don’t shoot! No! ?” Suddenly there was an old man’s voice behind him.
A gray-haired and energetic old man kept waving.
"The guy didn’t!"

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