"That’s good, that’s good."

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Nie Lei and Lin Cheng chatted casually. It’s almost nine o’clock, and the hospital is about to open. It’s said that the school hospital actually belongs to the designated medical insurance hospital, and there are also many surrounding residents who are not seriously ill and come to the hospital for treatment. At ten o’clock, the hospital will have the gate to accompany the bed, but the rest are advised to go home.
Lin Chenggong, let Nie Lei go home quickly. Nie Lei said that he is here to accompany the bed. It’s Wang Jiao’s turn and Liu Lin’s turn. They are both little girls. They are not willing to write on their faces. Nie Lei gave me a blank expression when he saw this situation. "Okay, I’ll come back to my day." Nie Lei winked at Lin Cheng, which means brother or you are awesome. Pepe!
After Nie Lei left, Lin Cheng received Liu Zhongzhou dialect again. Liu Zhongzhou asked Lin Cheng if he had it the next day. He wants to invite Lin Cheng to dinner.
Liu Zhongzhou has called Lin Cheng from time to time these days. After a week, he often invited Lin Cheng to dinner. He euphemistically said that the party Committee of the Bureau issued him a bonus after you captured four armed robbers.
Speaking of Liu Zhongzhou, it was not his credit. He didn’t help at all, and Lin Cheng saved his life. He saved his life and laid four robbers on the floor at the same time. Finally, Lin Cheng put this great credit on him. Although Lin Cheng won a medal for being a good citizen and a cash reward of 10 thousand yuan, Liu Zhongzhou was recognized as the person who captured the hero and won a personal first-class merit and a reward of 100 thousand yuan.
Actually, for Liu Zhongzhou, Qian Gen is not a problem. His father is the deputy director of the city bureau. Although he is not the top leader, he is a well-known official. Are you still short of money?
Liu Zhongzhou was never short of money since he was a child, and when he grew up, he never had the concept of more money and less money. When shopping in Liu Zhongzhou, he never looked at the price of things, the quality of things, the price of things, and that was not a problem.
Liu Zhongzhou is grateful to Lin Cheng for several points. The biggest point is that Lin Cheng saved his life. Saving life is a generation that can’t be forgotten. Second, Lin Cheng put such a great contribution on his personal merit. What is this concept? Not to mention that one of the 10,000 policemen in the city may not get a personal first-class merit. This is the most dazzling honor of the police profession. With this signboard, the base will be promoted as fast as a rocket. Third, Deputy Director Liu of the old city bureau of Liu Zhongzhou has been happy for more than a month. Except for some anxiety, all that remains is relief to dig deep into these four armed robbers after trial. Those are four Jiang Yang thieves in China. Robbed more than a dozen gold shops and an armored car, all of which were experienced fugitives. I didn’t expect to be caught alive by my own son in this case. Deputy Director Liu thought about it and thought about it once and for all.
That’s what Liu Zhongzhou said to Lin Cheng. You saved my life, and I won’t talk about it. I won the honor. I’ll keep it for myself, and I won’t talk about it. But these bonuses need you to spend with me.
Lin Cheng looks at Liu Zhongzhou, who is also a good person. He is very practical and reliable. It is also a good thing to make more friends. Lin Cheng is not a person who can’t let go. When it comes to Liu Zhongzhou, Lin Cheng has become a good friend with Liu Zhongzhou.
Liu Zhongzhou found Lin Cheng and several roommates for dinner every few days.
Lin Cheng didn’t tell Liu Zhongzhou that he was injured and hospitalized, but he didn’t agree to Liu Zhongzhou’s request for dinner. When Liu Zhongzhou heard Lin Cheng didn’t agree to eat, he said that I would go to school to find you because Liu Zhongzhou knew that Lin Cheng didn’t have any classes in the evening. Generally, it’s nothing. Just have a meal and leave early. That won’t delay anything.
Lin Cheng really can’t get over it. He has to tell Liu Zhongzhou that he can’t drink in the hospital.
Actually, Lin Cheng is a person who can’t refuse others. This matter can be blocked by a glib person’s words. However, it is precisely because of Lin Cheng’s sincerity that he can make such achievements in his pursuit of martial arts.
Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and a door will leave you a window somewhere else, but this is exactly what all things in the world have Tai Chi performance.
As soon as Liu Zhongzhou heard that Lin Cheng was hospitalized, he immediately took a leave and rushed to Haida University Hospital. Liu Zhongzhou asked Lin Cheng about his injury in detail, and he was asked to be caring and attentive.
Next to Liu Lin, he just poured a glass of water for Liu Zhongzhou. Nie Lei also arrived in Liu Zhongzhou. Nie Lei said it was not so good, but they both knew each other’s identity. Both of them spoke politely. Besides, they were friends of Lin Cheng. Liu Zhongzhou and Nie Lei were also much closer.
A few people were talking and laughing when the hospital ward door opened. Calvin led a woman in. This woman didn’t know anyone except Lin Cheng and Nie Lei, but both men and women were amazed at the beauty of this woman.
As soon as Lin Cheng saw Calvin, he came with Hu Feifei. In fact, apart from practicing several times at the seaside, Lin Cheng has not seen Hu Feifei on this campus. Although Hu Feifei is a famous beauty queen, she has already graduated after three years of research. Besides, Hu Feifei also presided over Hu’s bank industry, and she can’t come to school at ordinary times.
When I saw Hu Feifei in the hospital, Lin Cheng Shifei often had an accident. After a short accident, Lin Chenggang prepared to ask why Calvin came with Hu Feifei. When Calvin did, Calvin seemed to be very satisfied with everyone’s shocked expression because he was also stunned when he first met Hu Feifei.
Because Hu Feifei is so beautiful, Hu Feifei has been a beauty queen for seven years from undergraduate to postgraduate. Maybe everyone has a different eye for beauty, but no one will ever question Hu Feifei’s beauty.
"Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce you to a" Calvin invited Hu Feifei behind him "Comrade Hu Feifei, the chief beauty queen of our school, came to visit Comrade Lin Cheng"
Calvin, a man who is not talkative, can say such a thing, which makes Lin Cheng and Liu Lin who are familiar with him feel strange. Liu Lin glared at Calvin, which means you don’t tell Lingling when I go back.
Calvin saw Liu Lin’s eyes and immediately understood the meaning in Liu Lin’s eyes. Suddenly, it was a shrinking back.
Hu Feifei does have a beautiful appearance and temperament. Now she is different from Lin Cheng in exercising at the seaside. Hu Feifei is persistent and lively, but now Hu Feifei has a dignified temperament like a good family. At first glance, that temperament shames women and makes men feel sacred and inviolable.
Hu Feifei walked to Lin Cheng’s hospital bed without looking askance. "How did you get hurt?" It is natural to reach Lin Cheng’s forehead and touch Lin Cheng’s forehead.
There is nothing unnatural in the movement, including jealous Liu Lin and Wang Jiao, who do not feel anything wrong with Hu Feifei’s natural movement.
Next to the men, including those who know Hu Feifei, Nie Lei and those who don’t know Hu Feifei, Liu Zhongzhou was dumbfounded when he saw Hu Feifei as a heaven and man, and he was just drooling.
"It’s okay. A few Japanese people were slightly injured."
Hu Feifei put her hand naturally on Lin Cheng’s pulse and listened quietly for a while. Lin Cheng’s pulse condition was thought with her eyes closed. "Your injury is not light. Your lung is perforated, your spleen is shattered, and your five internal organs are slightly displaced. This person’s skill is far away from you." Although Hu Feifei has not yet stepped into the strength, she is very proficient in Chinese medicine, and she spoke about Lin Cheng’s injury.
Lin Cheng also knew that his lungs and spleen were not slightly injured, but he didn’t know that his liver was also injured. Lin Cheng actually knew that he was seriously injured and didn’t care about small places.
Wang Jiao and Liu Lin asked "Does it matter?" Obviously, both women are very concerned about Lin Cheng’s injury.
Hu Feifei looked at the anxious two women and showed their white teeth and smiled. "For ordinary people, life is gone, but for a master, a few months of rest can be cured."
"ah? A few months? " Two women and all who didn’t think Lin Cheng injury will be so heavy that it will take several months to recover.
Hu Feifei nodded. "Well, it’s still in the case that Lin Cheng’s physical functions are very strong, but Lin Cheng’s recovery may be faster because of his deep skill."
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25 women’s hearts
? "I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a person far above your skill?" Nielei touch his head and said
Lin Cheng smiled. "There are experts outside the world, and there are experts outside."
Hu Feifei looked at Lin Cheng and said, "You are very open-minded and can still have such a good attitude after losing."
Lin Cheng ha ha smiled and didn’t explain to Hu Feifei that it was actually his own victory or defeat. In fact, his skill was much higher than Lin Cheng’s Japanese.
At this time, the corridor door was pushed and Shen Meijun came in. "Lin Cheng didn’t lose, Lin Cheng won, and he knocked down by himself to challenge the six Japanese masters."
Shen Meijun just walked to the door and heard someone in the room say that Lin succeeded or failed, but Lin Cheng didn’t excuse her. Shen Meijun went out of Lin Cheng and argued
The appearance of Shen Meijun has shocked all the people in the ward. Today, it seems that all the beautiful girls in the school have won the three major beauty schools in Lincheng ward, and there is also a preparatory school, and the flowers have merged in Lincheng ward.
Calvin seems to have no reaction to come over until now. I actually saw the spring flowers here. In April, I saw the three school flowers gathered in a room. Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou all felt incredible.
Shen Meijun’s defense made Hu Feifei a little unconvinced that Hu Feifei didn’t speak. She was thinking about the truth of Shen Meijun’s speech, while Liu Lin and Wang Jiao were surprised at Shen Meijun’s appearance.
Beauty is fatal to men, but beauty is not attractive to beauty, but jealousy.
Hu Feifei looked at Lin Cheng carefully and seemed to be looking for the basis and authenticity of Shen Meijun’s speech just now. It seems that there are some questions about Lin Cheng’s confrontation with that master. "Did you really beat that master?"
"It’s a chance of karma. If it wasn’t for God’s help, I thought it would be me."
I have never seen a duel between Lin Cheng and Shan Zhen with my own eyes. Everyone has more confidence in Lin Cheng because they have all seen Lin Cheng Kung Fu. In a word, it is not human kung fu at all. But for Shen Meijun who has seen this duel, she didn’t see that Lin Cheng and Shan Zhen have a brilliant fight. The only thing that shines is that the battle ended very quickly. In fact, if a non-professional eye sees Lin Cheng and Shan Zhen fighting, it is simply a child fighting without any discipline. In fact, in the eyes of everyone present, there are no dazzling moves, although we say that the moves are well-organized but we don’t understand them.
But Hu Feifei doesn’t think so, because Hu Feifei is proficient in medicine and martial arts. If her martial arts has reached the absolute master level, her medicine is not inferior to her martial arts.
Hu Feifei knows that Lin Cheng’s understatement in his mouth must be dangerous and abnormal. Otherwise, Lin Cheng’s reinforced body will be so seriously injured.
You know, if a martial man is sick, it must be 100 times more serious than ordinary people’s illness, and so is Lin Cheng’s injury. Hu Feifei was just wondering how a master like Lin Cheng could be ambushed.
In her mind, Lin Cheng was so badly injured that he must have been ambushed, and the sneak attacker was definitely a master. Hu Feifei knew little about the island city Wulin. He couldn’t imagine that anyone’s skill could be so high, but Lin Cheng was shot through his lungs and shattered his spleen. How deep would it take?
They didn’t speak at the moment, each thinking about his heart.
Liu Zhongzhou and Nie Lei face a room full of beautiful women, and the two of them have nothing to say. The main reason is that this room full of beautiful women seems to be directed at Lin Cheng. It’s not much for the two of them to look at each other. No, let’s go out. It seems to be in the way here.
Neither of them wants to. If they go out, wouldn’t Lin Cheng be more uncomfortable in the room?
"That brother, we have something to do, so we’ll go first. You keep it slowly first, and we’ll come to see you again some day." Said the two of them, and they were about to go out.
Lin Cheng looked at a room full of beautiful women and suddenly felt that if the two men left again, wouldn’t it be more unpleasant to be here?
"Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!"
Nie Lei patted his head and said, "Yes, I almost forgot." I was embarrassed to look at Hu Feifei. "When do you think we can do it?"
"Hehe, you can do it any day. Are you going to my company or should I find someone to go to your company?"

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