Looking at the black humanoid monster in front of him, Ao Guang was full of eyes: "I don’t know who my friend is? What is the purpose of stopping me here? " The magic ancestor heard this and burst out laughing: "Jie Jie, little fellow, you have good strength. In the later period of Jin Xian’s life, you can also be regarded as a master of the Three Realms. Just in front of my magic ancestor, you’d better not think anything wrong. Yazi Ao Guang smell speech a surprised, when Qing Ye refining the magic progenitor of this thing, he also knows, don’t want to thousands of years in the past, this magic progenitor has reappeared, it seems that he has recovered?

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Thinking of everything about the demon ancestor, Ao Guangqiang pressed the raging waves in his heart, and his face was calm: "It turned out to be the predecessor of the demon ancestor. I don’t know what stopped me?" At the same time, I secretly stirred up my whole body’s mana. How can I hide these little tricks from Ao Guang, but the demon ancestor didn’t say anything. Instead, he smiled and said, "It’s really a pity to be a mount of Qing Ye with your strength. If you don’t follow my demon ancestor, you will dominate the three worlds and unify the four directions."
Yazi Ao Guang didn’t like it long ago when he heard that the other side called Qing Ye by name, and finally he wanted to instigate himself to betray Qing Ye. He couldn’t help but shout, "I am a great blessing to ride for my master, and I have never regretted it. Magic ancestor, you have to rest, even if you fight for your life, I will kill you." Instead, he smiled and said, "Dominate the Three Realms? Unify the quartet? Joke, which overlord are you now? "
The magic ancestor sneered when he heard this: "It’s not easy for me to cultivate you to pick a golden fairy, but it’s a pity to die. In that case, I will kill you, take out your dragon soul and sacrifice it to my baby." After that, his eyes were burning with greed: "The dragon soul of the seven-claw dragon in the late period of Da Luo Jinxian, Jie Jie, then my The Hunger complications will not be lost to the innate treasure."
Since his thirty-six products of black lotus were collected by Qing Ye, the magic ancestors gnashed their teeth bitterly. For thousands of years, The Hunger’s banners and some inferno treasures have been sacrificed again, and The Hunger’s banners are short of a master soul.
Quasi-holy soul, the magic ancestor knows that it is difficult to obtain, and the ideal is the soul of the late pick Jin Xian’s cultivator, and the dragon is the king of beasts, and the soul is stronger than the average cultivator. Before the magic ancestor came, he originally wanted to kill Ao Guang and take his soul, but he temporarily took the heart to soothe. Since Ao Guang did not obey,
Ao Guang drank angrily when he heard this: "I want to see how you can take my dragon soul." Say that finish, take out the dragon trident.
The Dragon Trident is 16 feet long. At the beginning, Qing Ye refined several pieces of Lingbao with broken pieces of Zhoushan, one of which was the Nine-Day Golden Pagoda in Jiang Ziya. This Dragon Trident is one of the other pieces, engraved with aquatic animals, and Aoguang is a dragon in the sea. It is the most applicable, but it can drive aquatic animals and combine them when used. If it is in water, it is more powerful.
Looking at the splendid golden dragon trident, I felt the faint roaring beasts inside, and the eyes of the demon ancestor were even hotter: "Jie Jie, I didn’t expect you to have such a god’s trident. It seems that this trip is worthwhile." Say that finish, and burst out laughing, see the devil progenitor didn’t put himself in the eye, yazi Ao Guang in anger, holding a dragon trident, emit green light, trident trident is spread out a circle a circle similar to the sea lines of aperture, to the devil progenitor cover.
For pick Jin Xian, how to take it to heart, the magic ancestor of quasi-holy peak is in the face of Ao Guang’s attack. The magic ancestor just lifted his hand and gave out a black magic gas, and then attacked Ao Guang, and then the whole body was black and foggy, ignoring the circle-by-circle aperture of the trident in Ao Guang’s hand. Unexpectedly, when the aperture attacked him, the magic ancestor
At the same time, yazi Ao Guang was holding a dragon trident, and with a heavy blow, he slammed his magic gas away. Looking at the dragon trident, he trapped the demon ancestor, and yazi Ao Guang was not happy. Then, I saw that the aperture was closed, and the original shape of the demon ancestor had been broken into two pieces.
However, to Ao Guang’s astonishment, the demon ancestor who had been broken into two pieces was actually condensed again, and it was still the same. The demon ancestor looked at Ao Guang’s horrified expression and laughed: "Jie Jie Jie, Qing Ye couldn’t kill me in those days. Do you think you can kill me so easily with a little pick Jin Xian?" But your trident really surprises me. "
Yazi Aoguang calmed down and sneered: "You call yourself the magic ancestor, but that’s all. There are bigger surprises to come." Then suddenly and violently, he drank, jumped up and stabbed the demon ancestor. The dragon trident shone with green gold, and the light from circle to circle was more solid, and the demon ancestor was submerged in an instant.
I saw the magic ancestor broken into countless pieces and constantly condensed. When the dragon trident of Ao Guang stabbed the rolling black fog around the magic ancestor, I felt as if I had pierced the sea without any force. I was surprised. The magic ancestor laughed, grabbed his hands, and a huge black magic gas condensed hand patted Ao Guang. Ao Guang retreated quickly and the dragon trident.
The demon ancestor sneered: "Now I will show you the means of this demon ancestor." Hands even knead tactic, and then a finger forward, I saw the sky thousands of miles Fiona Fang all dark down, isolated from the outside world, and then, constantly pouring out of the black and red blood waves, and these blood waves and constantly setting out a bloody magic man, to AoGuang rushed to kill, it is the devil ancestors killed for countless years by the monk’s soul sacrifice refined The Hunger.
Yazi Aoguang’s face changed greatly. These The Hunger have the lowest cultivation level of Xuanxian, and the highest one has the early cultivation of Luo Jinxian. Yazi Ao Guang was busy offering the dragon trident in mid-air, and his hands were clear and patted on the dragon trident. Then he saw the dragon trident trilling, and the ancient beasts roared like thunder, and the blue and gold flashed.
When Magic Zu saw this, he sneered: "I see how long you can stop it." Say that finish, offering The Hunger complications, a burst of red light according to those The Hunger, those The Hunger as if eating stimulants, crazy xiao, constantly to kill.
In a short time, yazi Ao Guang turned pale and looked at the crumbling dragon trident. He couldn’t help but reveal the baizhang body, and the two horns on his head shone brightly. The huge longan gave a blue-red light and covered it on the dragon trident. I saw that the dragon trident sounded a resounding voice of Long Yin. It was yazi Aoguang who used the dragon secret method to wake up the seal.
Accompanied by Long Yin, a dragon of thousands of feet appeared in the center of the array of beasts. I saw the dragon with wings on its back, and the whole body Long Lin was dark black. What made the magic ancestor frown slightly was that the dragon had nine claws.
"Between heaven and earth, only Candle dragon, the ancestor of the dragon, evolved to nine claws. When did a nine-claw dragon appear again?" The magic ancestor thought.

Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Kong Xuan VS the magic progenitor
After the Dragon with Nine Claws was born, all animals trembled. In the center of the large array of animals, the Dragon with Nine Claws sang wildly, and the power of the king of beasts spread out, even thousands of The Hunger wandered and roared under its power.
The magic ancestor looked at the dragon trident and said, "I didn’t expect your trident to be sealed with a giant dragon soul with nine claws." The burning light of greedy eyes is more prosperous.
Ao Guang snorted and said, "Now let you see our dragon secret skills." Say that finish, longan green red light, once again shot on the dragon trident in mid-air, the dragon trident is a quiver, a dazzling light, then, the nine-claw dragon wings in the center of the array of beasts spread out, dark black eyes out of a mass of black light, and all the animals around roared together. Then, all the animals used their own stunts to bombard the surrounding The Hunger.
Beasts to blow, heaven and earth change color, countless The Hunger have returned to heaven and earth in shrieks, is the magic ancestor has been cut off from the outside world of red and black enchantment is also in this blow, countless missed being broken, just like a piece of tissue paper was broken countless small holes, when the sunshine outside came in, merely yazi Ao Guang just red and black heaven and earth a lot of light.
Magic face a change, the dragon with nine claws was so tough that he saw that he couldn’t fight for a long time, and even one of Qing Ye’s mounts couldn’t be cleaned up for a long time. Magic face would be a little.
Ao Guang said with a smile, "Magic ancestor, is this your way to dominate the Three Realms?"
Magic ancestor flew into a rage: "since you want to die quickly, I will help you." Just now, he left room for fear that Ao Guang’s soul would be destroyed together, but now it seems that Ao Guang is destroyed, and it doesn’t matter, because the dragon trident is more important than the dragon trident. I only heard the demon ancestor shout at top of my voice, and the sound spread to Wan Li, which made the surrounding clouds dissipate, then incarnated and stood tall, and then,
Those thousands of small magic ancestors seem to have an endless black light to all the animals in the array. After round after round, all the animals have become much less deformed.
And that The Hunger’s trail, the space is all broken, and all the demons roar, taking people’s minds. Even the yazi Ao Guang only feels that his mind is unstable, and his eyes barely shine green and red, shooting on the dragon trident. The nine-claw dragon controlled by the dragon trident opened its huge dragon mouth, went out of Xiao Long, condensed into a strong black airflow and shook forward, and the space in Wan Li reverberated uneasily.
The magic ancestor sneered when he saw it: "A spent force, then pick me up." As soon as I thought about it, The Hunger’s complications bombarded again, looking at The Hunger’s complications from conan the destroyer’s attack, but Ao Guang couldn’t move the nine-claw dragon attack on the Dragon Trident any more, feeling desperate, and the array of beasts was finally broken under The Hunger’s complications and thousands of demons, and the beasts turned into a clear light and returned to the Dragon Trident.
Yazi Ao Guang was shot out, straight back for more than ten miles, and then fell from mid-air and hit the ground, forming a pit as deep as ten meters and dozens of meters wide.
The Dragon Trident also fell to the ground, and when it fell to the ground, the ground shook, causing countless cracks in miles.
Looking at Ao Guang who was unconscious in the pit on the ground and the Dragon Trident on the ground, the magic ancestor laughed wildly, took the dharma, recalled The Hunger’s banners, landed on the ground, and then walked to the Dragon Trident.
However, the magic ancestor didn’t know that when Ao Guang summoned the nine-claw dragon and killed countless The Hunger with the array of beasts, the three five-claw dragons guarding Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, were all alarmed by Rowen, who spread out from the nine-claw dragon, and then told Kong Xuan and others. Kong Xuan heard this and thought for a moment and said, "I’ll go and have a look. Don’t call mount Mo Qilin, then go, instantly rushed to hundreds of thousands of miles away.
When Kong Xuan arrived, he saw the demon ancestor walking towards the Dragon Trident. Kong Xuan recognized the Dragon Trident as the weapon of Yazi Ao Guang. When he looked again, he saw the unconscious Yazi Ao Guang in a small pit not far away. He was furious: "Old thief, who are you?" Dare to hurt my younger brother. " In anger, thousands of miles away, the dragon five-element halberd in his hand stabbed forward, and turned into a dragon, which attacked the magic ancestor. The dragon contained Kong Xuan’s angry blow, and with a sound of crazy songs, the magic ancestor accidentally flew out before being beaten.
Straight out for a few miles, the magic ancestor didn’t stabilize himself, but he flew into a rage. He just stretched out his hand to see and took the dragon trident, only to be attacked. He only felt that his whole body was shocked by the black magic gas. Looking intently, he saw a young man with a halberd and a blue brocade suit looking at him angrily.

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