Pan Hui finally knew that she would panic in her heart … She was really afraid!

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Chapter 426 Night pupil cream (3)
When a person finds his past life experience in his mind, but it happens that those important people in this experience have become confused with each other in this life, which is not what he expected. Individuals should all feel panic.
And Pan Hui is now in such a panic.
Xie Suixin’s story, she has always been an observer, and everything seems to have nothing to do with her except the frozen woman, which somehow makes her feel intimate.
But now she understands that this inexplicable intimacy is because they are the same person, but one past life and one present life.
Pan Hui felt her soul drifting away from the bride’s body, gradually floating in the middle, watching the wedding hall, where a couple walked into the bridal chamber, and then the groom stayed in the hall to entertain guests, while the bride sat alone by the wedding bed.
Pan Hui didn’t know that she would follow the bride to the new house. However, when all the noise was shut out with the door closed, the bride raised her hand and lifted her veil and looked up at Pan Hui.
A little smile bloomed on her lips, and the woman judo who looks exactly like Du Ruo "I have been waiting for you".
Pan Hui, a tingle, looked around and found that she was in the room except them.
The bride got up and took a suet jade princess bracelet from her right wrist. She walked slowly to Pan Hui and handed it over. "I waited for 60 years and finally waited until you appeared, so I can give this bracelet to you personally."
Pan Hui found that she had fallen to the ground, and the white jade bracelet had been held by herself, and her fingertips were cool, which made her feel like a lifetime ago.
"You … you’re not dead?" Pan Hui carefully studied the female hesitated for a moment before she asked out the doubts in her heart. "Are you waiting for me … if you are dead, wait for me?" If you hadn’t killed me … I wouldn’t be you. "
The bride laughed, "You are me, I am you, and my soul has already been reincarnated into you. Everything here is just my last obsession before I die."
The bride paused and put her hand on Pan Hui’s wrist. Her right hand stroked the glittering and translucent bracelet. Her eyes were full of affection and nostalgia. "This jade bracelet was a promise he gave me in those years. I never thought about giving it back to him until I finally married someone. It was just a deception to ask myself that this bracelet is still there, and my heart and mine have never been separated. Today, I gave it to you because I saw him. I saw you together. My long-cherished wish was finally realized in my life, and I can leave with peace of mind."
"Leave?" Pan Hui looked at the bride in front of her eyes and saw tears in her eyes, as well as relief from her eyes.
"I am obsessed, and now my wish is gone." The bride’s gentle smile is gradually fading, but the smile is more and more real. "It’s good that I promised him that things have finally been done."
Pan Hui suddenly held out her hand to suddenly want to catch this woman who has been lightly like a wisp of smoke, but in vain.
First, the white paint on the wall fell in pieces, then there were holes in the ceiling, and large pieces of blue bricks fell with white lime, and finally even the beams were smashed.
Pan Huizhi wait for a while just looked at everything around him in an instant and didn’t even dodge the beam that was about to fall on him.
One hand suddenly appeared beside her, grabbed her arm and dragged her out.
Pan Hui felt very dizzy in front of her eyes. When she closed her eyes and opened them again, she had returned to the original cave. Duane was hugging her tightly and she had never seen panic before.
"Big Brother" Pan Hui murmured, but she didn’t know what she should say before she experienced it. It was like a dream, so real that she cried.
Duane raised her hand and clasped her head in her arms, stroking her hair and whispered, "It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s all over. It’s all over."
Just now, Pan Hui was not the only one who entered the dreamland in a moment of white light flush. Duane, Xie Suixin and Rico all went in and returned to the dreamland that belonged to their own bodies.
Although Duane has already remembered some things in his previous life, such personal experience still makes him control his anger.
Just in that dreamland, in that wedding hall, Duane really wanted to kill Xie Suixin at that moment, although he could control his body.
I really want to!
Duane didn’t look at Xie Suixin again. He bowed his head to appease the man in his arms. He was afraid that if he looked up now, he would be unable to control the murder in his eyes. In fact, he didn’t want to bring all the grievances in his past life into this life.
For Duane, the past life is the past, and everything will be fine if Pan Hui is by his side now.
Nothing else matters.
After Xie Suixin broke free from the dreamland, he immediately turned his attention to Duane and Pan Hui, who didn’t care about him. He just gave a little sigh of relief and went to see Du Ruo, but in the wrong eye, he seemed to see something and was immediately startled.
The woman in the ice crystal has become angry at this time, and she is no longer as quiet and peaceful as before. The original white face has turned gray, and if it is still frozen, I am afraid that the dead will have spread at this moment.
But that’s not what shocked Xie.
Xie Suixin stared at the right hand of the night pupil frost. The jade bracelet that was originally worn in her right hand and was very familiar with Xie Suixin was gone. Xie Suixin clearly remembered that the night pupil frost had never taken it to his death, and when he came to mourn in previous years, the jade bracelet was still well worn in his right hand.
But now the bracelet is gone!
Xie Suixin’s stiff neck slowly turned around like a Woodenhead, and it took a lot of effort to let himself face Duane and Pan Hui Pan Hui again, dragging Duane’s right wrist tightly. A suet white jade princess bracelet fell into Xie Suixin’s eyes and let him breathe for a while.
Thank you for being free.
Night pupil frost said that she never hated him.
Now Xie Suixin understands.
Night pupil frost did not hate him, because she didn’t love him at all. She gave her heart to one person, even if she was forced to let go, even if she was in front of other people’s wives. Her heart never died, and she never gave up until she died, waiting for that person.
Xie Suixin thinks that he really doesn’t understand love. He has been importuning and importuning according to his own thoughts and intentions, and he hasn’t asked whether the person he importuning is happy or not.
Chapter 427 Go to Wansheng Island (1)
Du Ruo slowly opened her eyes without a trace of expression, so she looked at Duane and Pan Hui in a hole and then at Xie Suixin, then turned around and left the cave without saying a word.
That’s enough. That’s enough
She just watched everything happen in the corner in the dreamland, and watched the three people entangle, and she understood.
Xie Suixin was importuning past lives, and she was importuning, but Xie Suixin asked for a lifetime and she asked for a lifetime.
But at this time, Du Ruo wished that he had never asked for a lifetime in his previous life.
It is not a happy thing to understand the root of past lives’s entanglement, but it is very painful.
Du Ruo always felt that when Xie Suixin looked at her, he seemed to be looking at others. It turned out that he was really looking at others, but it was unclear whether this other person was night pupil cream or her previous life Du Ruo.
Xie Suixin hurried from behind to Du Ruo, but it was as if he hadn’t heard of it. He still walked forward step by step in a vast expanse of ice.
She doesn’t want to see Xie Suixin at all now, even though she knows very well that Xie Suixin followed her slowly behind her. Unfortunately, Du Ruo doesn’t want to see everything now and she doesn’t meet anyone in her previous life!
However, some people didn’t intend to leave her alone in her own clam shell.
After the two of them left, I don’t know how long it took for footsteps to come from behind, which broke the footsteps of two people running in the snow.

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