"Reconsideration" was followed by several other businessmen who were firmly on Ferguson’s side.

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"Reconsideration" Barr raised his head and looked at Planck with a face of provocation.
After the pirates sent people also nodded yes.
Finally, there is one Planck who hasn’t made a statement yet.
But no matter which side he’s on, it’s urgent because there’s bad luck, miss. She’s against it alone
The end is sealed.
However, Planck’s attitude is still very important, not only because he has the Trident of Seafood, but also because he opposes this situation, and the whole high-level base agrees. The most important thing about his attitude is whether he wants the majority or the minority.
Bill Walter has already faced the parliamentary pressure, and it will be very troublesome to oppose everyone at this time.
Miss Doom is in an awkward position at the moment. Although she is promoted by Ferguson, she is a bit different from everyone this time.
"I’m against it." Planck showed his row of snow-white teeth and laughed … vaguely like a shark ready to choose someone.
"Planck …" Ferguson’s eyes became a little subtle.
"I said I’m against it." Planck turned to everyone’s opposite, together with Miss Doom.
They became a minority.
"Objection" Ferguson’s face was unusually calm and said the resolution "Three days later, 20 warships of Seafood Trident will travel to the southern waters to eliminate the unknown sea monsters that have been frequented recently."
The atmosphere in the meeting room was weird to the extreme.
It was not until Planck got up first that everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
Following Planck out of the meeting room, Chen Senran vaguely felt that something big was about to happen.
After everyone dispersed, Ferguson and his confidants were left in the meeting room again.
"Sir Alex Ferguson …" Old confidant awkward.
"I’m sorry," Ferguson nodded. "This salad is really stupid. It seems that we can’t see her again after this time."
"You mean …" The confidant is very discretion.
"Don’t worry, don’t touch her again after this time. This time she still has" Ferguson narrowed his eyes and his words were cold to be continued.
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Page 57 Seafood Trident
Three days later
It’s sunny.
After several days of continuous rain, it finally stopped
Although the sea breeze is blowing head-on, it is still cold, but the sunshine is still a rare weather suitable for travel.
It is also suitable for sea navigation.
There are 20 big ships in Bilwater Freeport. They all have the same brilliant golden paint and black rock wood, which makes Skoda Arsenal’s latest cannon exquisite but not inaccurate. The carving pattern is wide enough to accommodate 200 people. The hull is flying with the trident sail printed with seafood in the sea breeze.
The strongest fleet of Seafood Trident Blue Flame Island, the strongest fleet in the whole sea.
They are standing quietly in the morning breeze of Bilvoort at the moment, like a group of mighty and extraordinary beasts.

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