Zhou Mengmeng gently fell on Chen Han’s shoulder, as if talking to himself: "In fact, I should see that you already have someone you like, but I still can’t help liking you, worrying about you and worrying about you. Cherish the person who loves you. I am not qualified to be the girl who accompanies you. I only hope that you can be happy forever … "

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When tears came from her shoulders, she had straightened up and walked to the ghost hand and whispered, "Can you erase any memory? Please help me to erase all the memories of Chen Han, so that we never know each other and I don’t like him anymore. Thank you. "
After being inspired by Chen Han, Ghost Hand nodded, and the atmosphere at the scene was extremely depressed, for an ordinary girl who looked like a worm to them.
There is a kind of love called letting go and giving up forever for love. Isn’t this also a kind of love?
All the masters dispersed back to Qingshui Bay Villa, and Tianhua No.1 Middle School resumed classes. The teachers and students who were washed away from their memories had no idea what had happened.
When Chen Han walked into the classroom of Class 5 in Senior Three again, his classmates who still had memories of him cast envious eyes as usual. Only Zhou Mengmeng’s eyes are full of doubts. Why do people who seem to be known to everyone have never seen them themselves?
However, when her eyes touched the girl who followed Chen Han, who was like a pearl fairy dew, her eyes flashed a trace of surprise and inferiority.
The next day, Chen Han was a little depressed, not only because of Zhou Mengmeng’s incident, but also because of the arrival of Huangfuziyan, which made him not know what to do.
"Purple smoke, I …"
"Why? Do you regret erasing Zhou Mengmeng’s memory? You big pervert won’t like her, will you? "
My little girl’s bad expression made Chen Han have no chance to speak. She was ready to say it several times, but she interrupted her halfway and stuck her words in her throat.
Until school is over at night, Bugatti Veyron, which used to fly at a high speed of 200 yards, seems to have slowed down five times as fast as a snail today.
It happened that HuangFuZi smoke didn’t urge, rest to enjoy the outside still some dilapidated scenery, humming an unknown ditty. Even if again how to delay the time is also in vain, Chen cold simply a grind, sports car speed immediately soared to more than two hundred yards, suddenly stopped outside the villa.
"The villa is too small, too broken, too tasteless, too low-standard."
The little girl ran ahead and walked to the hall, while criticizing everything she saw very harshly. Qin Yang, who just came out of the bedroom to talk to Chen Han about something, turned green when she heard her words: Dare you compare this place with the manor of Huangfu Family?
But he didn’t refute, not because of fear of suspection.i family, even know Chen cold back before, will certainly run out of the knife a few people are hiding in the room.
The residual blood old god is sitting on the sofa in repose, Jing Ao Snow stands in the middle of the hall with a cold face, and Jing Ning Snow stands beside her sister with anger, holding a bottle of highly toxic in her white hands.
"You …" Chen cold never imagined that Jingao snow knew so soon.
"Shut up!"
HuangFuZi smoke and JingAo snow charming drink aloud at the same time, this kind of happen to coincide let two people can’t help but look at, and then at the same time a disdain cold hum, and then say the same thing again: "bastard! Aunt has long known! "
Chen Han is the only one who doesn’t know. In fact, the battle residual blood in the school and others all have their hands. Why didn’t they see Jing Aoxue in the later period of Yuan Ying?
She didn’t come, but stayed by to observe. When she discovered the affair between Huangfuyi and Chen Han, she quarreled with my little girl through the call on the spot. Unfortunately, Chen Han was in the Yuan Jian array of Xiao Sumi, and with the strength of Yuan Shen at the early stage of his Yuan Ying, the consciousness simply could not notice the sound fluctuation outside the array.
"This young lady just came to see what the little mistress of the big pervert looks like. It’s not as famous as meeting, and that’s all!" HuangFuZi smoke pretty pretty chest, a pair of don’t take JingAo snow seriously.
"Same to you, I thought what kind of woman fascinated my husband. It turned out to be an ordinary smelly girl!" JingAo snow also stand chest, obviously higher than only 17-year-old girl.
"You …"
When he found that there was a gap in some parts of himself, Huangfuyan suddenly felt ashamed and angry, pointing to Jing Aoxue and shouting, "shameless woman, are you married?" Calling him husband? Do you know when I met him? You’re just a meddling mistress! "
"Know for a long time useful? Chen Han should also know other women before knowing you, right? Don’t know early is his wife? If so, a man’s marriage partner can only be a maternity nurse who has just been born from the womb and met at first sight! "
"Hum! This young lady is too lazy to waste your breath with you. Didn’t you say that you are already with Chen Han? That young lady would like to hear why Chen Han told you that! " My girl has absolute self-confidence. It is impossible for Chen Han to have a relationship with Jingao Snow for no reason. When she scolded by calling in school, this question made Jingao Snow speechless.
"You crazy woman, who do you think my sister is? Will take the initiative to talk to Chen Han, that pervert? Isn’t it because my sister accidentally sprinkled pink dreams on him? "
"Ning Xue, what are you talking about?" Jing Aoxue was anxious and ashamed, but it was too late to stop it.
"I’m telling the truth, that bastard forced his sister to do that!"
"Ha ha …"
HuangFuZiYan burst out laughing and looked at the red-faced Jing Aoxue with disdain: "It turns out that you are confusing Chen Han with that kind of gross thing, which makes him have to take responsibility. In fact, he doesn’t love you at all. What qualifications do you have to stand here? "
As a killer, Jing Aoxue is by no means a weak woman. When she heard what the other party said so badly, she was so angry that she sneered half to death: "Yes, I just used dirty tricks. So what? If you have the ability, you can also use that means. I am afraid that when a man sees your figure with no chest and no ass, even your appetite is gone! "
"You …"
"That’s enough!"
Chen’s cold head almost exploded, and he couldn’t help but shake the villa a little with a loud roar, but he regretted it as soon as he yelled. At the same time, the three women turned their anger to him.
Huangfuyan came over and twisted his ear directly, and said slowly, "Bastard! How dare you yell at me? Is it reasonable for you to cheat on me? Say! Who do you really love? "
At the same time, Jing Aoxue twisted his other ear, gnashing her teeth and growling: "How dare you yell at me for having an affair, cheating and raising a mistress?" Whether I have her today, whether she has me or not, you choose! "
Chen Han turned his attention to a few people in the hall for help. Qin Yang immediately turned around and left without saying anything. The residual blood stretched and stood up, and the expression of’ no matter what Lao Zi does’ was gone. It is good that the rest of the sister-in-law Jing Ning Xue can not fall when she is down. It is difficult to get her help.
It suddenly occurred to him that none of the brothers who shared weal and woe were reliable at this time …
Chapter 106 Preemptive strike
Which one do you love?
Which one do you choose?
Chen Han really wants to say that he loves both, but he knows very well that it will only turn the storm into a hurricane. In fact, no one wants to share his man with other women. No matter how excellent this man is, love can choose to let go like Zhou Mengmeng, but it is difficult to choose to share it together.
He can only choose to keep silent and play dumb. Anyway, his body is tough enough, and they just don’t talk when they toss. If they are tired, they won’t toss.
Twist your ears, pull your hair, punch and kick, unruly girl exhausted all means, and failed to cause a trace of pain to Chen Han. Instead, she was so tired that she sat on the floor panting.
The jealousness and jealousy lasted until midnight in order to be considered as a temporary end. As a result, Huangfuyan found a room at random, threw out all the things used by men inside, and announced that the room would belong to him later. No one can enter the step except Chen Han.
When she knew the reason why Chen Han had sex with Jing Ao Xue, she decided that Jing Ao Xue was a bad woman who played tricks. She must never let her man be with her. Only by living here all the time can she have a chance to drive that woman away.
Hoo …
Seeing the three women return to their rooms, Chen Han, who was exhausted, was deeply relieved and finally calmed down.
At this time, first Qin Yang’s head poked out of a room, then a knife, David, ghost hand and tall guy, and Xiang Lang was the last one to run out, muttering, "Darling … women are terrible, so I’d better not marry a wife in the future. It’s a living hell …"
Chen cold a wry smile in my heart, in fact, women are not as terrible as he thought, the key is that more than one woman has become so terrible.
"Brother, is it cool?" Ghost hand smiled very happily.
"Cool … cool I want to commit suicide!"
"Stop it now."
Qin Yang interrupted the conversation between the two men and said with a heavy voice, "Chen Han, do you think it is so safe now?" Ouyang Shijia is not a fool. For the time being, he may shift his target to the unwarranted sneak attacker. It won’t be long before he will definitely doubt us, and we can’t compete with our current strength. "
"Yes, I also thought of this question. The reorganization of Tianlong has not been completed, and even if it is reorganized, who knows if the rules will be changed?"
It is difficult for Tianlong to become a real security guarantee. Today is different from the past. Chen Han is unable to sigh: "They can create Tianlong in those days, and they can also change the rules of the game and become the most favorable terms for themselves. On the bright side, members of Tianlong may still have great privileges, but who can protect us every day? Now Chen Han has no ability to be taken seriously, and it’s no big deal to die. "
"So?" Qin Yang’s pointed sneer.
"So we have to be proactive."
Chen Han’s eyes became cold and combative: "Indeed, we don’t have enough strength to fight against Ouyang Family, but some people can. Since Ouyang Shijia has been my enemy more than once, Ouyang Yinghong is bent on killing me. At least I want them to have no heart to pay attention to me in the short term. "

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