"Bullshit! O’ Farah has dragged the Elves to the brink of destruction, and he is not worthy to be the Elf King. "Jill growled, and the song bell burst into light after light.

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Volume 17 A bloody battle! Temporary parting Chapter 12 Die
The Elf fleet retreated in an orderly way, and their defenders could attack the human fleet just like the human fleet defended the Zerg.
According to the size of the wormhole radius, ten star cruise ships are allowed to cross Lin momo at the same time. Considering that the wormhole connection channel in the east is changeable, it seems that we should abandon this big guy without considering whether the mirage can shuttle.
"Momo Tian Yi elegant Jill and your wooden bugs have come to study one" Bai Rosa immediately opened up a virtual conference room and said "there is no rational evacuation plan. I believe we can all escape from the palm of Elf King’s hand and inform Jack to split the fortress gun as far as possible to leave a mirage, which has become our burden. Don’t let it be! In addition, the captains of the star cruises are floating. I suggest that we keep more loyal members. After the seven main attacks will temporarily repel the Elves fleet, we will eliminate those star cruises that are unwilling to follow our adventure. I will set the target here. "
White Rosa said, pointing to the map and yelling, "White wife, are you crazy? I’m in charge of guarding the wormhole. I’ve been occupied by the Zerg. Isn’t it asking for it? What’s the difference between staying here? I disagree. "
"Old easy to listen to Rosa’s words. Now the seven of us must work together in Qi Xin." Jill said seriously and looked at the wooden bug with an unusually cold expression, maintaining a unique sense of alienation.
"Well, I was reckless, white woman. You said," Tian Yi put it down. It is really inappropriate to have a dispute at this time.
"Easy old ghost in the wormhole has Triassic Yuan mother emperor, but the strength of several of us is not afraid, which is better than the confrontation between the mother emperor and the elf king in the main era. Now that we have cast a net around the star domain, we can’t escape. We might as well let the captain of the star cruise ship get away with it. Don’t say that I am cold-blooded and unwilling to follow our adventure. What do people want them to do? It’s a burden to stay with us. My suggestion is to go in the opposite direction. When I delay, I’m really worried that the Elf King has got the reinforcement agreement issued by the Adventure Association. The Adventure Association allows the Elves to help us. Otherwise, the Elf King will come in such a big way. It’s too difficult to crack this game. Even the Elf King can create the illusion that the responsibility for the fall of the wormhole is planted on our head. Fortunately, several fleets of ours have accumulated a lot of expectations, and most of them are guilty. "
Lin momo couldn’t help clenching his fist and said slowly, "What’s the difference between paying for this and the enemy? Are we really so easy to bully? This blood debt will be repaid by the Elf King sooner or later. "
"Hum you six xiao cold out small white idiot think things too simple, I know the elf king has definitely been decorated, not only will pour dirty water on you, but also will reverse the dry Kun to fight the zerg back to the elves to be a hero. The elf fleet must have captured a large number of star cruise ships. Most of these star cruise ship captains will come forward to testify against you. Didn’t Lin momo taste the catalytic agent? That’s half a potion. A real potion will torture people to death. Then no one will resist the Elf King. However, it’s not bad for the Adventure Guild to launch the hope system. Maybe it can get rid of guilt. After all, it’s true that there are so many hope values accumulated. There are definitely very few objects to be removed. In addition, I have another important news. At present, the Elf King puts the main forces in the second galaxy, and the control of the first galaxy and the third galaxy is relatively poor. If you want to deal with it, let’s start with the third galaxy! Remember never to go to the second galaxy or you won’t even know how to die. "
Wood bug light scanning a circle and continued to preach "I helped you for the last time before I died. I should have died long ago. My current position is the cabin of the Tianqin fleet Marseille, and it is a personal advantage to collect special explosive substances for most of my life by various means. Hey hey, I can finally get rid of you. Take care and have the opportunity to help me unload the Elf King! The world will be quiet without the elf king Ofara, and I can rest in peace after I die. "
"What? Are you going to die? " Bai Rosa was the first one who wanted to stop her from knowing something about wood bugs. She knew that this guy was a bad karma guy, and his willpower was quite amazing from birth to notoriety.
"Why? Does anyone still miss me? Interesting "wooden bug smile.
The Marseille has left the lyre fleet and galloped ahead. All the crew members of the Marseille have been driven out, and the captain has left him because he is a confidant of the wood bug.
"Wood bug you exactly is how a person! We can’t afford to repay this favor if you don’t let us die. "Lin momo narrowed his eyes to see through the wooden bug, but this guy is always mysterious.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I just want you to pay back what you can’t say. Then again, I don’t want to save you. My body can’t support it, and I have to fulfill my promise to some bastard. I mean, if I see that bastard Xiao Han one day and say I want to kick his ass, I really want to kick this ancestor’s ass."
Wood bug’s hearty laughter seems to haunt me. All the haze disappears. His figure is slowly disappearing. The last sentence is "I’ll leave a way to answer Hugo’s question. I spent a lot of effort to build a fleet to help you. However, I’m still worried that the old elf king is too strong."
The figure of the wooden bug has disappeared from the main control room, and soon the Marseille merged into the wormhole, and this bright light was long-lasting. The infamous wooden bug in the interstellar world paid for its own life. Everyone paved a way to live. Lin Sisuo felt a faint sadness. Maybe the wooden bug didn’t smell like that. Maybe he cried when he attacked Jun God bless his family. Everything slowly dissipated with the strong light from the wormhole. Maybe this is not a full stop.
The wooden bug of Marseille smiled, and his vision was blurred. He put a catheter in his body and released a glimmer. He seemed to see his life in the city when he was a child. He seemed to see his mother see the door in front of his father, and he would be kind to people to reunite if he took another step …
"Bug eldest brother Lao Yi, if you can get out of the Elves’ encirclement alive, every year today, I will pay homage to the damn Elves, forcing good people into assholes. If I don’t screw the Elves’ head to make a toilet, I won’t be surnamed Yi." Tian Yi is most excited to know that he is Xiao Han’s first cousin, and no one else is surnamed Yi, but he has fulfilled Xiao Han’s wishes. Moreover, the ancestor’s disappearance for many years is not vain and irritating enough.
"Add me a theory of wood bugs have done what I admit that he is a brother" Lin momo resolutely got up and put his fist on his left chest and bowed his head to pay tribute.
"Add me, too" Jill got up.
"Add me" water often gets up.
"There’s me!" Lin Qingya salutes.
"Wood bugs have killed the six of us, and we can live to fight against the Elf King for more than 100 years. On the extent that the Elf King has reached now, I will call him a natural death in Bai Rosa." Bai Rosa stood up and was unstoppable.
Wood bug died generously. He was an iron-clashing man who had been cruel to himself for more than 100 years. He was very indifferent to his death. He was unwilling to show his mind too much. He was unwilling to clarify what he had done. He would rather die with a bad name than be missed by others. The cabin of the Marseilles was full of wires. Are those explosive substances in need of spiritual power to ignite and collect them for most of his life? When the wormhole emits strong light and dissipates, the Phantom of the Opera first passes through the wormhole and sees a broken ship skeleton, which seems to have been too quiet for several years and will melt into dust when touched.
The spirit general Ollie Jones, who clamored to intercept the fleet, has died. Lin Sisuo doesn’t know how many elf ships there are outside the wormhole. However, now they have all fallen, regardless of the elite star cruises or the odd star cruises. How strong the charm of the blasting just now is?
"Good earth blasting is even one hundred times fiercer than chubby predecessors’ projection explosive." Lin momo looked at Starwood bug in absentia and ended his life in this form, which made people feel full of melancholy.
The wood bug suddenly died and turned the Gankun wormhole, so the human fleet drove straight in, and even the mirage was broken down into several important components and crossed in order.
Bai Rosa and Mana quickly joined hands to push Lin Elegant and Incarnate to assist the blood reward number Meiya, and the three sisters also calculated that they were so cautious to find a way out.
"Our action goal is very big, so we must March separately temporarily. First, we must get to Tian Yi once guarding the wormhole and try our best to get rid of the Elves by guerrilla tactics. Now the plan has changed. We need to go to Tian Yi to guard the area near the wormhole and then divert to the wooden bug. We will leave a retreat! Elf king won’t let it go. Youmu Bug will end up with a large number of elven ships. We hate the root method to resolve it. "Bai Rosa said that there is no time to wave.
Lin Sisuo and Lin Qingya, a team of Yi Tianhe and Jill, a team of white Rosa and the water are often separated from the Yellow Sea. The captain of the star cruise ship is willing to follow the three teams and the ship is not willing to follow the three teams, so they can escape. After all, the wormhole has been opened in the nearby area. If you are willing to endure hardships and hide in distant stars for months or years, I believe that most of them will be peaceful. Zerg and Elves are aware of their whereabouts. It is with this idea that many captains resolutely leave the fleet and go to some humble stars.
Hugo still followed Lin momo after the death of the bug, and he became a black cicada fleet. It was Hugo who was at a loss about the road ahead and didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.
"Well, we’re heading for a star-studded place. Elves can’t stop us, and human culture will surely stand." Lin momo’s spirit is not the time to be depressed.
"It’s human culture that is bound to stand. Brothers and sisters, take care!" The water is often passionate, and the atmosphere seems quite dignified. It seems that it is better to cry out.
"Take care, I know that it is extremely risky to act separately, but the chances of survival are relatively high. Whoever lives will avenge his dead brother. I hope we can all live." Bai Rosa sighed and spoke his mind.
The fleet left for the distance in one minute and three minutes. The Elf King’s shadow enveloped the stars, including Lin Sisuo, and it was not clear whether they could get out of this game. The Phantom of the Opera could struggle forward and keep moving forward …
Volume 1 Momo! Youth Tour Chapter 121 Assault
Battlefield flames sometimes burst into nuclear melting light waves, and sometimes darkness enveloped half a star. The emerald asteroid has been killing for more than half an hour. Instead of weakening, the virtual shadow in front of the worm tide has spread more intense dark energy in the universe. No creature has ever been able to push the interest rate of dark energy to such a high level. Today, the mother emperor of the main era has met an opponent. Every collision is a big collapse, and the worm tide is also hard to fight.
"Boom …" The rotating elf fleet in the blasting wave frequency dare not set foot on the battlefield. Even if the distance is far away, the energy wave leaked from the battlefield will be too much for a little.
The elves waited for their king to come. That was the great co-owner after the Elves appeared. It was as great as God. Soon the Elves would trample on human beings.
"Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao …"
Too neutral, there are two huge eyelids, and the violent light flashes in these eyelids, and the projection carries the great disillusionment. The species is born with violence, and it will start to get angry because of the long-term attack.
The huge virtual shadow in the virtual middle is forming in the main era. When the mother emperor perceives the abnormal energy, she quickly orders the mutant rhinoceros-horned rodent and the golden-winged king worm to retreat. It is not possible to understand the projection zerg.
The chubby projection is also learned from Duo Duo, but it took more than a billion years to generate wisdom, but it was ten thousand years ago that things almost turned the dark energy of the universe into energy, and there was no chance for the tide to retreat.
"Boom …" The huge virtual shadow burst a tentacle, and in the blink of an eye, it extracted more dark energy from the virtual and detonated his tentacle while restoring the burst tentacle.
That is to say, the research-level insect tide condensed by mutant rhinoceros-horn rodents has the property of terror defense, but it is supported by a zerg with a slightly lower ranking. Even so, the research-level insect tide is still "exploited layer by layer", and the mutant rhinoceros-horn rodents die layer by layer, which excites the mother emperor badly.
In the main era, the mother emperor spit out a series of scales, which seems to be relatively advanced. There are 500 elite insect towers behind the insect tide, and the golden-faced weevil pushes into the insect tide. I wonder what the mother emperor will do.
In a bizarre scene, 500 elite insect towers fell into the insect tide and were not submerged, but a wave of insect waves floated forward. When the elite insect towers arrived at the front of the battle line, the investigation insect tide suddenly rotated and threw all the elite insect towers into the huge virtual shadow in the middle of the sky.
Brilliant green light erupts, and the projection of Duo Duo can detect a little bad. The elite insect tower actually decomposes a lot of rays. These decomposed rays come from cosmic wonders. It is a big deal to invest so many cosmic wonders at one time. However, Duo Duo does not want to die like this, so he encourages the last afterglow to absorb the dark energy of the universe. The battlefield suddenly swells with dark bubbles, covering tens of thousands of kilometers. Most of the mutant rhinoceros rodents are caught in it.
Three minutes passed, and the emerald asteroid finally broke free from the dark bubbles, and then a circle of shattered shock waves bloomed outward, sweeping all objects on the battlefield, and dragons were affected by killing the golden-winged king worm, southeast and northwest.
Elves are surprised at how the human fleet can break through so easily. The captain of the Elves just wanted to bypass the battlefield and find out. He never thought that at this time, the wooden bug summoned the duo, and the projection was shattered, which set off a wave of power and energy. The Elves fleet had to stop acting. Because the impact in the center of the battlefield was relatively strong, the emerald asteroid would never recover, and the shiny surface was extremely dark.
"Ding, ding, ding …" Suddenly, all the elf ships sounded like a sweet bell in the wave frequency, and a ray of light golden light came in from the wormhole in the north. This ray of golden light just shone when it arrived at the battlefield.
"Hum zerg main era mother emperor? Now that you have been injured, you are just the king. "A vast golden light enveloped the green asteroid at the height, and it stopped abruptly and could not move any more.
"Ouch, ouch …" Why would the mother emperor of the main era give in easily? Roar like an avalanche, and then rise from the green asteroid, green, purple, three smoke haze, blink of an eye, three smoke haze, mix together, lean on the ground and hit the golden light of the asteroid, but what happened next was mysterious.
"Kaka Kaka" Three Universe Macro Sound The mother emperor released three smoke haze in the main era and it was easily smashed by golden light. Not only that, the sharp golden light was like an epoch-making sword and it was split directly towards the emerald asteroid. Seeing that the asteroid cracked a gap, the golden light almost penetrated the entire asteroid. The power is incredible.
It’s hard to believe that the mother emperor of the main era of the hidden asteroid department looked up and a crack was spreading along the worm shell texture on its head. The mother emperor of the main era was slaughtered by golden light and the breath of life was going away.
The mother emperor’s breath gradually disappeared in the main era. Why didn’t the Zerg army collapse? Immediately, the insect tide composed of rhinoceros-horn rodents broke up in those golden-winged king worms. It seems that the female worms are still not scattered like rhinoceros-horn rodents. They are not afraid of death and hit the grand golden light, trying to grab the body of the mother emperor.
"The golden rule of boldness is to die for me." From Jin Guangzhong, the majestic voice sounded as if God was angry and waved his hand, and then he was punished by God.
The golden flame is accompanied by the inscription of light quality. Anyone who dares to get close to the golden light will turn to ashes, which is even more bizarre. Some trace elements in the ashes, insect blood crystals, are firmly attracted and swallowed up by the golden light in an instant. Unconsciously, the scale of the golden light has increased a little, and all the insect shadows are roasted in a more fiery state …
At this moment, Lin Sisuo is leading the fleet to gallop along the channel, and behind it is a mirage. The main core of the mirage looks like a flame-shaped crystal cluster. There is a fortress gun in the battery-free area, which is trapped halfway up the mountain.
"Incarnate son, we have to cross seven wormholes to get to the right place. Thanks to the wooden bugs, we won a lot of time, but the Phantom of the Opera is the most difficult of the three teams. We need to lead the main force of the Elves to other places as far as possible and then try our best to meet Bai Rosa. This move is very diabolical. Follow our actions. Most of the ships are reserved! Have tried to maintain them, "said Lin momo, slowly closing his eyes and fighting continuously is a test of mental endurance. Rescuing John has to be Dielmann busy to get to the present injury and still make up for it. Adding mental fatigue has been unable to support him.
"Have a good rest. I’ll wake you up if there is anything new." The charm son is also a little tired. The Phantom of the Opera is caught in the worm tide war. Is the calculation huge? However, she still held on and successfully defeated the research tide.
On the way, except for Phantom of the Opera, which can breed a little combat power, all star cruises can do it. After all, if you want to maintain a strong speed and test the energy system, what’s worse is to rotate the traction mirage?
Fortress artillery is amazing. With fortress guns, there are still some places where the overload operation of fortress guns can force ordinary level odd-level star cruise ships to live.
Lin momo has just rested for half an hour, and the incarnate son will wake up. There is no way for the channel ahead to meet an elf fleet. The dignified dark red hull is hard to forget after people see it.
In the distance, in addition to the Elves fleet, there are ten ferocious fortress ships. It will be known at a glance that it is Morgan’s widow Lee Morgan’s black crystal that pollutes the star cruise ship Elf King. It is really a good means to make Morgan people willing to be dog legs.
You know, Morganwen is older than human language and is the overlord of the Galaxy generation. Morganese have always been more proud. It is unexpected that Morganese have become elven slaves in the past three thousand years alone.
"It’s enough to have a good rest for half an hour." Lin momo turned over and his figure looked weak. Most preteens made no difference.
The magnetic field is hazy, even though most of the crew members of Phantom of the Opera don’t know that the captain’s size has shrunk to such an extent that the amethyst arm bone that inherited the constant wave prison has also shrunk.
The last trace of toxicity of the latent catalytic agent was forced into the amethyst arm bone by Lin momo. This arm bone has properties, and most of them can absorb toxins, and the corresponding functions are still under development.
"Not good! In front of the elf fleet, there are 20 odd-level star cruises, two of which are close to the demigod level. The white Rosa Yellow should not be compared with the three hundred senior elite star cruises in the elf fleet. This strength is not underestimated and the ten Morgan survivors star cruises have odd-level strength. "
"So the other party has a total of 330 star cruise ships. How about our strength?" Lin momo couldn’t help frowning.
"Not optimistic. Among the 732 star cruises, the elite star cruises are the main body, accounting for 593 odd star cruises, but the rest are all B-class star cruises. This is still the result of white Rosa Tian Yi’s support. Otherwise, even this array is difficult to get together. Our ship is more or less damaged, and its ability to continue fighting is definitely not as good as the other side." The charm said that it is very nai.
"Class B Star Cruises Department leans back to let those elite star cruises with less damage before! We can’t stay too long in the middle of the fire to carry out the assault. Once the pursuer comes here, the chance of survival is too small. "Lin momo thought for a moment and preached," Phantom of the Opera must always be ready to display her ship’s lighter skills and move her killer weapon. She must get rid of the two senior odd-level elf kings in the shortest time. She has been preparing for more than 3,000 years and has participated in the development plan of star cruise ships. Even if she is a powerful fleet, she can’t come up with many. It means that the waterway is routinely patrolled. It is estimated that the deployment of wormholes is even more terrible
Lin momo ordered the fleet to adjust quickly, and the mirage in the center of the fleet, the human fleet and the elf fleet, like two steel torrents, rushed to the most cruel collision without slowing down.

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