The normal situation is a pair of squints. Today, it is rare for Loki to put on a normal expression. This scene that looks extremely normal in the eyes of normal people is somewhat abnormal in her face.

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"Farewell, I was looked down upon by a kid."
I heard Loki pull the chair over and said freely that Freya smiled as if she didn’t mind. Their atmosphere was like getting to know each other well.
"Oh … I’m really curious about which family can make our goddess Loki so angry."
"Who else is naturally the family of that girl Hessia?"
"Oh … that’s the new guy who confessed LV1 in front of the public?"
"This matter even you know."
"Ah, ah, of course, I know. After all, the love story of Loki’s family and its family adventurers is so big that it has already spread all over Euler Li."
"Those guys are really good at talking."
Loki muttered some dissatisfaction. Although it was a joke to see such a thing, Loki still felt a little wrong when she said it from the mouth of the goddess in front of her eyes.
"That’s small. I kindly asked Rivera to teach him magic. He was ungrateful. He also said that he likes women and wants to get him by himself. Who is he? My child won’t be so casually got by him! "
Loki is so unhappy, complaining about Freya’s jokes and looking at her like a loyal listener.
"By the way, when will you introduce that child to me?"
"What do you need to introduce?"
"She and I met for the first time after all."
There was another person besides Loki who came to Freya.
Carrying a sword in its scabbard seems to be to protect Loki people. Even Freya, the god of beauty, can’t help but narrow her eyes and have blonde hair.
Come because of what their god said and some care about the girl heard Freya and turned her head in some surprise.
"Well, then, she’s my ace. Is that enough? Esther, don’t look at her. She’s a god at least. Just say hello. "
"… nice to meet you"
Jianji Freya quietly read this name in the depths of her lips and stared at the girl in front of her.
Aiz Wallenstein’s feat of being the first female swordsman among the gods, especially the family of Loki, has already surpassed Euler Li all over the world. She really doesn’t need to say anything more.
That delicate and touching appearance should have no knowledge of this dangerous occupation of adventurers. When a lover meets her, he will never think that she has trampled on several monster bodies today.
The face lines are particularly detailed. When the human girl heard Loki call her’ You can sit’, she sat down beside Loki.
"It’s so cute, and … well, I’m a white Loki. Why am I obsessed with this kid?"
Golden eyes, Freya, silver eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes.
Freya couldn’t help smiling at the sight of the girl’s nickname.
"May I ask you why you brought’ Jian Ji’?"
"Well shout …! You don’t understand this. It’s a rare celebration. Wait a minute. I’m going to have a good and enjoyable date with Esme! "
Loki show her smile shouted.
"… ah, and ah, she just came back from an expedition. If there is no matter if this little princess wants to get into the dungeon again,"
"She won’t rest for the rest of her life unless someone comes to relax her." Loki patted the girl’s head next to her, and Esther seemed to admit that she didn’t look down a little. She did whatever she wanted.
Seeing the warmth in those scarlet eyes, I thought of Loki’s wild and unruly in heaven, and Freya felt that she had really changed.
Chapter 48 Frosty colors
"Well, without further ado, can you explain why you asked me out?"
"Well, I don’t want to chat for a long time."
"You lie."
Seeing Freya sneering at Loki in the hooded shadow, he changed his frolic attitude and boldly raised his mouth and smiled at them until the atmosphere suddenly changed a hundred degrees.
Bad luck just happened to come to order food. The shopkeeper was stressed by the two gods-calm and great courage scared his cheek muscles to cramp, just like being tied by an iron chain. Stay where you are, while Esther doesn’t change his face and doesn’t bother the two gods to watch.
"I asked you straight away what good things you want to do?"
"I don’t know what you’re talking about, Loki?"
"Don’t play dumb."
Freya smiled tenderly at being unable to move. As soon as he opened his eyes, his face turned red like a fever, and then he turned around and fled the scene at a violent speed.
Others retreated, and she turned her eyes back to see Loki, with a pair of fine eyes like sharp vigilance of raptors.
"You’ve been too restless recently, boasting that you’re not interested in the’ party’ and then going to attend it. You just sounded like you were spying … What tricks do you want to play this time?"
"What trick don’t say so ugly?"
"less verbose"
"Every time you do something strange, it’s absolutely not good." Loki has this meaning in every sentence. Her scarlet eyes really mean that she dares to get me into trouble, so I’m welcome.
The two men shot back at each other’s sight. Freya smiled and faced Loki. Even snakes could shoot to death. Er Shen sent out a dangerous power invisible to the naked eye. When it was discovered, the store was once owned by one person, which was equal to being chartered by Freya and others.
Watching Er Shen talk on AISI seems to last forever.
But Loki slowly became tired.
She no longer maintain just attitude determination tone say
"A man?"
The goddess did not answer, but smiled in the hoodie.

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