Praise Ye Tian didn’t stop because of the completion of armor. The fairy dragon king watched the metal liquid continue to drip quickly behind Ye Tian.

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A pair of metal bone wings quickly appeared behind Ye Tian, and then one after another, solid metal feathers appeared one after another. In just a few seconds, a pair of metal wings shone like a big sky behind Ye Tian.
At last, Ye Tian stopped moving and sweated violently. By now, he has tried his best. Although he really wants to get some more wings, it is beyond his current ability.
Looking at Ye Tian at this moment, Ye Tian’s black suit looks clear and wrinkled, but it seems to be cloth. However, this fact is not cloth, but it is completely made of metal.
Behind the unrestrained and personable suit is a pair of beautiful silver-gray sky wings that flap slowly and appear unusually light and elegant.
However, although it looks good, Ye Tian knows very well that the strength of this armor is average. After all, it is not made of advanced metal, and the density of metal particles is not enough. It looks good, but it is actually not ordinary armor with high defense.
But not being high now doesn’t mean that the future is not high. This is a temporary thing. After all, Ye Tiansheng’s power is only the first order. Although the level is very high, Buddy said that the holy order is not an end, but it is really before the holy order. It hasn’t been introduced yet.
The holy power is also divided into ten orders, and it is not more difficult to raise it than to raise quarrelling from one order to ten. Once the holy power is raised to ten orders, it will be transformed into a divine power. The divine god is always in the holy land.
Thinking about Ye Tian’s sincere attitude towards the fairy dragon king and the dragon king, I know that you have a wide range of experience. Can you help me introduce what will be the state after the tenth order?
In the face of Ye Tian’s inquiry about the fairy dragon Wang Weiwei, after a pause, he said that the holy order is actually a mortal holy order, not a true holy order. For this day’s creatures, the human holy order is actually a first-order master on this continent.
Ah, facing the fairy dragon king, I explained how Ye Tian was startled and opened his mouth, but I didn’t expect all this to be just now.
Thinking about the fairy dragon king continued, the fact that your strength is now in the world is just equivalent to seeing the earth warrior.
Arriving at the tenth order, I stepped into the sacred terrace field, but the sacred terrace is also the fourth order of respecting the emperor and the king from high to low, and Ye Tian is now the first saint and has not reached the state of the king.
After the tenth order, there are five titles in the holy order from high to low, respectively. Ye Tian is now in the jihad level, and he is still in the four power classes of holy king, holy emperor and holy emperor.
Listening to the fairy dragon king, Ye Tian suddenly heard from Sia a long time ago that her great grandfather was a master of the king class, and that the king class actually corresponds to the holy king.
But what I’ve never seen a king-level expert? Ye Tian asked doubtfully.
Facing Ye Tian’s inquiry, Fairy Dragon smiled and said that the master of the King level was not in this world, and the master of the Holy Order had already reached the peak of this world order. Once he arrived at the King Order, he was bound to suffer from order and lead to another continent and another world.
Well, I wonder at Ye Tian, the fairy dragon king, and I can’t understand why I can’t go. Then what will happen?
In the face of Ye Tian’s inquiry about Fairy Dragon, Wei Wang said with a smile that everything in heaven and earth should be orderly scheduled to reach the king’s level and not go to another high-end world. That’s also better than our Fairy Dragon, for example, but although we don’t have to go, we can’t participate in earthly battles unless someone else hits the door, once our hands are punished, they will be sent directly to the new world.
I suddenly looked at the fairy dragon king Ye Tian and finally understood why they were so stubborn and refused to do it. First, it was because of sex. Second, many of these fairy dragons reached the level of king. Once the secular people started, they would definitely be led to the new world.
Kings can also be born in this world, but before that, they must live in seclusion like Fairy Dragon, or directly transform their strength to the tenth level like Meijialu, or temporarily reduce their strength by reproduction like Holy Armor King, otherwise they will be sent away once they have their hands.
Of course, you can’t go to the king’s master’s lair before everything else. Otherwise, no matter what the other party does, it’s absolutely no problem. Even order can’t limit people to do things in their own homes.
Over the next half a day, Li Yetian learned a lot about the new world scenes from the fairy dragon king. According to the fairy dragon king, it is one thing that they have never been even. In fact, it is very important that they don’t want to be sent to the new world. Although they are the strongest in this world, they are just novices in the new world.
Once the fairy dragons are sent to the new world, I’m afraid it won’t be long before they are wiped out. It’s not for them to play.
The new world is very huge, and the most common trees there are also hundreds of meters high. Any hill is also taller than the highest mountain in the world, and the creatures there are also stronger than the earth. The king level is the most basic strength, but there is no king level strength. Roots were born in that world.
The more I know about Ye Tian, the more I lose. I finally reached the tenth order. But after hearing what the fairy dragon king said, Ye Tiancai suddenly woke up. He just stepped into the threshold.
But if you think about it carefully, you will know how old he is, but he is only about twenty years old, and his lighter skills have not reached a few roots, which is nothing but the strength of the earth warrior. He hasn’t touched his roots yet
Ye Tiancai has been talking for a long time, saying goodbye to the fairy dragon king and returning to the secret room. After getting so many scenes of news, many things must be considered. At least Ye Tian is white and can’t put too much energy into this world. This is a midpoint, not his permanent residence.
When Ye Tian broke away, it was already a week later. During this period of Ye Tian’s epiphany, many changes have taken place in the outside world, especially the Teana Song and Dance Troupe, which once again successfully performed two performances. It was the middle of the day, especially Ye Tian became the dream lover of thousands of girls.
A week later, Ye Tian finally broke, and although the week was short, Ye Tian learned a lot and made more and more careful arrangements for the future.
The first is to control metal. After a week of groping, Ye Tian has learned that controlling metal is not as simple as getting a suit or getting the wings right. Controlling metal is more exaggerated than abstruse.
Metal control is a kind of ability, but also a kind of strength. Ye Tian tried it. Now he can lift a ton of metal off the ground with metal control.
This kind of super-control ability of metal is similar to specific function, but it is superior. In addition to condensing the wings of armor, it can also increase the ability to attack the body.
Even if we don’t rely on the control of metal power alone, the Earthwarrior’s lighter can add a pair to Ye Tian’s attack. When the control of metal power is combined, the outbreak of attack power is very terrible. It depends on how much it has been added. For the moment, the first-class state can add a ton of attack power. The theory of chopping and picking holes will be added.
The most shocking thing in Yuzryha is that the metal-controlled blow can actually overlap the blow that condenses the power of the metal-controlled blow, which is absolutely exaggerated to make people shudder. The only regret is that it can only be launched after such an attack and chopping.
In addition to forming armor and wings, weapons can add secondary attacks, and metal control can also be used to attack the enemy. If the enemy is a metal weapon or wears metal armor, Ye Tian can influence the opponent’s mobile attack within 10 meters by controlling metal.
No, it is well known that the human body contains a lot of metal elements, especially calcium, iron, zinc and other metal elements, so even if you are naked, you can control the metal with your bare hands.
Moreover, this is still in the initial stage. In fact, Ye Tian has put forward many ideas to reduce the enemy’s defense compared with controlling the enemy’s body calcium loss and causing osteoporosis. Although this is not a curse spell, it has the same effect.
Of course, Ye Tian’s current metal control is bound to be first-order. Although there are many things, I still have no ability to realize them, but I must work hard according to this idea. One day Ye Tian will be limited to terror.
In addition, it is also very important that Ye Tian can’t feel the weight of body armor by virtue of metal control. At this moment, although Ye Tian looks like a black suit on the surface, it is actually a suit made of metal without even a crack.
With Ye Tian’s current ability to cling to the body, it doesn’t take long to transform the present outfit, but only two or three seconds is enough, and the shape and style can be changed at any time without feeling the weight.
In fact, Yu Yetian can condense several pairs of wings, but with the current metal control ability, he can control a pair of wings at the same time. Even if he makes other wings, it is just a decoration. It will be cumbersome instead of getting up.
Ye Tian, a huge cave, tried to adjust his wings and fly slowly. Although his wings were metal, they were lighter than soft and tough. Ye Tian quickly mastered the skills of flying. Although there were no tricks to fly, the taste of flying was really wonderful.
Ye Tian didn’t stay here to find the US-Canada Road after flying. She helped to get to KanBias. Now Ye Tian has reached the tenth order, but he has mastered the pre-order lighter at present.

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