The dragon’s anger destroyed those villains and saved his sweetheart.

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Slave trade is forbidden, and anyone who is willing to investigate deeply can find the dirty industrial chain.
At that time, what was there to say in William’s kingdom? Did the war church jump out against the dragon and support the slave trade?
In the mouth of the dragon, is the sweetheart as he said? Did he grow up full of nonsense?
Then check it out.
Finally, I found that Shencao Township has lost its own bosses, which is the culprit. That must not be messy on the spot.
On the other hand, the emergence of a dragon to save sweetheart on the righteous side will inevitably become a wonderful fairy tale that one dares to expose the dirty behind.
The kingdom of William is bound to launch a lot of champions who participated in the destruction of Shencao Township to eliminate the dragon’s anger, and by the way, it will also give some seals.
How much is pushed out? That’s for sure until Barna is satisfied.
If you don’t want to do it, I’ll change my pet and put it on the golden throne
These things Barnagan doesn’t think seriously, but they are all inadequate means. He has mastered too many dark resources, and he has already had the strength to subvert the yellow mainland.
The only thing that made Barna feel at a loss was the man named Quantian Zun in Serena’s mouth.
This taboo once again appeared in front of him, which convinced Barna that his rebirth was definitely not a coincidence, and there were too many clues in legal analysis.
But what is a man?
Watching all this in the dark, Tang Chuan also withdrew her eyes from Barna.
As always, this holy disciple is satisfied with himself, and has never done anything difficult for himself.
From a beggar with a surname, he is now trying to control the situation of heaven and earth again, and he has not forgotten his responsibility as a saint.
This is my most self-hero.
But the other two …
Don’t say anything about Azk. He didn’t grow up in a vast environment and was burdened with the rise of the old remnant party.
For the long-term future of the dawn empire, Bonneville stimulated him to choose war.
Rao is so dawning that the empire has not forgotten its initial heart and gradually promoted its belief in the gods of the vast land.
There are minor mistakes than major ones.
What makes me speak most is that Bonneville.
Bet on the fate of the world. If she is a vast star, the world may still think that her courage is eternal.
But I am the creator.
Looking back, Bonneville’s behavior has indeed gone too far.
Who would have thought that this woman’s initial heart was to create a fair and just world?
However, it is not difficult to see that her desire to change her mind has made her bolder.
The so-called chess-watching, silent, falling into the sky and the earth, when the chessboard is playing with each other, Tang Chuan is also happy to be a spectator instead of a referee and watch them fall into each other quietly.
If you don’t take such crazy measures as blowing up the planet, Tang Chuan won’t exercise his physical judgment to punish one side.
At the moment, the situation is almost stable, although there are still many deaths ahead, but the overall situation can almost foresee many inevitable outcomes in the future.
At this intermission, Tang Chuan also decided to take the opportunity to beat Bonneville to let her know her position and not to be too possessed.
Although I told her that if she wants to be a god, she needs to be the most dazzling person in the world, but she forgot to warn her that if she blindly pursues profit and desire, she will still lose her qualification to take the throne.
After all, I want to cultivate people who are interested in reconciling nature and the universe, not competing for profit.
It is the result to compete for both profit and vassal genius like Barna.
With the idea of beating in my heart, Tang Chuan’s vision also fell to Bonneville’s body and figure, which dissipated like the wind.
This time Bonneville is not in the Pope’s Palace. She is wearing a shirt and sitting in the front camp to control the situation in the sky.
Chapter 345 Double spring
Bonneville, the luxurious camp, personally managed the battle for the death of the whole planet.
She also changed her old black dress, high posture, soft armor with magic array patterns, and looked heroic after her hair was finished.
There are not only leaders of high-ranking deities from the pale blue mainland, but also several commanders from the pale blue mainland.
Nominally, the mainland sent people to discuss the strategy with Bonneville, but in fact, it is known that Bonneville is the only leader of this campaign, and she mobilized the resources of the whole planet.
There’s nothing we can do about it. If the blue and yellow sides are still arguing, just surrender. There’s no need to fight dawn empire.
Because they are at a disadvantage, they can’t fight another battle of nonsense.
Bonneville has a great strategic vision, and her image was pushed to the point where people can go to the right when the battle broke out.
The yellow mainland side also knows that it sent commanders to communicate, and it is likely that the meat bag beat the dog and went back.
People have gone back, and their hearts may have been controlled by Bonneville.
These familiar faces always convey Bonneville’s strategic intention.
Most of the absolute adults in Huanghuang Mainland didn’t dare to send them. After all, a few people have been assimilated. It’s okay. A group of people have been assimilated. Then the alliance of Huanghuang Mainland Kingdom is equivalent to name only.
This woman is not a good photo, and no one dares to hand over all their strength to her, otherwise those princes and nobles will die the fastest after the battle.
In the name of mutual communication, come to discuss the war strategy with the empress dowager, and then there will be sufficient reasons to take back one’s own resources and seek to divide the party with the empress dowager.
In recent months, the people sent by Huanghuang mainland have really turned Bonneville tool people.
She didn’t bully or seduce her, so she broke the ranks of the yellow commanders.
One is that her vision of thinking is really unique, and sometimes the yellow mainlanders are speechless.
The image marketing of the two female popes is really too good to avoid admiration.
The three have been commanded and mobilized by a powerful female pope for a long time, and the subconscious has gradually taken root in these people’s minds.

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