Ji Yu motioned for Wu Junfeng to sit slightly for a moment.

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Wu Junfeng sat opposite Ji Yu and Ji Yu said to him, "Help me to find a new secret."
"Well, what’s the problem with the new secret?" Wu Junfeng couldn’t help but be curious.
Ji Yu did not answer Wu Junfeng’s words, but gestured that he needed to be quiet.
This year, Wu Junfeng certainly knew that Ji Yu was living in pain, and he spent every day in drinking to drown his sorrows. In the past three years, the boss has lost weight and many colors are not as good as before, which makes people feel anxious in their hearts but there is no way.
"Boss, it’s bad for your health to drink less," Wu Junfeng said to Ji Yu.
"Well, go home first. I want to be alone." Ji Yudao raised a glass of wine and gulped it down.
Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a figure in the corner of Ji Yu’s corner. How can this woman be here? Seeing Xunruliu is wearing a tight black shoulder dress, which is particularly dazzling. The chest is covered with crystal ornaments, and the lights are really dazzling.
She is like an egg peeling off her shoulders, and her two collarbones are sexy and outline a beautiful arc. There is an impulse to bite her shoulders, and one third of her breasts are exposed. If you look for a willow breast, it is not very big, but this arc matches her figure just right.
I don’t know if I’m looking for a willow in this dress, but my heart is uncomfortable in another season, and his brow is also frowning. It’s the first time they met, and he’s not a man who is easily attracted by beauty. Why do you feel this inexplicable discomfort at the moment?
In today’s interview, he still has the illusion of overlapping in Lu Xia language. Even he doesn’t know what this illusion is. This woman is generous, confident, strong and beautiful, and she also brings some little sexiness. In his memory, the woman is euphemistic, subtle and beautiful, and she also brings some stubbornness.
It can be said that the two women feel completely different to Ji Yu, but why does he feel that they both have similarities? Ji Yu’s feet seem to be pulled by this inexplicable magnetic field, and he raises his steps and walks towards the woman step by step.
"Finding the secret is such a coincidence to meet you here." Ji Yu asked indifferently, sitting on the high chair beside Xunruliu.
How can this man be here and how can a person with his status appear in this small bar? Don’t these people usually appear in private clubs?
Looking for Liu, holding back her beating heart, raised her eyes and looked in the direction of the sound with a light smile. "Ji always didn’t expect to meet you here because of fate."
Ji Yu reminded the corners of his mouth without answering Xunruliu, but ordered two glasses of wine and one glass in front of Xunruliu, saying, "Can I buy you a glass of wine to find the secret?"
If Liu’s eyebrows are picked, this man must have seen the man who just struck up a conversation. I didn’t expect him to come to this one.
If Liu Duan got up and gulped down his glass, he then said to Ji Yu, "Thank you, Ji Zong. I also drank about the same wine tonight. I have to work, so I’ll go first. Ji Zong, please go ahead."
Say if Liu got up and calmed down and left the bar, fortunately, the man didn’t go out to send her home. She was a little lucky and there were also some small falls. Don’t you have to cut things with this man from the moment you step into A city?
Every time I’m with him, I feel a little suffocated, and I always feel that I’m almost out of breath. If I look for a willow, I’ll walk steadily to the parking.
"Hey, Miss Beauty, where are you going? I just didn’t get a chance to invite you for a drink. I don’t know if I have a chance to invite you to stay for one night tonight."
Just now, the man who invited Xunruwillow to drink did not know when he came out and blocked Xunruwillow’s way. There were also a group of seemingly street hooligans beside the man.
Every one of them has a malicious smile on her face. If she looks forward to it, she will be scared to "bang, bang, bang", but now she is not what she was.
If you look at the five men with your hands around your chest coldly, "Please let me go or don’t blame me."
"Yo, yo, yo tone is quite big. A stubborn young master like you just likes to see that I don’t train you like a little cotton sheep today." The man sneered at finding a willow.
Obviously, this man is angry, but he has just been treated coldly in a bar. A man like this must be a rich dude who likes to pursue things that can’t be obtained and exciting, but they are unlucky to meet him today.
Chapter 6 Making coffee
As he spoke, the man approached Xunruliu step by step, and the horny hand was little and little, and the towering chest of Xunruliu was stretched out. When the body was about to touch her chest, a terrible howl came from the man’s mouth.
Liu Liu Li grabbed the man’s hand, quickly pulled the man’s hand behind him, and then threw his knee force at the man’s ankle. The man was half kneeling on the ground in pain.
No one thought that a seemingly weak woman could move so fast and make a man helpless.
The man struggled to get rid of the constraint of finding a willow, but his hand was buckled on his back. The more he struggled to find a willow, the more he buckled the man, the more painful it was.
"Ah, what are you still doing? Don’t get rid of this bitch." The man shouted to wake up the people who are still in the doldrums.
A few men heard it and gave a round and round help to find Ruoliu. They lifted their feet and kicked the men who were pinned to the ground. The men were kicked by Juli for a few meters. These men haven’t touched Ruoliu’s body yet, and their bodies were all combined by her long legs and vigorous hands. Several big men’s departments were put down by Ruoliu.
If you look for a willow and roll on the ground coldly, people will evoke a dozen mocking corners of their mouths and say, "Who has become a sheep now?"
If you look for Liu, with a snort of cold, you walk over a few men to your car. The agile car starts the lux Ferrari engine and roared away.
After watching all this coldly in the dark corner, Ji Yu is vigorous, first-class in driving skills, confident and agile, and rich. I didn’t expect to see this woman so brave tonight and added a different color to this woman.
This made him more eager to find out everything about her and want to peel off her mystery layer by layer, because this woman gave him a sense of familiarity, and this strong intuition was getting closer and closer, with some faint sadness.
The next day, the former secret office area of the president’s office in Yucheng
Although I played late last night and got some proper exercise, it didn’t affect her full spirit. For new employees in the workplace, I met those who were leaning on the old and looking for a willow on the first day of work.
There are three individuals in the secret company directly under the Ji domain, and the other two are Huang moderate Mo Xiaohui. Mo Xiaohui’s surface is good, and it is modest and yellow to find Liu. There is no good face when you see it.
Directly relying on the advantage of being an old employee, I lost a lot of personnel information to check with her. Of course, this kind of annoying and urgent thing is the most suitable for squeezing new people. She has already made psychological preparations, but she didn’t feel how surprised she was. She picked up the files and carefully checked them one by one and found them in her head. She was not angry because of this. Anyway, she came here and was fully prepared.
Lingling suddenly heard the words on the desktop, and she rang in haste. She wondered who would call to find her if she was not familiar with the situation in her job.
She picked up the receiver with a slight frown. "Hello, this is Xunruliu. Who’s calling?"
"Come in and make me a cup of coffee."
No address, no unnecessary nonsense, just hang up. If you are an ordinary person, you must be wondering who made this call. It is very likely that this call will be classified as harassment, but if you look for a willow, you are an ordinary person.
She has lived with this man for two years, and she is too familiar with his voice to be familiar with this man. As always, she is overbearing and does not give people a chance to refute.
If Liu looked down upon it in her mind, she got up and just wanted to leave her desk when she was interrupted by a harsh voice. She wanted to lift her feet.
"You haven’t finished your work yet. Where do you want to go? The city is an efficient company. If you don’t want to come and the class hasn’t been finished, you can work overtime here yourself." Huang Huan took a sarcastic and cocky tone and got some mocking smiles at the corners of her mouth. This kind of smile made people feel very disgusted
If you look for Liu, you will laugh at the corners of your mouth, thinking that this woman is meddling too much. Is there no freedom to be a domain secret? What if you want a toilet? Is there no personal freedom at all?
"Huang Mi, I will finish what you told me. It’s the president who wants to see me now."
Huang Soothes didn’t say anything. She took a cup and pretended to go to tea and water, but she was a little upset. From the moment she just looked at it, if Liu Wei squinted, you could know that she was disdainful. I thought that the president would find her on the first day of the new employee’s class. Even their senior secret president’s attitude towards them was cold, and even worse, it was a new arrival.

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