All the fighting brothers in Fang stopped because they saw a scene that they would never forget.

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See the location of the road two people issued a dazzling white light followed by "Bang … Bang …" The center of the two people was filled with the aura that was violently seen by the naked eye for thousands of meters. The violent aura rolled like a wave in the angry wind.
After a while, those riot aura gradually disappeared.
"Hum …" See the elders wearing vain quarrel with a trace of blood chest ups and downs violently look a little weak.
"Ha ha!" And Tao roared excitedly. At this time, his cassock was a little tattered, but it was a real appearance, and the root of Tao was not hurt at all.
Just then Fang suddenly exploded violently.
"Elder Ruan!" Elder Dai saw with his own eyes that Elder Ruan was forced to blow himself up by three scattered immortals from two factions!
Scattered fairy! He is a huge baby! Scattered immortals blow themselves up, which is definitely much more powerful than those who fix the truth in Mahayana.
The siege of Elder Ruan scattered fairy roots. I didn’t expect this Elder Ruan to blow himself up. All three of them suffered minor injuries.
"Miao elders! I am a god, even if you don’t share the same sky! " Elder Dai roared wildly.
There are about ten scattered immortals in Tianling Sect now. I didn’t expect to wreck one just after it came out this time, which was a great blow to Tianling Sect.
"Wear the elders! Even if you don’t talk about our two factions, you won’t stop there! " Elder Miao stared at Elder Dai closely. Elder Miao had already killed Elder Dai at this time, and wondered whether he and Tao should join hands to kill this Elder Dai.
"You bastards!" Suddenly, an ethereal but dignified sound entered everyone’s ears.
All the practitioners don’t know where this sound comes from, and they are full of curiosity about its owner.
"Visit grandmaster" Miao elders hurriedly knelt down when they heard this.
Chapter 64 has been discovered!
At this moment, the brothers of the three factions who are fighting have stopped, because the sound just now, although not very high, clearly entered the place, and when someone heard it in his ear, everyone felt a quiver in his heart.
"Why are you here?" Miao elder asked respectfully with his head down.
See Miao elder front interest appeared a handsome young man dressed in white.
"Hum a group of waste! Do you know what you are doing now? " The man seems very angry.
"Yu Jing Yuan Ling, you all come out." The man said in the distance.
As soon as the man’s voice fell, two men appeared in front of him. One of them was middle-aged. He was dressed in black but had white hair. He was very influential, while the other was a handsome boy dressed in a yellow robe.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect to be discovered by Rowling." The white-haired man smiled and greeted the Rowling. It turned out that the Miao elder was named Rowling.
"See the founder!" The two men appeared at the moment when they knelt down at the same time.
The Taoist three people didn’t expect that their sect immortals would appear at this time and that the three immortals would appear here at the same time.
"Tao, how can you be so confused and do things without thinking about it?" That dressed in a black robe YuJing teaching way
"Grandmaster, it’s already clear what happened. It’s their day …"
"Shut up!" Yujing face some darkly interrupted words.
"This matter after you know? You know nothing! I didn’t know it was a bunch of waste when I was played by others! " Yujing is almost pointing to the nose scold a way
Many fix true person at this time to see there is a diameter of tens of meters sending out the milky light to energy cover root can’t see the scene inside.
It turned out that Luo Lingang had just arrived at the location where Miao Chang had several people, so that outsiders could see the situation inside, but it had no effect on the people inside.
Many practitioners are guessing who the speaker was just now and what this person is like with the three major schools.
Xuanxing is also curious about the identity of the man at this time, watching the big white ball in the sky in the crowd.
Everyone, including Xuan Xing, recognized that there were four people in the white ball, but they never expected that there were two more in it just now.
"grandmaster, do you mean to build him to lie?" I heard Yu Jing reprimand and realized that it was not what I thought.
"Jian died a few days ago. You said that Jian was pretending to be someone else."
"Jian is dead?" Tao exclaimed
This is not because he is determined to live and die, but because he thought of a terrible possibility.
Jian died, but someone pretended to build himself in front of him and vilified Tianling Sect, which triggered this bloody battle! This is a conspiracy! I don’t know who was offended by Tianling Zong and was so framed, so I guessed it in my heart.
Actually, he guessed half right. It’s a conspiracy, yes, but this conspiracy is definitely not just aimed at the Heavenly Sect!
"Yes, we can solve this problem with you guys. I didn’t expect you guys to be all fools."
This is not only the way that the elders who wear the elders Miao blush with shame, but they don’t know that the three four robbers have been fooled.
Tao released his divine knowledge to search for the man who pretended to be a builder, but where is the trace of that man?
"Come on, you stopped looking for him, and now he’s changed his face, but this man’s skill is really high. It’s really hard to find him if we hadn’t been watching him all the time." Rowling interjected at this time
"He hasn’t left yet?" Hearing Rowling’s words, several elders Miao asked them at the same time that they now hated the man who pretended to be a builder. In the past few days, Ling Zong has at least lost nearly a thousand brothers, and Xuanzong Qingxu Zong has also killed and injured hundreds of brothers. This loss is not small, and it can’t be recovered without a few hundred.
"Well, the man is over there, the old man in the blue robe." Yuan Ling pointed to the man at this time.
At the same time, the three men released their gods and went to Xuanxing.
"Yuan baby period?" Elder Dai is confused.
"Well, yes, that guy does have a baby repair, but you can’t look down upon him too much. If you didn’t guess wrong, Lingxu was also killed by him." Yuan Ling explained to several people.
"Was Lingxu killed by him?" Hearing this result, Miao elder was surprised.
Lingxu is the younger brother of Qingxu, and he is also loved by Gao Jian. I have seen him several times, but he was distracted and repaired later, while the "old man" had a baby repair. Did he kill Lingxu? Is this possible?
"Of course, this is all our guess, maybe his accomplices did it, but you still don’t underestimate him. I always think this guy is not simple." Rowling charged several people
"Well, there are so many things we can do. We can’t intervene in these things. Let’s leave the rest to you." Rowling is ready to leave because they immortals can’t casually intervene in the matter of fixing the truth.
"Grandmaster, don’t worry, we will definitely catch that man and punish him!" Elder Miao immediately promised
Miao elders voice down rollin three people have disappeared.
At this time, the three figures reappeared in the sight of the fix true person.
"Elder Dai was embarrassed just now, so I apologize to you." Elder Miao bowed to Elder Dai.

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