"When I just reorganized my body, I met an old man in the virtual world …" Xiao Fan told malaria about the period when I just met God.

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"Gee, so that’s it. This weak water in Wan Li turned out to be the result of the master’s blood and anger, but you got his blood power by mistake … and … gave you a magical skill. If I didn’t guess wrong, the old man was either the peak of his ancestral realm or had reached the divine order!" Malaria smell speech excited speculation
"I really don’t know who he is who will die here, and he also has extreme hatred with the ancestors of the Buddhist community. It seems that these … can be explored one by one later!" Xiao Fan hesitated, "Although I really want to study what my current strength has reached, it is very dangerous for me to leave Qiling without that!"
"hmm? Qi Ling? " Malaria was one leng.
"I can feel that Qi Ling’s breath of life has become very weak. It seems that after reaching the ancestral realm, the degree of control over all attributes has also risen with the tide …" Xiao Fan licked his lips and was smashed when he raised his hand and twisted his side.
However, it took just five breathing hours from Xiao Fan’s physical collapse to rebirth again!
At the same time, the night sun birds and pythons by the lake have widened their eyes and opened their mouths. I can’t believe looking at the huge weak water lake.
That is, the whole huge water lake, which is weaker than Wan Li, has just undergone tremendous changes
All the weak water disappeared completely in an instant, and the most common clear water no longer has power!
"My god … the weak water lake … is gone!"
"I … I’m not dreaming?"
Even Kai Ling, who was lying dying, felt this great change and wondered what had happened.
After all, this weak water lake has been dying since ancient times because of the constant death of monks, which also makes the weak water lake absorb the death force of several monks, and the water power of the lake is increasing instead of decreasing!
"Something is wrong. There must be something wrong with this, old bird. You kill this guy first and I’ll dive into the bottom of the lake to find out!" The python looks dignified and wants to get into the bottom of the lake, but he just dives into the bottom of the lake and suddenly a golden awn gallops from the bottom of the lake and suddenly runs through the eyebrows!
Blood’ bam bam’ spewed out, making the surrounding clear water suddenly dyed bright red!
"ah!" The ground python let out a cry, although it was not fatal to him, but it also made him seriously injured. He stood up and jumped out from the bottom of the lake and struggled for a few times to fall into the lake again!
"Old python this … what the hell is going on?" Night Sunbird was frightened to disgrace and hurriedly wanted to jump and fly, but at this time, she once again wore a golden light from the lake, blinked her eyes and cut off two pairs of wings neatly behind her, making Sunbird stumble and fall to the ground just after leaping for dozens of feet at night!
"Gee, it’s really ugly. You two guys are called the top masters in the Buddhist world, which shows that the fighting power of the whole Buddhist world is also very average!" Xiao Fan sounds a little lazy, and this huge lake rings.
"Exactly is what person? Actually ….. "Yi tooth grin night sun bird barely climb from the ground can’t believe looking at the lake in the middle of a figure slowly float on the water.
"Ah …" But the pythons still writhed in pain in the water, apparently just a blow, which didn’t kill him, but brought him unimaginable pain.
"Is this sound … Xiao Fan?" Qiling’s eyes shrank, his elbows braced, his bust slowly lifted, and his eyes were all wet with excitement.
She never dared to imagine that there would be such a change!
"Xiao Fan? Is it … that human just now? " Night Sun Bird barely stopped the bleeding wound behind her and widened her eyes to see Xiao Fan’s face clearly
"Yes, I am the human that you two just wanted to have a good meal!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and his eyes suddenly looked at the night sun bird!
"ah!" Night Sun Bird immediately screamed, but his eyes were opposite. His eyes were blinded by two white lights, and blood kept flowing down his eyes!
And his chest eyes frighten hurriedly closed up and dare not to look at Xiao Fan there again.
Xiao Fan’s strong roots exceeded everyone’s expectations, including Xiao Fan himself!
He never thought that he would be so powerful after rebirth!
That night, Sun Bird and Earth Python were really an absolute master, as can be seen from driving Qiling to such a degree!
If the night sun bird is divided according to the celestial level, it should have four billion strength in the ancestral realm, and the strength of the python also exceeds the strength of the ancestral realm, at least three billion!
But these two guys are so powerful, but now Xiao Fan is as defenseless as a baby in front of a savage!
Even Xiao Fan didn’t make serious moves and made the two of them half-disabled!
"Xiao … every …" Qi Ling was a little pale and her lips trembled a few times, and she barely called out Xiao Fan’s name again.
"Hey!" Suddenly located in the center of the weak water lake, Xiao Fan’s figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared in an instant and came to Qi Ling’s side.
"Ah … the injury is really heavy … life is in danger!" Xiao Fan crouched down to slowly lift Qi Ling up.
"You … how did you …" Kai Ling wanted to ask, but she tried hard and failed to say a complete sentence.
"Don’t say more about your wound bleeding …" Xiao Fan said, raising my hand and raising my hand, and tapping a few fusion points at the wound of Ling body made those wounds recover immediately!
Now Xiao Fan’s body is a collection of Buddhist relics left by almost all Buddhist masters for billions of years, and even those Bodhisattva-level masters are estimated to be inferior to them.
"Damn … you are a mere human … unexpectedly … unexpectedly …" At night, Sun Bird’s body kept trembling, and his eyes stared at Xiao Fan’s back. Suddenly, two rows of sharp bellies appeared on his back, which made him furious and rushed towards Xiao Fan!
"If I can eat your meat, I will recover quickly and become stronger!"
"Are you? Do you have something to eat even if I give it to you? " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a head also don’t back then stretched out an arm into the mouth.
"Ha ha I don’t know anyway, but even the hardest star steel can be bitten to pieces! Since you delivered the door yourself, don’t blame anyone! " Night sun bird saw the big belly mouth and bit it hard!
"Boom!" A crunchy number of broken teeth flew out.
Xiao Fan’s arm was unscathed and even a tooth mark was not left.
On the other hand, the giant mouth was bloody, and several hard teeth actually broke his belly and pierced the flesh!
"ah!" Night sun bird clutching his belly miserably whined again.
"By the way, if you like eating people so much, just kill you and taste it as food!" Xiao Fan said a finger hook road black-and-white life and death force from the fingertips generate spiral wound night sun bird and python body.
"Life and death force … inverse!" Xiao Fan gently drank all the vitality of these two human bodies, and was dragged out and circled in a circle. He was immediately caught by Xiao Fan’s hand and pressed Qi Ling’s eyebrows!
"Let’s integrate these vitality departments. Although it can’t make you heal, it’s still a hindrance to cure half of your injuries!" Xiao Fan smiled and stood up and said, "You have a rest here now, and I’ll go and find Brother Violet!"
"Weak water … is absorbed by you? I can feel that you still have a weak water breath! " Qi ling nodded and asked
"Well, wait until I come back …" Xiao Fan nodded his head and turned into a flash, and then he came to the huge rolling vortex in the middle of the lake …
Chapter 69 Abyss and Ancient Tombs
The huge whirlpool on the weak water lake keeps rolling spirally layer by layer, and the water here presents a dark color, but it doesn’t blend into other water at all.
Fang can’t see anything than the dark root, just like the complete destruction in the light city, and there is a strange smell floating out vaguely, as if he were directly drilling into Xiao Fan’s body through his pores, making him feel a strange yin cold.
"What kind of secret is hidden on this side?" Xiao Fan frowned slightly and immediately jumped in!
Just touching the whirlpool, a horrible suction suddenly filled him up and let him involuntarily get involved in the darkness according to the strength of the whirlpool, and then there was no trace.
Xiao Fan felt that the strength of the black side changed rapidly several times at the moment, just like an unknown rapid shuttle.
This feeling lasted for half a column of incense, and then all the suction and pressure disappeared in a flash.
"pa!" His feet firmly stepped on the rocky ground.
Rubbed his eyes, he looked around.
The head is clear and weak, and the lake is so suspended and slowly flowing.

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