Hu Cheer some embarrassedly touched the big hu twist a head to see the battlefield has gradually become unclear hey hey a smile "well, anyway, the viceroy’s punishment is also to punish you, a captain!"

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"When I came, there was a village where I camped tonight to alert my brothers. I don’t think those villagers’ eyes are very kind." Wei Yan asked people to retreat and turned to Hu Cheer and said.
Hu Cheer’s eyes were fierce and he licked his mouth. "It’s a big deal to kill the village!"
"Hum, if you have ten heads, go ahead and slaughter them. I’m afraid there won’t be one left!" Wei Yan glanced at him cold way
"Hey hey, we didn’t do such a thing before. You didn’t know that guy in Luoyang didn’t say how many people in the village were surrounded by men and beheaded as military women …" Hu Cheer seemed to be immersed in memories. "Let’s be in charge of everything, but this military discipline is too strict."
Wei Yan listened to the positive color way, "the viceroy has repeatedly imposed strict military discipline, so don’t make this mistake or you’ll really lose your head!" How did Du Wei and Zhang Qi die? Did you forget so soon? "
Thinking of those two unlucky guys last year, Hu Cheer couldn’t help shivering all over and didn’t dare to talk nonsense again
The rain is getting smaller and smaller, but the sky is getting darker and darker, and the fighting is getting worse and worse.
☆, Chapter 56 If the potential is crazy, the tiger will be frightened.
The original ambush was ambushed by someone. This not-so-ridiculous joke made Bretz say something.
Although Wei Yan sent people back with good results, Liu Cong’s previous deployment has been disrupted. What should I do?
According to Liu cong’s plan, this battle is to surround Dayuan, slowly surround Luocheng on three sides and send messengers south to Linxiang for help.
It seems that I have neglected a problem, that is, Changsha County itself is the enemy of this land.
Thought of here, Liu cong sneered at the popularity of the people. This era is really important. It is not just this era. Think about the famous battles in later generations, and he will be somewhat relieved.
But this feeling makes people uncomfortable. Why did Jingzhou become an away game? It is estimated that Cao Cao is laughing at the news at the moment.
A heavy rain the day before yesterday was followed by a sunny day, and the water vapor on the ground was transpiration by the early summer sunshine.
Looking out from the account after several cases, I saw that the figure was ethereal and swaying, and the standard was listless and drooping. Even those lean foot soldiers looked a little lazy at this time.
Looking at the case accumulation map, bretz got up and said to Liu Hu, the waiter, "Go out and look around."
"Where to?" Liu Hu consciousness asked.
Bretz in the mind also didn’t have a quasi shook his head since Xu Liang took the helmet in his hand and strode to the outside of the account.
Because of improvisation and no specific purpose, bretz took Liu Hu and Xu Liang without disturbing others to ride horses out of the camp.
To the east of the camp is the Miluo River, where the river is wide and the current is slow and the waves are sluggish. Liu Cong is drifting away from the camp behind the reins along the lush river bank.
Jiang Fengxu felt quite cool, and the annoyance and ill feelings in his heart had dissipated before he knew it. When he saw several fishing boats drifting along the river, he couldn’t help but look back and say to Liu Hu and Xu Liang, "The rainstorm the day before yesterday came in a hurry but didn’t want to make the water surface rise so much."
Xu Liang is used to nodding since he was a child. "It’s just summer. If the autumn rain is continuous, I’m afraid half of Luocheng will be flooded."
Next to Liu Hu, he shouted, "Why don’t we fill Luocheng with water and drown them all and feed them to the king?"
Bretz didn’t good the spirit stare at him what he was about to say, but he remembered that Liu Hu’s family members were still in Youxian County. Although the news came that Liu Pan and Huang Zhong were still sticking to Youxian County, this situation really made people feel at ease.
See bretz silent Liu Hu pour some scratching their heads.
"It is said that Qu Yuan threw himself into the Miluo River …" Liu Cong rode a mound and whip pointed to the river in front of him.
Liu Husong let loose the songba belt and said blankly, "Qu Yuan? Never heard of such a general? Isn’t it because you lost the battle and jumped into the river? "
"Get out of here, you non-academic guy." It’s easy for bretz to brew a nostalgic heart and suddenly it’s completely destroyed. I can’t help but twist my head and criticise it.
Xu Liangfang wanted to say something, but out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of many horses pouring out of the mountains not far away. Suddenly, he looked at Liu Cong and whispered, "Look, viceroy!"
At this time, bretz also saw these people look at their shabby armor and knew that it was the rebels who couldn’t help but "hitched" in their hearts. This sudden encounter with Tathagata was really surprising.
The rebel cavalry who came out of the mountain path also found that the three of them looked at each other and were confused for a while. It was far from the camp of the company and it didn’t matter. Where did they expect to meet the enemy here?
This also blame bretz three people out of the forest, they found that three people are wearing light armor, a bright sunshine is simply three dazzling targets.
Taking a deep breath, Liu Cong reached out and touched the waist with a long bow and glanced at the nearby terrain. He whispered to Liu Hu and Xu Liang, "Go along the river bank!"
After saying his word, he took out his long bow and clasped his hand. With the other hand, he took out his arrow from the arrow pot and took a short glance at the bowstring. The bow was like a full moon and the arrow was like a meteor.
Just see the front knight in the opposite rebel incredibly holding his neck and showing the blood overflowing from the corners of his mouth, turning over and planting his horse on his back.
This arrow is like stabbing a hornet’s nest. Nearly a hundred rebel cavalry crashed one after another, shouting flattery and rushing to the mound. Some rebels took out bows and arrows and shot at the three of them.
Obviously, these rebels are not good at archery, not even close to each other.
Liu Hu and Xu Liang, the two of them, rode on a mound along the riverbank to the direction of the camp, and the rebels chased after them. Although they didn’t know the identity of Bretz, they watched Liu Hu and Xu Liang closely protect Bretz, and it was not an ordinary person to want to come to Bretz. What’s more, Bretz was riding that horse, and the tall and powerful god must be a position.
"whoosh!" Another arrow flew "snow" and then it was severely inserted into a knight’s chest. The knight screamed and rolled back on his horse, and soon he saw that his horse was trampled by horseshoes. Some of the rebels were already frightened. One of the three men was too archery to turn around and raise my hand and send an arrow to chase the crowd. Only in a short time, five or six rebels were shot.
Such horrible archery has even aroused the fierceness of the pursuers. They are red-eyed and brandishing swords and guns, desperately urging the horses and horses to fall. The weak wild flowers are trampled into the soil and turned into mud in an instant.
Liu cong calmly draws and releases arrows. His body fluctuates with Mercedes-Benz steeds, but his arms remain relatively stable.
Another pursuer was shot by him, and his back almost didn’t come to scream, so he was trampled by the galloping horse and his blood spattered three feet.
Just as the pursuer was getting closer and closer behind him, the turning point of the river in front suddenly rushed out of dozens of rebel cavalry. In the heart, a long bow was taken and the pike hanging on the side was almost instantly smashed into the opposite rebels.
At this time, Liu Hu also flashed a double-edged sword and growled at a horse’s speed. The knife fell on his side and swept over the rebel’s face. The man screamed and lost his spear to cover his face, but he planted his horse sideways.
Xu Liang also learned to make the double-edged sword stop him from stabbing the spear to his chest because of Liu Hu’s approach, and the other hand waved the knife to slash the blade spear and flew several fingers when it slipped and raised again.
The rebels can’t hold the spear, but they abandoned the spear body and shrugged to rush Xu Liang from horseback.
Xu Liang’s long knife swept back the long and narrow blade and stuck it on the man’s shoulder. His neck pulled out a bloody mouth. The man was glaring and wide-eyed, but he couldn’t shout, holding his neck and falling on his back.
This face-to-face kung fu will kill several rebels, but it is such a delay that three people are surrounded by rebels.
Liu Cong shook the pike and turned a rebel over. When he twisted, he saw a spear sticking to his waist and abdomen and suddenly stabbing his arms. The capacity of the pike made a circle, and two people were swept away by him.
Was about to say hello to Liu Hu and Xu Liang to kill out but felt a shock behind a strong to bretz quickly prostrate harsh metal friction ear explosive!
Grabbed with one hand and twisted with the backhand, bretz caught the sneak attack spear behind his back. When the wrist shook, the man could not hold it, but abandoned the spear. When bretz raised his hand and threw the spear and flew high, the spear pole was castrated like a rainbow when he took a shot of the bretz pike. He shook hands with a rebel and the spear pole was thrown off the horse with pain.
In the face of the potential crazy tiger, the three rebels are timid and cringe, but they want to take credit but roar to kill them.
By this time, bretz’s heart was quiet, but he was nervous when he met the enemy, flustered when he was pursued, and heavy when he was intercepted.
You can only live if you fight to death!
In a flash, another rebel was assassinated on the spot, and Liu Congli drank "Those who stop me die!"
It’s like thunder from a flat bottom!
The rebel cavalry, whose face was immature, was so scared by his roar that he couldn’t grasp the spear in his hand, pale and trembling.
Bretz glanced at the young man coldly, but his face was covered with blood and he grinned grimly. The young man’s eyes were like a spectre, and his eyes were foaming at the mouth and he fell headlong.
Next to several people have also been bretz this ferocious face frighten bridle steeds flinch.
Bretz gave a clip of horse’s belly and jade flowers, and the lion’s beard "recovered" and hissed all over, so he rushed out from this gap.
Behind him, Liu Hu played it by ear and raised his hand to block his spear. He turned his head and shouted at Xu Liang, "Go!" I should reverse myself to Bretz Xu Liang, but I was entangled in the oblique thorn of two rebels and could not get away at the moment.
Rushed out of the tight encirclement, bretz and Liu Hu glances and turned the horse’s head into the fray again.
At this time, dozens of rebel bodies have been dyed red with blood on this flat and broad river bank, and bursts of fighting broke out on the calm river bank of the wild grassland.
A member of the rebels, a veteran, bit his back molar and urged him to set about besieging the three men.

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