Although the planting order of a bauhinia vine is not high, Xu Ren was able to complete the cultivation before he arrived here, which made Lao Luo Changsong, the dean of Qianyue Xianzong, shine at the moment and moved the idea of accepting disciples.

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"Brother, visit the master."
Xu Ren is also a donkey along the slope. Regardless of the strength of this elder Luo, if he can be a thousand months old, the dean of Xianzong’s outer door, Kun Wu, must still have something to become a brother. It is also a backer.
"Good, good, now that you are my brother, the people around you are also qualified to be thousands of Xuanxianzong’s outside brothers. Let him go with you to the medicine garden to cultivate spiritual plants. I think he also has some talent."
When Elder Naluo spoke, he handed a wooden sign to Xu Ren, but it was not for Xu Ren, but for Shen Tengyun who followed Xu Ren. Perhaps it was also a recognition or a reward.
"Thank you, Master."
Xu Ren gave a deep ceremony to Elder Luo again. With this token, Shen Tengyun can finally find a way to stay in Kunwuyuan and have his own residence instead of sleeping on the floor every day.
"Since I accept you as an apprentice, I naturally want to teach you something. Here is my summary of some experience in cultivating spiritual plants and go back to study it."
Elder Luo is also like a precious little talent. Of course, it may be that he has other considerations and finally gave Xu Ren some of his experience in cultivating spiritual plants directly.
Xu Ren natural won’t refuse to pick up directly.
"Well, go first. I’ll give it to you in two days after the new cultivation evaluation meeting. This time, the spiritual planting is not a low-order spiritual planting like bauhinia vine. You should take it seriously."
Luo Changsong finished what he wanted to do, and he no longer stayed in Xu Ren, so he went straight to the marching orders.
Xu Ren is also well-advised and respectfully withdrew from Los Changsong’s residence.
Xu Ren immediately returned to his residence after he left Los Changsong’s residence. Shen Tengyun was preparing lunch in Xu Ren. Now he is taking care of Xu Ren’s food, clothing, housing and transportation in addition to uniting. No, he also took over some errands before him.
In fact, Xu Ren never lets Xiaoer do anything. He has hands and feet, but Xiaoer is always used to helping him with everything.
"Male? Is Elder Naluo satisfied with the bauhinia vine cultivated by the public? "
Shen Tengyun saw that Xu Ren came back and immediately greeted him.
"I’m very satisfied and Elder Luo has accepted my brother. Although I don’t know what he’s going to do now, now we have a quiet place to practice. In addition, Elder Luo has given you an outside brother status to cultivate spiritual plants with me. I will tell you some spiritual plant cultivation skills. I believe your mind should be easy to control."
Xu Ren has nothing to hide from Shen Tengyun. Besides, it is good for him to cultivate spiritual plants once Shen Tengyun learns them.
In the next two days, Xu Rendu taught Shen Tengyun to cultivate spiritual plants, and Shen Tengyun learned quickly.
On the third day, Luo Changsong found Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun and handed over the cultivation of new spiritual plants to the two of them.
Xu Ren cultivated the second-order lingzhi Yan Zhu Guo this time, while Shen Tengyun cultivated the Bauhinia vine before Xu Ren.
After two people accepted it, they immediately entered the medicine garden.
Of course, since they are both cousins, they are naturally entitled to own their own medicine gardens, but the two medicine gardens are not too far apart.
Xu Ren thought it was a sinking heart to cultivate Yan Zhu Guo.
This Yan Zhu Guo is more precious and more difficult to cultivate than Bauhinia vine, but Elder Luo gave Xu Ren Yan Zhu Guo species with three less than Bauhinia vine.
However, Xu Ren didn’t fail this time, and three Yan Zhu Guo plants were cultivated into adulthood.
Of course, the color of Yan Zhu Guo cultivated by three Yan Zhu Guo varieties is different. Although it was successful in the most trial stage, it was not very good. Xu Ren kept this Yan Zhu Guo. After all, it can still be cultivated although it is not very good.
This time, Xu Ren also didn’t take out the best Yan Zhu Guo, and he dawdled until two days before the expiration of the distance to hand over the Yan Zhu Guo to Luo Chang to let go.
Xu Ren also handed in Shen Tengyun.
Shen Teng Yunli cultivated two strains of Bauhinia from five kinds of Bauhinia vines. He also left a mind’s eye and gave the poor phase to Elder Luo, but kept it for himself if they got along well.
Elder Luo looked at Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun and showed an unexpected expression, but this time he didn’t show too much.
In this way, Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun have gradually adapted to the life of cultivating spiritual plants. They are never tired of cultivating spiritual plants.
In particular, Shen Tengyun is more concerned about cultivating spiritual plants. Xu Ren told him that cultivating spiritual plants is also a kind of cultivation. It is very important to exercise his subtle control over spiritual forces. If every spiritual force can exert its ultimate combat effectiveness, then Shen Tengyun’s combat effectiveness will be very terrible.
With Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun joining Kunwu Academy, a new atmosphere has gradually emerged.
His brother knew that Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun had made great achievements in cultivating spiritual plants, and they all ran privately to ask them for advice, while Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun also answered questions one by one.
As a result, the success rate of other people’s spiritual cultivation has also greatly increased, and the Kunwu Institute has gradually shown signs of surplus.
However, the good times did not last long, and when people felt that there was a slight surplus, the achievements of the Millennium Immortal Gate increased again.
Many younger brothers complain, but Xu Ren doesn’t care, because this is an inevitable phenomenon, that is, the balance of productive forces and production.
This is the same as tenant farmers renting farmland. When the harvest is good, they will pay more rent, but even if they pay more rent, they can ensure that tenant farmers can eat their stomachs.
The same is true of Qianyue Xianzong’s treatment of the outer door. Let the outer door live, but don’t let the outer door be too powerful.

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