Xinfeipeng’s sword feather has fallen to the south.

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You!’ Iron due south didn’t expect to list the idea so carefully that he moved the letter to Fei Peng for killing. He didn’t even want to blow the flames and suddenly the flying feathers were wiped out by iron due south iron fist and burned to the ground.
He was waiting for a drink to scold Fei Peng, and suddenly he felt that his neck was cold, and a dagger had reached his throat, listing the iron that went unnoticed, closing his fist and swinging it south, and drilling this very quickly.
"Don’t you dare!"
"Bang!" Tie Zhengnan was listed as a kick and flew out, and his face turned red in the middle. When he landed, he supported the ground with one hand and landed with a rotation. He was listed as a kick, and this person lost too much.
Listen to another explosion and add two stuffy hum lists suddenly kneel to the ground.
After mantis catches cicada and yellowbird, it lists kicking iron due south, and then Xinfeipeng’s right arm is chopped off to list bergamot’s dagger, but it is smashed by Xinfeipeng, and the whole right arm is drooped by Xinfeipeng’s feet and shoulders.
Letter Fei Peng also gave a stuffy hum bergamot Bi hit a bone in his right arm, and his face changed and his brow wrinkled and he jumped out at once.
"A competitive blow" Tuoba Shou slowly said, "The methods listed are very similar to those of Mu Yishan, and they are all really strong. If you can’t run the Heart Sutra and block it, the strength will definitely be abolished immediately."
"Hum" MuYiShan suddenly laughed "what about him? I was cut by the letter Fei Peng’s golden-winged sword and broke an arm. "
"He did fight again, but can you do this under siege?" Tuoba Shou asked.
"Of course I can’t, but I am disillusioned that I will never lose his bergamot."
"One-on-one situation, we won’t lose because no one will play tricks on you behind your back!" Ling Fei surprised lazy way
"Who won now? Xin Feipeng? " Mu Yishan disdained, "It’s just a sneak attack!"
"Anyway, people won you and I both don’t envy us. To be fair, you and I rarely made moves just now, but listing the sixth sense is too strong, and there are too few opportunities to sneak up on him, so Xinfeipeng can seize the opportunity." Ling Fei exclaimed.
"Don’t talk too early. How do you know that if you list it, there will be no more fighting power?"
Listing really doesn’t have a fighting force. One-on-six mental consumption is huge, and the real power consumption is even greater. Moreover, the fracture of the arm bone and the shock to the bones and viscera in the past few years have been seriously injured. Even if you bite your teeth and carry it, it is also a kind of desperate saburo play. Maybe he will, but now he must live.
Because he has hope, he hopes that he can find something that belongs to him in Longbo, and he wants to see Di Qing smoke every day.
But he doesn’t know that Di Qing cigarettes have been promised to others, but no one knows about it except a few people in their DE family.
Because many elders of Di family agreed, but the householder didn’t show his attitude, it seems that he respects Di Qing’s tobacco choice.
It just cleared up and it soon became cloudy, and it was sultry in the air.
Listing slowly straightened his back and secretly operated the Tongtian Heart Sutra to recuperate. This point can be recovered a little, even if it is a little. It seems that these heroes in front of him are not affected, but he is physically and mentally exhausted and suffered a lot.
Fortunately, they have their own plans and have not formed cohesive forces, otherwise he can’t even hold on to the three moves.
I don’t know how Qin Yi found anything over there. Did the fire Zen master Chu Yun take the opportunity to kill him? What secrets are still hidden? He urgently needs to know.
It can be seen that all the masters are almost unstoppable. If these teenagers don’t move again, these people may come to arrest him.
Thinking of this, he suddenly looked at Diqingyu and his eyes narrowed
Di Qingyu’s eyes narrowed as if he really understood what he meant.
List nodded and suddenly said, "Who else is coming!"
As soon as the voice fell, Fei Peng was anxious. "Don’t bluff. You have been ruined by Xiao Ye. What do you take to fight jokes!"
"Really?" List smiled, "You can try it."
"I’m afraid you won’t make it!" Xinfeipeng smiled contemptuously and immediately rushed to see Tie Zhengnan coming with a cold face. "No one ever dared to kick me. You are the first one. I saw that your right arm is dying, and I don’t want to give it back to you and waste your leg again!"
List, "Let’s do it together."
"This guy must be crazy and want to be a hero after being hurt like this." Di Qingfeng smiled coldly and held the golden mace to continue watching.
"Anyway, beating you is just a bet between us. I don’t care who." Xin Feipeng said that he suddenly swept his feet to the south of Tiezhengnan and ignored Xin Feipeng. He rushed over and took a deep breath to meet him. His left and right feet quickly kicked out.
"Since we made a bet, let’s …!" Ling Fei surprised ha ha a smile also swept away to admire a mountain, and then to have TaBaShou holding his arm. He was also injured. Secondly, he didn’t want to fishing in his heart.
The list of dangers in the war circle was frustrated repeatedly, but he hardly planned to strike back. After several evasions in a row, he suddenly heard a long whistle. Several teenagers were preparing to do a few more moves to catch the list, but suddenly a white figure suddenly smashed his fists like the sea.
"What person!" Mu Yishan first withdrew because he found that his finger strength was blocked and tried several times in a row, all of which were covered by his fist, so he increased his finger strength, but the other party immediately withdrew his fist.
"Di Qingyu also came to the First World War, and you guys promised."
Di Qingyu smiled gently and punched the list. This punch almost tried its best to list, and suddenly the left hand brushed a Di Qingyu hand, and the body was completely released by punching the sword.
"Where did you get involved, you little thief? Get out of here!"
"I won’t let you go if you dare to stop me, even if it’s the Di family!"
Di Qingyu laughed. "It’s also powerful to list me alive. Why can’t I get involved?"
"With you?"
"With me!"
"You want to die!"
"You want to fight, I’ll fight with you." Di Qingyu has always been so sincere and gentle, gentle and handsome, which made these people lose their temper for a while.
There are several family girls who also secretly talk about it, which means a lot.
But Di Qingyu rushed out without asking for instructions. The most embarrassing thing was the two elders of Di family, especially when he made moves against the rest of the people. The two elders of Di family were almost mad until they saw Di Qingyu punching and flying, and then listed several teenagers. When Di Qingyu argued and ran away, the two elders didn’t see Di Qingyu’s way.
"Oh, this child! Evil barrier! " Elder Lan has a headache.
"No, he wants to run!" They just to react a few capability deep master just to react immediately after go to.
"chase!" Everyone rushed to the place where the list disappeared, but the list had already fled far away and calculated a person in time.
"It’s weird!" The masters of the Golden Lion Dojo suddenly stopped. They stopped first, and then everyone stopped. Because they all felt weird, they wanted to know where this weirdness came from.
"No, our perception is sealed and we can’t release it."
Chapter 19 at the end of the knowledge?
Chapter 19 at the end of the knowledge?
"Don’t …" Many people are thirsty. "Is it the seventh sense?"
"The last knowledge?"
There is no doubt that it can seal everyone’s perception at the same time. What else can there be but overriding the sixth sense consciousness?
But who is this last master?
"It’s definitely not him, otherwise it’s us who just escaped. Who can believe that a practitioner who has just entered the realm of Mount Mo will have the last knowledge?"

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