"… oh!" Yang Ling sighed greatly. "You scared me to death. Isn’t that still you?"

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"Yes," Ning Dai’s tears escaped, "but I didn’t think it would be … how wronged it would be if it lived in my stomach?"
Yang Ling didn’t talk for a long time. Although she didn’t have such experience, she was a woman of the same body … If she cared, she couldn’t accept it. Today she quarreled with Han Xilang because of this matter.
Ah ….. Yang Ling couldn’t help sighing. Who said that Ning Dai was a arrogant girl and everyone envied her? Tianjiao is also a mortal, and there will be all kinds of pains and troubles in life.
Yang Ling got out of bed and went to NingDai bedside. "Are you angry with Shilang for this? He is so embarrassed! "
Ning Dai covered her belly and nodded. "I know I don’t know how to face him … that’s my child, too. I can’t say I don’t want it myself, but I …"
So she chose to escape.
"I know I can understand." Yang Ling couldn’t comfort her by patting her hand. "Don’t think about it and go to sleep."
"Well …" NingDai snorted, but suddenly turned around and took her hand directly in Yang Ling.
Yang Ling was surprised. "What’s the matter?"
"Senior, I …" Because of the pain, Ning Daiyin has finished tone sandhi. "My stomach … hurts!"
"Ah?" Yang Ling’s hair stood on end and immediately got up and hit the dormitory lights.
See NingDai pale whole person huddled with his hand over his lower abdomen.
Yang Ling temple chug jump intuition is bad a lift was … Shocking!
Ning Dai is covered in blood!
You!’ Yang Ling’s face suddenly changed with fear. "Ning Dai, don’t you feel anything?"
"What?" NingDai vacant "pain …"
Yang Ling worried eyes are red "you don’t move! I’ll call Hilang right now! "
The mobile phone was under her pillow, but her hand was shaking when she took it out. "Hello, hello … Hilong!"
"Yang Ling Ning Dai, what’s the matter?" Han Xilang’s voice is sober
Yang Ling take a look at NingDai body red SOB "um … you come on! I’ll wait for you at the entrance of the dormitory! NingDai she … A lot of blood! "
There was a blind tone in the phone immediately. Han Xilang hung up.
Yang Ling know Han Xilang must be here to face this situation, she also don’t know what to do with NingDai "NingDai not afraid! Nothing will happen … Now that medicine is so developed, Hilangma has arrived! "
"…" NingDai has no strength.
The original Han Xilang came here when it was needed, but …
Bang! A dormitory door was directly hit! Han Xilang, panting and frustrated, rushed in and walked directly to the bed to hold NingDai up.
Seeing her like this, Han Xilang’s eyes are splitting. "I’m sorry, Ning Dai … I’m sorry!"
Ning Dai knows in her heart that no matter how reluctant she is, she can’t resist God’s will! Who said that children and parents also need fate? She and this one in her stomach really have no fate.
"Dabao Brother" Ning Dai leaned weakly in his arms and grabbed his skirt. "I, I …"
Han Xilang already knew what she wanted to say. He nodded and promised her, "Don’t I don’t want that child … I won’t force you any more after I can’t do it well."
"But …" NingDai exactly have concerns "it, it …"
She wanted to say that it was their child after all, but she couldn’t say it!
Han Xilang’s throat choked her mind. He knows everything. "I said I don’t like children like you. Don’t talk! We have to go to the hospital right away! Go! "
Holding NingDai rushed out of the dormitory, the ambulance has been waiting in the building synchronously.
After a day of tossing, I returned to the hospital. The expert was dug up overnight and stuffed into the operating room.
Han Xilang watched Yang Ling sitting beside him at the door. Both of them were stained with blood, but they didn’t care about ectopic pregnancy bleeding … It’s no small matter. Ning Dai is very dangerous now!
Han Xilang put his fingers into his thick black hair, and his mobile phone kept shaking in his pocket, and he didn’t feel it …
Chapter 17 Fanwai’ red bean paste bag’ is gone
Because it was late at night, they didn’t inform others.
Yang Ling looked back at Han Xilang. "Why are you in such a hurry to have children?"
Hang Ningdai befriends senior Yang Ling intellectually and rationally, but at this time she can’t help but feel aggrieved. "Have you ever thought about it? NingDai age and experience these … Cruel "
"… well"
Han Xilang looked up and he was already full of remorse.
"Although I have my thoughts, it is … I have nothing to explain."
He Yang Ling feel tough, after all, is their husband and wife, she sighed and shook her head "your phone has been ringing have something important? You go and pick it up. I’ll stay here. "
At Yang Ling, Han Xilang stretched out his hand to touch the mobile phone "Thank you".
"No" Yang Ling tugged at the corners of her mouth. "Ning Dai is my friend, and I’m not here because of you."
Han Xilang micro a moment and stepped aside to answer the words.
It is said that there is something wrong with his assistant calling Jiangcheng … and these problems must be solved by Han Xilang himself. It is not necessarily a bad thing that Han Xilang has done so much, which leads to problems in general.
But now … Ning Dai.
He walked back without heavy steps.
Yang Ling glanced at him and guessed "fortifications?"
Before Han Xilang spoke, Yang Ling decisively said, "You can’t leave, no matter how important the work is. If you leave at this time … Ning Dai will collapse."
"I didn’t want to go." Han Xilang frowned. I knew it was good for Yang Ling and Ningdai not to know that she was so protective of Ningdai. He was grateful to her.
Yang Ling didn’t ask "that’s good" much.

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