Then his sphere of influence should be as far as his leaves and roots can reach, or just like Zhu Guoshu cultivated a group of symbionts to extend his sphere of influence.

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It is too difficult to say that Lingzhi wants to walk in shape.
But the problem is that when the world changed, an aura was instilled in his site, and most of the aura was acquired by his pine tree, which had absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon for several years.
There is now the Song Dynasty.
Yes, his name is Song Dynasty.
It comes from the Song Dynasty, but the song is homophonic.
Of course, he is not a spiritual thing, but an ordinary plant without spiritual wisdom.
Otherwise, you can ask what kind of situation the monks sent in the Song Dynasty. Then again, it would be terrible if this Song Dynasty had a thousand years of Taoism.
Here, there are two fighters’ associations, two neutral forces from Wu Zong, and an old Taoist priest from Tianshifu.
An old snake king and a ghost king in the Zongmen family.
There is also a pine taxidermy creature.
Everything is Wu Zong level.
Chapter three hundred and forty-three Doing business
Qi Yu is a senior martial artist of Nanyang Wushu Association in central Sichuan. He is almost thirty years old this year.
Once we haven’t broken through to the realm of military commanders in another year or two, it will be difficult for this generation to break through without great opportunities, that is, the so-called potential is exhausted
Then this trip to the ancient site is his last chance.
Because he can occupy a quota, it is also a great effort to come here, and it takes a lot of human feelings and precious things to manage.
It is reasonable to say that it is very good for him to achieve advanced military warfare, but who has no ambition? Achieving military commanders is not only stronger and better, but also can increase Shou Yuan.
After all, it’s better to die than to live.
However, although he is an advanced martial art, he is not confident in his own strength.
In particular, I have no confidence in going to ancient sites. I am most afraid that I will die and I will die.
Then he is willing to do anything that can increase his chances of living.
For example, buy some pills that can replenish qi and blood.
And the most suitable for martial arts is the so-called Buxue Dan.
Buxue Dan is staple goods, but many people still want to have higher quality, for example, China.
Yu Buxue Dan? That’s usually closed to the public.
The fighters who can be exchanged in the Wushu Association but have made great contributions to those Wushu Associations can either exchange merit points, but even so, there are still not enough.
Qi Yu is even worse. He can’t even get a bottle of Buxue Dan together.
Not because he has no money, but because he just consumed a lot not long ago and hasn’t come to replenish it, and then he came to Pingcheng, and he couldn’t come.
"The elder brother of the chapter you have blood Dan remaining? Can you spare me a bottle? I will give you money. "
At this moment, Qi Yu asked a man in his thirties, and there was a hint of pleading in his words. After all, at this time, it is not easy to sell his Dan medicine in general, even if it is much higher than the ordinary market price.
After all, no one can be sure whether they will be short of Dan medicine supplements, especially different ones. There is no place to supplement them at all.
Money is not the problem, but Dan medicine is scarce.
"Hey, brother, it’s not that I don’t show kindness, but that I don’t have enough pills for myself. Why don’t you ask someone else?" This person, who is called "Brother Zhang", is also embarrassed not to give him a face at all. "If we come out from the ancient ruins, I will treat you to dinner as a gift."
His implication is that he refused.
Qi Yu would do the same even if he put himself in the other’s shoes, but he has no confidence to carry a few blood-enriching pills.

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