Jin Jian chopped several heavy magma waves, although the momentum is still the same, but the power has dropped a lot, losing to wave after wave of magma waves.

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"You are quick to retreat."
Mirror, the fairy king’s face changes again, and he drinks heavily.
He looked horrified and knew that he had underestimated the fire pulse spirit again. This time, instead of resisting the fire pulse spirit, it was likely to be hit hard by the fire pulse spirit.
King Jing Tianxian woke up quickly, but it was not as fast as anger, and a lot of magma waves came. Zi Xia Shengdi Digen was swallowed up by magma and completely melted without reacting.
A scream echoed.
Zhao Zifeng and the mirror fairy king retreated to the distance, listening to the screams and looking at more than 20 people behind them.
More than 60 brothers and sisters are all elites in the holy land of Zi Xia, and they are all fairy peaks, but at this moment, most of their bones have fallen.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Monstrous hatred
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Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Monstrous hatred
Zhao Zifeng sullenly ugly beside the mirror fairy king call way
Behind them, there were more than 60 brothers in the holy land of Zi Xia, but now there are only more than 20 people who have suffered heavy losses. Each of these brothers is an elite, and the loss is so great that Zhao Zifeng can’t imagine what it is to return to the holy land of Zi Xia after the first heavy day.
More importantly, the fire pulse spirit still failed to catch it after such heavy losses.
"After the elders lost so many elites and returned to Zongmen, you and I both confessed and asked the elders to try their best to capture the fire pulse spirit. I will also move Zi Xia’s fairy palm to cooperate with the elders."
Zhao Zifeng surrendered to the mirror, the fairy king.
When Zhao Zifeng spoke, the mirror fairy king beside him suddenly flashed a strange blush and then a mouthful of blood was ejected from his mouth.
Bright red blood is very harsh, together with Zhao Zifeng, who panicked in more than 20 Zi Xia holy land brothers’ departments. His mouth shouted and his face was full of worries.
They never expected to deal with the fire pulse mirror fairy king was injured.
"It may be that the sword, the sea and the golden mirror were broken and suffered a little self-attack, but you are right. This fire pulse spirit must not be let go like this. It must be captured."
Mirror fairy king sullen mouth way
He has just joined the holy land of Zi Xia, and this time he can enter the first day. He also promised repeatedly in the holy land of Zi Xia that he would protect Di ‘an, the holy land of Zi Xia, and at the same time he would kill Xia Qi, so that he could have a chance to enter the first day.
Now that Xia Qi has disappeared, he has followed a large number of younger brothers around him, killing and injuring most of them. When he returns to Zi Xia, there is no way to explain it.
In this situation, the only way for the fairy king is to catch the fire pulse spirit and hope that the fire pulse spirit can make a little compensation for this mistake.
"You take Zi Xia fairy palm to cooperate with me, and I will let the fire pulse spirit appear again. This time, you must not let the fire pulse spirit escape. At the same time, you ordinary brothers also retreat to the distance and can’t get close enough to be hurt."
Jing Tian xian Wang Shen kou Chu arrangement
He said that Zixia Xianzhang is Zhao Zifeng holding a broken palm in his hand.
There is a unique skill in the holy land of Zi Xia, that is, Zixiaxian palm is an extremely powerful palm method, and its source is this purple light Yingying palm broken, which is said to have been realized by Zi Xia the Great in the past.
The origin of this Zi Xia fairy palm broken palm is also extremely mysterious. It is said that the right hand of the ancestor of the Zongli Sect in Zi Xia Holy Land was broken and then refined into Wei Neng Poverty.
"Elder, don’t worry, I urge Zi Xia Xianzhangjia to go out and expect that this fire pulse spirit can also escape."
Zhao Zifeng extremely confident way
His entry into the holy land of Zi Xia bears an important clan door, which will bring such powerful treasures as Zi Xia’s fairy palm into the first day.
Even with the mirror beside him, a large part of the responsibility of the fairy king is to stay with Zhao Zifeng to protect Zi Xia’s fairy palm and assist Zhao Zifeng to complete the clan account.

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