Xia Zhu couldn’t say clearly. Show the note to Bai Yinting. Bai Yinting was shocked. "Is this the last words of my mother-in-law?"

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This short sentence is really like a promise and wish that the world is about to leave and wants to rest assured of itself.
Xia Zhu’s face became more ugly. She was moved and sad. At this moment, after listening to Bai Yinting’s words, she had bad thoughts in her mind.
Mother is really depressed these two days and has been in poor health. Did she really have that idea?
"Xia Zhu, are you talking?" Bai yinting is also worried.
Xia Zhu frantically touched her mobile phone to call her mother. As a result, no one answered her, and she hurriedly called her aunt. She heard that her mother’s room was resting and she might have fallen asleep. Xia Zhu was still worried until her aunt went in and saw that everything was all right.
"Xia Zhu, what’s wrong with you?" Bai yinting felt that something was wrong with her.
Xia Zhu gradually calmed down and said to Bai Yinting, "I’ve always wanted to help my mother find my biological father and let them meet. I think this is also my mother’s wish, but she just won’t tell me who he is. I thought of a way today …"
Bai Yinting listened with trepidation. He must not let Xia Zhu find her biological father. Absolutely not!
"My mother seldom writes his name, but she only has me in her heart. I’m so sad that my mother is in such poor health. What else can I do for her?" Xia Zhu couldn’t hold back his tears.
Bai Yinting hugged Xia Zhu to his heart. Fortunately, my mother-in-law didn’t write that name, otherwise he would have wasted all his efforts.
He doesn’t want to be a selfish person, but this matter is really serious and he has to be cautious.
Or you can ask Song Yumei what it means. Bai Yinting feels that she should also disapprove of Xia Zhu’s reunion with her biological father. It’s also a pleasure not to know.
Bai Yinting comforted Xia Zhu a few words to make her not have too much psychological pressure. He sometimes goes back to talk to her mother-in-law, and her wish in this life is not necessarily to see that person.
Xia Zhu feels that her mother has deep feelings for her biological father. She doesn’t want to give up. There are always clues and directions.
"Xia Zhu, you don’t know what they will divide in those days, right? But there must have been something I couldn’t help myself at that time. Maybe it was the pain in your mother’s heart. Why do we have to expose her scar? " Bai Yuting said
Xia Zhu suddenly woke up one leng. Yes, these are all her guesses, not necessarily what her mother wants.
"Leave it to me to deal with. Your body is still recovering and you can’t be so sad." Bai Yinting continued to encourage Xia Zhu.
Xia Zhu does have a headache and the wound is dull. She cried for too long just now, and that kind of emotional outburst made her feel very tired.
"Be a good boy and lie down and rest for a while. I’ll go to the company when you fall asleep." Bai Yinting gently stared at Xia Zhu’s face.
Xia Zhu took his hand and she knew that she shouldn’t, but she just wanted sex. This time, she liked Bai Yinting’s love for her too much.
"Xia Zhu, what would you do if someone did something to hurt your mother?" Bai yinting suddenly asked
Xia Zhu got serious as soon as he was one leng. "If there is such a person, I will never forgive him."
Bai Yinting nodded. Is he the unforgivable object?
"What’s the matter? Is my stepfather coming out? " Xiazhu nervous
"It’s not that he won’t leave that place. I think your biological father should have done something to hurt her." Bai Yinting diverted the target.
Xia Zhu blinked. Of course, the man hurt his mother, but did he really not forgive him?
Chapter ninety-three Never meet again in my life
Many facts have no answers, otherwise where can it be difficult?
Xia Zhu fell asleep with a lot on her mind. She felt her head hurt like it was about to burst. Even with Bai Yinting around her, she was still frowning.
"Xia Zhu?" Bai yinting whispered her name.
Xia Zhu didn’t respond. Bai Yinting sat for a while and tried to stretch out her hand to smooth her eyebrow wrinkles several times. She should be a happy woman instead of frowning like this.
Gently got up and left the room and told Qiao Yi to watch Xia Zhu Bai Yinting’s free ride.
However, instead of going to the company, he went to Song Yumei’s residence. There are some things that must be made clear, and she can give him all the answers and stories he wants.
When I arrived at Song Yumei’s residence, my aunt came to the door to see Bai Yinting. I was surprised to go to the room and call Song Yumei. She actually came out of the room.
"Mother-in-law" Bai Yinting bought some supplementary tapes.
"I knew you’d come." Song Yumei asked her aunt to go shopping before sitting down.
Bai Yinting sat opposite Song Yumei. He knew that Song Yumei must have something to say to himself.
"Yin Ting, I believe that your kindness to Xia Zhu is true to our generation. You don’t need to know too much. Forget it. Live your life well. If one day I can’t, you must take good care of my daughter." Song Yumei’s eyes are wet
"Mother-in-law, your health is getting better and better. Don’t say it too early. No one can replace your mother." Bai Yinting came to comfort but also hurt Song Yumei’s heart
After all, she knew that Bai Yinting’s mother had passed away many years ago. He was a poor child, but she always made her feel uncomfortable about it.

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