Shen Meijun’s parents brought a basket of fruits such as cucumbers and tomatoes. "All of them are planted in the field without pesticides. Meijun, you told me two days ago that I was in a hurry to buy some fish."

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As soon as Shen Meijun stuck out her tongue, she did tell her parents that she would come back with Lin Cheng and heard her parents blame her and didn’t speak.
"Ha ha, it’s good to eat this." Lin Cheng picked up a cucumber and took a bite, which was fresh and crisp.
See Lin Cheng likes to eat Shen Meijun’s parents are also happy to laugh.
"He’s giving a gift from Uncle Shen and Aunt Shen!" As soon as Shen Meijun’s father shouted outside, he quickly went out to see a tricycle full of this powder and that milk.
"I said cao what are you doing? Give me a gift for no reason? "
"Ha ha, old Shen Shu was joking. Just now, your beautiful gentleman and his partner bought it from me and I sent it to you."
"I said, Cao, you’re not kidding me. How can I finish eating so much?"
"Isn’t your family in high school? Give him food, and the children are supplementing nutrition and growing up." Tell Cao, the owner of the store, to move things.
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"Xiao Lin will stay at home for a few days this time. You have beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery [very literary]. You people in the city are not easy to enjoy this kind of atmosphere."
"Auntie, I’m not from the city. I’m a standard rural person. My home is far from the town!" Lin Chengxiao said his family situation, but Shen Meijun’s parents were surprised.
Many people want their daughters to find a city native to become a phoenix, but how many people actually become a canary at most?
Like Shen Meijun’s parents, she doesn’t have many people. It’s more important than anything that the city complex wants her daughter to be happy.
"I’ll help my uncle move things!" Lin Cheng saw that after the delivery Cao left, Shen Meijun’s father moved things to the wing alone and he also went to help.
"Meijun, I think this guy is nice and polite. How long has it been?" Mother took her daughter’s hand and asked questions that made Shen Meijun shy.
"Mom, look at you." Shen Meijun turned red and didn’t continue this topic. She took out two bank cards from her carry-on bag and handed them to her mother.
"Mom, here are two cards. One is for him to save for Jiajun to buy a suite, and the other is for me to save 50 thousand yuan in recent years. You and dad should buy more food and clothing."
"Mom doesn’t want money at home." Shen Meijun’s mother pushed the money straight out.
"Mom, I don’t know if there is any money at home?" Shen Meijun handed the card to her mother. "Don’t put this money in the card. It’s enough to find a bank with regular interest for one year at home."
"ah? How much is it? "
"A total of 1,510,000 yuan in the bank can also leave 30,000 yuan to 40,000 yuan a year, which is enough for you and my dad to work less hard."
Shen Meijun’s mother had no more than 50,000 to 60,000 yuan. Suddenly, when she heard more than one million figures, she froze.
"Meijun can’t have this money!" After staying for a while, my mother pushed the card to Shen Meijun. "How can you have so much money after only two or three years of work?"
"I paid 50 thousand myself. This million is your son-in-law’s filial piety!"
"Meijun, you listen to mom and say that this money is Xiao Lin. We can’t want you to be unmarried after all. It’s not like that. Besides, we are marrying a girl openly, not selling a girl. Although my former mom always forces you to find an object, it’s because mom is in a hurry. You said that you are twenty. Can mom not worry? Town, you see whose 20-year-old girl has no husband’s family? "
"Mom, I know you don’t say *
Besides finding a partner, the troubles of older young women also come from the pressure of parents, relatives and friends.
"What don’t say? What are you two whispering about? " Shen Fu and Lin Cheng heard Shen Meijun’s last sentence as soon as they entered the room from the outside.
"Ah, Meijun, her father, Meijun said that Xiao Lin gave me a card with one million Xiao Lin in it. Aunt Xiao Lin can’t ask you for this money. After all, aunt Xiao Lin is not married and took your money. That’s not what it is. Aunt Xiao Lin can’t ask for this money."
"Ah, can’t you want it?" Shen Meijun’s father is honest and sincere, and he will not accept so much money easily.
"Aunt, listen to me. You and your uncle will take this money. To tell the truth, I don’t lack money. Money is just a number to me. If I’m not afraid of scaring you, I can take it out at once. But it’s not a good thing to have more money, but it’s hard to move without it. I heard Meijun say that she has a younger brother who is getting married in high school and this university, and I need money everywhere. I also came out from the countryside. My grandfather died of illness because of the lack of 100 thousand yuan. Besides, I know the importance of money at a critical moment After I go abroad together, I’m sure I’ll be less filial in front of you. We can’t offer filial piety in front of my parents in person. Just take this money and leave you a message. Call me if you are missing anything. "

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