Four girls don’t go to see him at all. She will do this even when she arrives at Gouke. If she has money to take refuge in the chain, he will never really lay down his life to fight for it. He will definitely promise a hand for a life.

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Qu Yong saw that the four girls had recovered the magic eagle and left the iron sand palm. It was a decisive battle thousands of miles away. He knew that the four girls had come back completely.
What kind of woman is she?
Did she really shed tears herself in Sanya?
QuYong has been afraid to think about it.
Four girls ordered the uncles and brothers from all the halls to meet together.
Chapter 55 Overkill
She said, "Let’s go to Sanwutang after it has been changed to this appearance."
The setting sun is about to set in the three characters of "Sanwutang", which exudes the final glory.
Qu Yong, who entered Sanwutang, saw that the hall was only about five meters wide, but it was hundreds of meters long in depth. There were antique pear-blossom chairs on both sides, and there was a big chair with tiger skin at the head, which seemed to be in my place at ordinary times.
There are many swinging candles in the long hall window, but I can’t see any modern lights. It seems that I really like the old flavor.
Step by step, the four girls walked to the left and sat in the fourth place. Her fingers had been simply bandaged, and everyone else was sitting in the third place on the right, just like a mass of mud.
Four girls don’t sit. She glanced at QuYong and suddenly laughed. "Just let him go and let the phantom eagle watch. Come and sit down."
Qu Yong walked over to the four girls and asked him to sit in his first place. "It’s thanks to you that you can set things right this time."
Qu Yong is now sitting in the fifth place on the left, but he is only one place behind the previous four girls. Even if he doesn’t know the rules, he knows that it is a great position. He jumped up and waved again and again. "This can’t be done!"
Four girls held him on the shoulder and took him back to his place. "Before Ayong, I was besieged on all sides and asked for your help. I will never say anything about the reward. Now God bless me to return to Jingtai. Now I have to thank you. This position is very suitable for you."
QuYong primly way "four girls I help you partly because of myself and partly because of a word! I didn’t want any reward. "
"I know"
"You don’t know," QuYong interrupted. "I want you to promise me old Chenpi. I also know that Sanya Bank has brought you a lot of trouble and gave the watch you lent me for dressing as medicine to that doctor Li, but I will pay you back the money slowly." QuYong blushed and said, "I can’t sit in this position."
Four girls face gradually cold to light way "at the end of the day are you look down on us to eat Jianghu rice this kind of person? Disdain to be with us? "
Huei-fang’s eyebrows gradually pricked up. "Do you need to say yes or no?"
Qu Yong has seen this series of changes in Jingtai, especially when he was just in the chain. He really felt sick and didn’t want to talk to these people at all. He said with awe, "I can’t climb!"
Shenquan suddenly said, "Brother, although you and I know each other very short, we can be loyal to each other. You are an honest man, so we must think it over carefully. Now we are not in a hurry to refuse. Let’s take our time, shall we?" He can say this to ease the atmosphere. It’s all right. Does Qu Yong want him to offend Four Girls?
Who knows that Qu Yong is ungrateful? "I don’t think I am an ordinary college student. I want to study hard and don’t want to join any gangs. We have already made it clear that this is just a deal. You give me the old tangerine peel and I will help you!"
"good!" Four girls were swept on the spot and snorted heavily. "Good! Hello! I will keep my promise to you when you dry tangerine peel! " Just then, there was a lot of talk outside the hall. It seems that people from all walks of life got up and fuels. "This is not suitable for me, and I am not suitable for listening to Jingtai’s affairs. I’d better go out first."
He walked quickly through the crowd with his head down and looked back before going out. He vaguely saw that many people were crying. It seems that Jingtai was really weakened this time, and the four girls stood out from the crowd and were inexplicably lonely. At that moment, he suddenly thought of the four girls crying themselves. He suddenly wanted to go back to the four girls.
But this is just to think that he will soon wake up. At this time, one slip will become eternal hatred and these people will never be separated.
He looked at the sunset at last, but he saw the green hills eclipsed and the earth darkened. At this time, Qu Yong missed the past few days in school, but he was very practical and satisfied every day. Since he met the old road and met four girls, his life has changed from now on.
It suddenly occurred to him that one day, a long time ago, he said, "I don’t know if being original is a blessing or a curse for you." At that time, Qu Yong thought it was a good thing to learn martial arts without thinking, but would there be all these troubles today without learning martial arts?
At this time, the hall came from the chain, desperate and screaming wildly. Qu Yong couldn’t bear to listen to him again. After avoiding the crowd and walking to a rockery, he took a deep breath of autumn heat and thought, "Taoist, your martial arts are of course a good thing, but it depends on what happened to me." Thought of this, he threw all his baggage and tied a pose to take two punches, especially recalling the "dragon and snake converging attack" just now.
But when he punched out, suddenly the whole person was blurred and drifted off. It felt like he was not punching himself, but his arms were full of energy and he could hold his arms forward. His hands and bones were all gone. He moved his feet again and felt that the outside world was shaking, but Qu Yong’s body was already in a state of turmoil. He barely made another five-flower hammer, which was even more terrible this time, as if an entire rockery had been knocked down by him.
"How did this happen?" Qu Yong was so frightened that he quickly closed his fist and felt all kinds of tastes in his heart and body. "Is this what the Taoist priest said?"
He didn’t dare to punch again, and he wasn’t sure whether he was in the elephant or because he practiced the "dragon and snake converging attack" of Shenquan. At the beginning, he repeatedly stressed that he should practice Xingyiquan and other martial arts, but he wouldn’t be allowed to practice this move. Although it was also in Xingyiquan, it was not the old Taoism, but it didn’t take long to go wrong.
"Go back and ask long this time." QuYong made up his mind not to practice first.
In the next few days, Qu Yong asked four girls to send someone to inquire about boss Cao immediately. After that, he asked for a separate room and didn’t want to come into contact with Jingtai again. He was afraid that he would vomit.
There are so many things left for Sisi. Yu Yunyu died and was drugged by Yu Yunyu. Most of the bosses in Jingtai were cleaned again. She wants to recall and hide out. Fortunately, these days, everyone is looking forward to Sisi’s return like a drought, and the rain will soon pack everything up with her means.
It’s been three days since QuYong saw Four Girls again.
Four girls are wearing a long emerald dress, and two index fingers are also fitted with righteous fingers. It’s very delicate. If you don’t know the details, you can’t tell whether it’s true or not. Today, she dresses up and softens the whole person’s lines. She didn’t take anyone with her to walk into Quyong Room by herself.
"Ahem, ahem" QuYong is coughing hard. Since that day when he practiced boxing and turned into a vision, he broke out in a sweat that night. These days, he was upset and restless, and he coughed repeatedly. In the afternoon, his abdomen ached faintly. He saw four girls coming in and barely said, "Four girls are here? Please sit down. "
Four girls didn’t expect to see Qu Yong for only a few days. It seemed that she was sick. "Are you sick?"
"Nothing may be a cold cough." QuYong coughed again, but fortunately he didn’t vomit blood.
Four girls didn’t shy away from seeing him sweating. They reached out to touch his forehead and found it was boiling hot. "Why are you so hot?"
QuYong move forehead some not used to and four girls on such a shortcut "I’m fine".
Four girls’ hands were left hanging in the air. As soon as she lost a lot, she seemed to have lost something very important. "Have you seen a doctor?"
"I’m a doctor myself. I know who I am."
"Hey," Huei-fang said faintly, taking back her hand, "Are you so disloyal to me?"
QuYong heart move mouth way "four girls I"
"I know what you mean," Huei-fang interrupted. "After all, we are not the same. You have your way and I have mine."
Everyone has his own way, and each road must be taken by himself. Maybe two people will have to accompany each other for some reasons, but at a crossroads, maybe they will split up.
Why can’t you be chic if you want to divide it?
Four girls suddenly asked, "Do you drink?"
"Drink red wine?"
"Don’t drink"
Qu Yong scratched his head and said awkwardly, "Every time I touch red wine, something bad will happen. I have decided never to drink red wine again."
"That’s great," said Huei-fang, smiling and clapping her hands outside the door. "What I brought this time is not red wine, but a 30-year-old carved flower."
Carved wine is yuan red and daughter red. They are actually the same wine, which evolved from the ancient "daughter wine". Siguniang, this altar of carved wine is painted with a flying phoenix, which is extremely beautiful.
"Today, you will accompany me to finish this altar carving."
Qu Yong said, "One altar?"
Four girls squinted at him defiantly and said, "Don’t you dare?"
"What’s not to dare!"
Carved flowers come from Shaoxing’s top ten folk customs "Carved Flowers Marry a Girl", formerly known as "Flower Withering" to commemorate "Flowers Died Young"
Taoyao is burning with splendor, and it is appropriate to return to its home.
Tao Yao Yao’s heart actually belongs to his family.
Tao Yao Yao’s Ye Zhenzhen belongs to his family.
In China, there is a custom that if a girl is born at home, she will brew an altar of wine to entertain guests when her daughter is married and married, and this altar of mellow wine is called "daughter red"

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