"We didn’t grab the bag in a dead corner, and what’s worse, it happened outside the bank." Qi Shaochen covered her lips and was a little embarrassed. "We stayed in the bank but waited for you to come by."

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"Snow!" Cheng Manxiao’s eyes were bent up and he lost in the bank. It’s a shame for him to think of it! Who robbed her bank? In the end, it was just an oolong, and things went back to the original point.
It’s been a person who’s been making trouble all along. The two charges of theft and robbery are put together. What should he do?
"Hi, beautiful police officer" came in from the door at this moment. Several people were very familiar with their shapes and sounds. Several men went to the front of Cheng Man and raised their hands and greeted "We meet again"
Looking at the yellow hair in front of me, Cheng Man narrowed his eyes and filled them with dangerous storms. "Why are you here?"
Shang huang, scratching her hair and laughing at her face, "Officer, this time, I’m smart and alert. I didn’t make a mistake! Praise me quickly … "
Cheng Man hubris at shang huang, and his voice gradually became weak. "Well, well, you cheated me last night, and then the Qi team punished us for patrolling this area for a week and then happened to touch it."
This is the legitimate reason, but … She didn’t punish these people for glancing at Qi Shaochen out of the corner of her eye last night, only to find that he was just staring at several people in shang huang with a slightly dark mountain. Unfortunately, Huang Shangran didn’t know all this with Cheng Man.
Cheng Man knows this point clearly in his heart, that is, Qi Shaochen made arrangements after she left, and the latter seemed to feel that he was being stared at. He raised his eyes and looked down at the feeling. The two men’s eyes were somewhat dodgy to him in the middle, and the smoke was unconsciously diffused.
"Beauty officer, did I do a good thing?" shang huang stared at Cheng Man with a face of pleasing eyes and braved the fire. Although this girl is a policeman, she has a good figure! Glancing at Muming beside Cheng Man …
In an instant, the throat swallowed like a "grunt", which seemed like a muffled thunder.
Somebody tell him that all the women in the police station are women, but now he sees what’s going on!
One is more positive than the other, and this long-haired woman is not top-notch in figure, temperament and gas field! For example, those eyes are as deep as a cold pool, as Leng Xue, as cold as ice. It’s like she can exude Leng Xiang with one look …
Shang huang took a sniff, but before he finished looking at it, he felt that something was wrong around him. The line of sight was cold as ice, like hell, and he was cold, making him fall into an ice cave, and the temperature dropped rapidly!
After the reaction, follow the feeling and look at the past "Dong-"
The trembling heart is the man beside the woman with long hair. He is half squinting and dangerous!
Don’t move, rub your body. shang huang looks back and your body is trembling uncontrollably. The man can scare him with one look because the storm is too strong in there!
The meaning of the eyes is too bold. The man seems to be saying that the eyes are dug, but they are gone. shang huang raised his hand and touched the eyes and felt the eyes inside. He was relieved. Fortunately, he was still there.
Although he looked away, shang huang was still frightened. He forced himself to smile and looked at Cheng Man. "Beauty police officer, I will go to patrol first. You are slow and busy. I will come to ask you out when you are finished. Don’t refuse!"
Before Cheng Man could react, people fled away from the bank lobby. He had to leave here quickly. The man stared at him with vague eyes, even if he didn’t say anything, he could scare himself to death!
He has a deep white hair, and a woman with long hair is not what he can covet. The escort is nearby. If he doesn’t know what to do, he can walk at the tip of the knife.
But the policewoman with short hair is different. She doesn’t seem to have … The escort can also feast her eyes on it.
Qi Shaochen’s face turned black as the bottom of the pot after he left. Everything just happened. He can see it in his eyes. It’s really good that Huang Shang can’t see him in his eyes.
Gu Jingke withdrew his eyes, which meant that he didn’t look through Cheng Man and looked at Muming’s tone. "Go to the First People’s Hospital."
Zheng Xi’s robbery at this time must be premeditated. His son Zheng Xiaojie needs surgery, and I don’t know how many people he has gathered now. Usually, he will do some incredible things.
Psychologically speaking, at that time, people’s spirit was in an extreme state and they lost their normal judgment.
It’s a long way to the hospital by car. Man told Qi Shaochen about things until after he finished. Qi Shaochen was crying. His father’s love is like a mountain, but in this thick father’s love, he hides a criminal heart and criticizes where it should be.
But after the sigh, he still has a smelly face. Cheng Man is confused and frowns slightly.
After arriving at the hospital, the four-person car and four small police cars followed, and the parking cars kept pace without delay.
Several people hurried to the ward after the nurse asked Zheng Xiaojie.
Zheng Xizheng was sitting on Zheng Xiaojie’s bedside at this time, wiping his body with a clean hot towel, etc. After these things were done, he gently held Zheng Xiaojie’s hand, raised his left hand and brushed his forehead with a gentle smile.
"Are you nervous about having surgery the next day?" Zheng Xi asked carefully, holding Zheng Xiaojie’s hand is also careful not to make the effort for fear of accidentally hurting this boy as white as a blank sheet of paper.
Zheng Xiaojie shook his head gently. He is fifteen years old, with a weak figure and a thin figure. He looks like a bamboo stick lying in bed. You can’t see that he is a fifteen-year-old child. There is a big difference between his body shape and his original age.
"Dad, I’m not nervous. I can help you when I’m ready, so you can eat less!" Zheng Xiaojie looked at Zheng Xi’s back with rickets, and it was not a taste in his heart. Everyone said that he tasted the ups and downs, but when he came here, everything in his mouth was bitter.
Lying in the hospital all day is no different from being a loser, and dragging my father’s back is simply a kind of torture for a male Han. He grabs Zheng Xi’s hand and his eyes are red. "Dad, after you do something less, I will support you."
Zheng Xi’s eyes are so hot that he almost wants to cry. There is nothing like being sensible to move him. Just the words "I raise you" can make him cry, but he knows that he can’t cry in front of his son and must set a good example in front of him!
No matter how unbearable it is outside, you need to break those things and swallow them in your stomach. You can’t let your son worry about him. He pursed his lips for a long time before spitting out a hoarse word "Good dad will wait for you to get better"
Zheng Xiaojie smiled and grabbed Zheng Xi’s hand slightly tight. He wanted to hold his father’s hand harder, but he couldn’t make the effort. Zheng Xi felt like being tickled and holding his hand. His back was stiff.
I feel the calluses in Zheng Xi’s palm. Zheng Xiaojie’s fingers moved inside and brushed the cocoon eyes, which just turned red, and one after another came out. This cocoon is old and can’t be eliminated, and the meat has grown into a part of the hand.
Cocoon is born at the root of four fingers, which accounts for almost half of the palm of your hand. It feels very impressive.
Zheng Xiaojie stared hard at the ceiling so that tears could flow back. After secretly making up his mind, he must let his father live a good life. He will give him back a hundred times as good as he did to him!
"Dad, you’ve lost a lot of weight." He smiled. He was bloody and had no strength, but he still held up his smiling face.
Before he got sick, his mother was with him, and his family was harmonious. His stepmother couldn’t bear to leave with others, leaving his father to raise him alone. Now his father has become an inhuman figure, skinny and black, which makes people feel blocked.
Zheng Xi kneaded Zheng Xiaojie’s fingers slightly stiff and raised his eyes and replied, "I’m fine if you want to get better."
"hmm!" Zheng Xiaojie solemnly replied, as if remembering something. He looked at his father’s face and then turned to his eyes and gently asked, "Dad, how much is my medicine this time?"
He used to ask Ji once a month when he paid the medicine, but this time it was different. A month ago, Zheng Xi and he said that he would have an operation to prepare him for the best state of mind.
Now, a month later, how did my father raise his health? It is clear that it is impossible for the hospital to operate on him without any money. It is not a small amount of money to pay for medicine every month before. How can my father have the money to operate on him?
Zheng Xi’s face was "swish", and his fingers trembled slightly. This movement was fleeting, but before Zheng Xiaojie’s shadows could be found in him, it was like there had never been such a change.
Zheng Xi took back his fingers and rubbed them in his legs. His nervous fingers pulled out his trousers and made a taunt.
Zheng Xiaojie’s eyes narrowed slightly when he was lying in bed. He remembered that when his father kept something from him, he would feel uncomfortable and his fingers would rub on his thighs. Now his father is doing this again. The only proof is that he kept something from him!

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