This makes up the strongest death group in history.

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In this group, you must note that the other three teams must have fought to qualify for the two places, and they must have been born in Nottingham Forest among these three teams, and they were the targets of these three teams.
Who would have thought Nottingham Forest would make people fall through the glasses from the first round of the group stage?
Nottingham forest defense is impressive against a stronger team than them.
With four draws and one victory, they broke through this group!
This is really unexpected!
"It seems that the pattern of European football for more than 20 years will be broken …" Some English media commented after Real Madrid failed to qualify for Nottingham Forest Group.
Qualifying for Nottingham Forest has turned the city into a sea of joy. The head coach Tony Dunn hopes that his players will surge and attract the attention of the whole of Europe.
In Madrid, the bereavement of Real Madrid fans reflected on whether the story would be completely different if they had stayed in the winning streak.
These excitement and loss are always better than Rome.
After playing the last round of the Champions League group stage, Lazio focused on the national league.
They are second in the league and will not give up if they have a chance to win the championship.
This is his consistent strategy. After the group stage, he will attack the national league.
It’s okay. It’s a one-way war to hit a league championship
So is the season.
Lazio have lost a championship for two consecutive seasons.
This situation can never last, especially since this is the last season of winning Lazio, and it is necessary to end with a championship.
At present, Changsheng doesn’t know which championships he can win by the end of the season, so he doesn’t want to give up any of them.
Then it comes to the Christmas holiday. Before Lazio, there were three games, two leagues and an Italian Cup.
The home game against Livorno always won without rotation, but continued to play with the starting lineup of Real Madrid, and finally won Livorno at home with a clean 4.
Keep putting pressure on Juventus.
In the press conference after the game, some reporters always win, why didn’t they take turns?
Changsheng took the opportunity to insert a knife in the wound of Real Madrid.
"I didn’t think there was any reason to exchange them for rotation against Real Madrid, so I let them continue to start and the game against Real Madrid didn’t consume too much physical strength, so the players’ physical fitness is not a problem. I believe everyone saw it in today’s game, but our players are still full of physical strength after three days."
A reporter asked, "Do you mean that Real Madrid is too weak to beat them?"
Changsheng smiled and nodded. "Yes, that’s what I mean!"
After the press conference was broadcast, it was natural to be angry with the Madrid media, which made Real Madrid fans hate Changsheng and made Real Madrid club even more embarrassed …
But what can they do besides swearing? They can’t even threaten a hair to win.
Just two days after the match against Livorno, Lazio played Siena at home in the Italian Cup.
This time, the winning team took turns.
In the press conference before the game, Chang Sheng continued to whip the body of Real Madrid. "Because we think Siena is more difficult to deal with than Real Madrid, I decided to adopt a rotation array to ensure that the players are full of energy …"
Real Madrid have to roll their eyes when they meet such a narrow-minded opponent.
There’s actually no difficulty in playing the Italian Cup in Siena.
This is Lazio’s home court, and Lazio is much stronger than Siena. It is natural to beat them.
It’s more difficult to play Siena than Real Madrid, as Chang Sheng said …

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