It’s still the brother Liu who pressed the second floor door in the same way and then pushed it slowly!

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Everyone stopped in front of the temple, watching nervously and preparing for the sudden danger.
"Woo hum …"
Everyone was startled, but the horse reacted. In fact, it was just the friction when the second-floor temple door was not opened again for too long.
In this movement, the second-floor temple door was beaten again!
The building materials in the temple will shine with a glimmer of light, but this time there is not one thing in the temple, but one thing is rare!
At that moment, everyone saw a gold Se altar about one foot high in the middle of the temple, and a spindle-shaped thing with blazing white light stood at the top of the altar!
In fact, the edge of the shuttle object is not neat, which makes people feel a little rough from a distance, but the incandescent light it emits is very strange, which makes people judge whether it is the light it emits or the light it is!
Everyone is staring at the shuttle-shaped blazing white thing, but everyone is puzzled, but Nan Yunqing is completely calm when he sees it, and the whole person seems to be a little relieved.
Is this what she wants to find after coming to the Tibetan ruins?
But she didn’t know there would be this thing in the original Tibetan ruins, which Xiao Wen was quite sure of.
So it can be speculated that Nan Yunqing Chaochu didn’t know what was in the original Tibetan ruins, but after coming, she guessed what might be here, and she hoped to see it. Now she finally saw it with her own eyes and confirmed that it was what she hoped to see.
Because of this, Nan Yunqing was suddenly relieved like those people who finally realized their wishes.
In order to come here, she did pay too much, and she used seclusion several times to make her body collapse. At this moment, she has been straining her nerves and finally relaxed slightly …
See south YunQing suddenly shook a plant to the signs of xiao asked hurriedly a hold of the south YunQing but didn’t speak.
Is there anything else to say at this time? Xiao Wen knows that Nan Yunqing is so and Nan Yunqing knows what Xiao Wen wants to express.
Nan Yunqing took a look at Xiao Wen’s no longer beautiful eyes and expressed his gratitude. He nodded to Xiao Wen and said, "I’m fine" and I’m fine again …
This strong woman never said anything about me …
She doesn’t need to be taken care of because she is strong enough, and her heart is strong enough to see through everything …
Xiao Wen can hardly raise a sense of strength. In the face of Nan Yunqing, he really acted from insisting on himself and always listening to Nan Yunqing …
But why want to take care of her so much …
Although she is no longer beautiful in her eyes …
But in my heart, she has never changed …
Xiao asked also don’t know if it’s self-esteem or a man’s sense of mission based on his natural desire to protect women. He was a little injured this time …
There is a woman who is so familiar with him, but instead of taking care of him, he has to listen to him …
Xiao asked naturally loosened Nan Yunqing, and she herself has indeed resumed J and jīng God’s stop in the forest.
Then the shuttle in the temple suddenly lit up with a thousand signs, and a circle of energy poured in from it.
Those energies are the distant light waves that people see outside, but in this temple, they feel more intuitive, and that is energy, which they can’t understand.
Fortunately, the altar is ten feet high, and those light waves fly over their heads without hiding.
"Go and have a look."
Nan Yunqing said softly, and then he should fly forward, followed by Xiao Wen.
Behind them are the five giants and twenty-seven people. It is quite skillful to let others carry them in front when there is danger …
But they soon became restless. Because of the height, they didn’t see anything else on the altar before, and that thing with blazing white light seemed to be out of their control. However, at the moment, they all rose a little, and they saw the appearance of the altar. At the top of the altar, there were not that blazing white spindle-shaped object and five other things!
They don’t know those five things, but they can control them, because there is a Zijin Se dedicated to holding Dan medicine bottles!
Zijin Se medicine bottle is not unheard of, but the altar is really magical. There are many patterns engraved outside, but there are still purple Se light in the pattern, which has risen to the level of fairy! However, everyone is more sure that it is a medicine bottle because when they look closely, their eyes can penetrate the bottle slightly and see the pill inside!
Besides the medicine bottle, there are two other things that are not difficult to recognize. One is a golden Se classic. When you see that classic, two monks in the temple will not calm down. That is a Buddhist classic! Naturally, the classics also sell quite well. They are big and thick. Your support is my great motivation.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Consumption
The third object is a green flute, and it is not made of any material. At first glance, it looks ordinary, but it is full of ancient meaning. From the outside, it reveals a kind of wild and elegant rather strange atmosphere:/:/
Obviously, this green flute is more like a fairy than the first two treasures! But the more I look at the people, the more I feel that the face is too old and elegant, which gives birth to the feeling that they are not ordinary people!
But they live in high-rise buildings in the celestial world. Where is there an everyman? !
How extraordinary it is to make them feel so good.
It’s not easy to recognize the next two pieces, but it’s a small green se card with a quaint pattern engraved on the front, but there is no word. Is this a token? Resident charm? Is it a real charm made of jade? A fairy? Or other kinds of treasures?
Everyone didn’t recognize it when they saw it!
Then there is the last one, but it is a pure black Se bead. The surface is not smooth, and there are only a few strands of black gas in the bead. It is very Suu, but it gives people a dangerous feeling. Some people look at the bead a few times, but it seems that they are cold and sweaty. From J and jīng God, they are under a high pressure and quickly move their eyes.
All five treasures were placed on the top floor of the altar, and everyone seemed to reach out and get them. But at the moment, no one dared to reach out because the five treasures were not isolated, but surrounded by pentagons from five directions. The spindle-shaped object with blazing white light and these six things were connected by lines. They were impressively part of the same array!
Nan Yunqing has been staring at the blazing white shuttle-shaped objects since he came near, and he didn’t care about the other five treasures. However, others are obviously more interested in those five treasures, and Xiao Wen is also the same.
It would be a great thing if it could be in the bag, but is that possible …
Xiao asked if it would be good if they could get one of the five treasures from Nan Yunqing.
But if you want to get them, you have to take them out of that array first, but it seems that it is not that easy to take them out.
The lines of the six objects are not complicated, but they are almost completely out of the scope of the celestial array. So many people gather together to see it at close range, but none of them can see it.
They can only see that the five treasures in the periphery are constantly feeding energy to the shuttle, and at the same time, the shuttle has something else to give back to the five treasures, reaching a specific cycle.
Isn’t this law can run on its own energy limit? !
This is not too high, is it? It’s unheard of How can there be a limited operation array that does not consume external energy? !
If this can be thoroughly studied, how much benefit will it have to the whole celestial world? Isn’t that what they came in this time?
However, some people think a little more, that is, this thing is technically quite high-end, but its conception is too fucking sinister! !
Everyone has confirmed that the spindle-shaped object is the culprit that leads to the ugliness of the whole celestial woman! For more than 90 thousand years, how many people have been affected? Countless, countless …
Xiao asked to know Cui Jing, who was very beautiful. Xiao asked to know Ming Jianzong, who was bigger than a man. He also knew Zhou Jie, who was in perfect shape. She also knew the affair and hid in Feixia Valley …
There are several people who are deeply influenced by their appearance, such as Cui Jing, Dou Cardamom, Zhou Jie and Han Xiuxiu. They are a generation for more than 90,000 years. How many generations are there? How many tragedies have been created and how many lives have been ruined? !
And the source of all this is the small law of the altar in front of me …
I don’t know how many people have thought about it in the past dozens of people. The atmosphere in the crowd is not only surprise after finding the treasure, but also awe and anger!
Who the hell left this?
If you know who it is, you will dig their ancestral graves for a hundred generations and a thousand generations. Can you compensate this person for his sins?
Maybe the man is already dead, but if the source is just around the corner, even if it’s just destroyed, it’s a measure of merit … Nan Yunqing is still staring at the blazing white object, but others have no patience to wait any longer. They want to figure it out and solve the problem!
At this moment, someone couldn’t help saying, "Miss Nan, do you know that this is what people do?"
Nan Yunqing came to her senses, glanced at the array and said, "It must be the Twelve Immortals who can write."
Sure enough …
No one is surprised that the five giants in the celestial world are old Dalian, and they all don’t know that things may have been done by people in the world.

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