Baiyun is even more excited, his face is flushed, and an incredible idea emerges in his heart. Do you think I should mainly preside over the gods? !

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Li Pingan said, "Baiyun Mountain went to Muhan City to build a deity platform to help Li Yunhong punish tyrants."
Baiyun excitedly replied, "Yes!"
"Quchi ~" Quchi said respectfully "Master ~"
Li Pingan said, "After the list of gods is hung, you can keep the list of gods and give it to you."
Although Quchi didn’t know what it meant, he respectfully replied, "Yes!"
Li Pingan stretched out his hand and handed out the list of gods and the whip of God. Baiyun hurriedly bent down and raised his hands respectfully.
Li Pingan stretched out his hand toward the white clouds, and a little bit of time flowed. In the mind of the white clouds, there was an image of a hexagram platform, and gold pieces of rune hexagrams were shining.
Baiyun said excitedly, "Thank you!"
Li Pingan waved and said, "Go!"
"Yes ~" Baiyun and Quchi withdrew from the hall and drifted away.
Shi Fang excitedly asked, "What about us, Master? What shall we do? "
Li Pingan said, "Practice hard. If Baiyun encounters a difficult opponent, it will be left to you to deal with."
Shi Fang and others shouted excitedly, "Yes!"
Baiyun and Quchi in Cangman Mountain range fly low towards Baiyun Temple.
Quchi asked curiously, "What is the meaning of Baiyun Taoist Master asking me to guard the list of gods and attract me to the list?" I’m still at a loss. "
Baiyun laughed and said, "Quchi Master, this is for you. You will know what you want to do when the time comes."
Quchi confused nodded his head.
Baiyun returned to Baiyun Temple and arranged it for a few days before flying to Muhan City with Quchi. Before they went, they could feel the rising resentment and boiling fighting spirit in Muhan City.
The figure of Quchi shrinks, and the soul collapses, generalizing a Yu Pei suspended white cloud in front of it. This Yu Pei was Quchi’s personal belongings when he was alive, and after he died, it was his soul’s residence. Baiyun took Yu Pei’s waist and flew to the front of the palace.
The guards came in a panic, but when they saw the white clouds, they stood aside respectfully.
Li Yunhong and Yuan Burn trotted out of the compound and ran to Baiyun. Li Yunhong excitedly said, "The Baiyun Taoist visited us and worried about it ~"
Baiyun Yi smiled and said, "Being original is ordered by the Lord to assist the Lord."
Li Yunhong said with a big smile, "Thank you ~ Thank you ~"
Reach out a respectful way "Taoist priest, please come in"
Baiyun followed Li Yunhong to the palace until he reached the hall and divided the guests and guests.
Li Yunhong immediately asked, "Do you have any plans for the Baiyun Taoist Master?"
Baiyun got up and said seriously, "The Lord asked the sovereign to establish a deity platform."
Li Yunhong was surprised and said, "Is this altar a thing?"
Baiyun said, "The deity-sealing platform is my door. If you need my door to help you, you must build this deity-sealing platform."
The report nodded and said, "Since the Lord requested this deity king to be built."
Baiyun smiled and said, "Thank you, Sir ~"
Li Yunhong directly sent the army out to help build the deity platform. It was only half a month before the construction of the deity platform was completed
On this day, Wan Li in Qing Dynasty set up a banner to hunt tens of thousands of troops in armour, and held a military commander, Ge Wenchen. Before standing, Baiyun stepped on the altar in a cassock, respectfully bowed in the direction of Sanqingguan, and stood up and said, "Qing Emperor Dao added taxes, levied taxes, tortured women, suppressed the victims’ desire to burn the city and slaughtered the people for money and food."
Qing emperor cruel day abandon people tired of being original today was ordered to this high-hanging deity list to help the virtuous king cut down the tyrant and learn from heaven and earth. "
In the hands of the gods, Zhang Ling hangs a stone to seal the gods, and the stone to seal the gods shines brightly. The material is changed from ordinary stone to glazed color, and the golden symbols are sealed with golden light.
Quchi figure flashed and appeared on the list of gods. The figure gradually solidified like a living person.
Face Li Yunhong Qiang drew a long sword and shouted, "Slay the tyrant!"

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