The Han walked slowly around the hill along a path for several miles and turned a corner, but he saw a small village in front of him where smoke curled up.

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The Han didn’t hesitate to lift his legs and went into the village. He came to a slightly tall courtyard at the head of the village to see the janitor. After he said something, he saw him March straight into the courtyard.
Mei Qing looked at it and didn’t worry until he went in for a while. The janitor quietly turned in when he was dozing by the door.
Mei Qing is the first time to do this stealth business. He swaggered past in front of the family and saw that guy nodding and playing with his heart. His body has come and turned to secretly catch a big ant and throw it into the man’s neck.
Introduction is a zhaobi turned to see when the scale is not very large. The hospital was tidy and tidy. Mei Qing was walking in the inner lane and suddenly smelled the gatekeeper west "ouch" behind him. Then he could not help laughing internally.
After the front hall, I went straight through two corridors and turned a few small doors to the backyard. At this time, I smelled an old voice. "So Mr. Qi can come back?" Come and see the young master coughing again. "
Accompanied by the sound, a man dressed as an old housekeeper came quickly, with a gray beard, wrinkles and anxious colors, but a family member with a small Tsing Yi hat came and replied, "Mr. Qi has just come to the backyard and has taken it to the backyard after meeting a little public sister."
The housekeeper nodded and sighed, "May Mr. Qi cure the young master’s illness quickly. Madam hasn’t slept well for several days, but it’s great to do this again."
The family laughed. "How can your family invite Mr. Wang to be so bad? Didn’t you say yesterday that the young master had been well after being treated by Mr. Qi? Looking at that Mr. Qi’s plain appearance is really something. "
The housekeeper shook her head and nodded, "I’m a blind cat, too. I saw that little ye was so sick that I couldn’t find a way to find those gentlemen. I happened to touch Mr. Qi, and whoever brought it back willy-nilly, it’s really a good way for people. It’s also the good news for my master and wife to build bridges and pave the way for many good deeds over the years."
Mei Qing listened to the conversation between the housekeeper and his family, and the so-called Mr. Qi’s designation was a lackluster face, but that guy came to be a magician. When did he become a doctor again? There must be some ingenuity here.
Thought of here, Mei Qing no longer hesitates and tiptoes around Youzi, praising each other for his many good deeds, and the housekeeper’s family slowly turns to the backyard.
The second volume Chapter 35 Black tripod pathogens
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"Please don’t worry, master and lady. The young master has been quietly recuperating for three or five days." I heard the Chinese sound in the kitchens.
"So I thanked Mr. Wang, and another day, it’s more important to put wine on the table and thank Mr. Wang for your kindness." A thin woman came over at a distance
"Exactly, exactly," a bold voice said. "Maybe another day. Why don’t you let your family have a drink tonight?"
"Master" heard the woman’s voice complaining that "Mr. Qi is a distinguished guest. It is the excellent master to invite the middle-aged village elders to accompany him another day, but don’t take this topic and want to drink again."
"Uh-huh" The coarse voice is slightly stagnant and euphemistically tunnel "Madam, you see that husband has been abstaining from drinking for more than half a month."
"Sir, madam has never been used to light wine and food. It is a doctor’s job to save lives. Then don’t thank the wine. It will be late and you need to rest." That Hanyin said.
Mei Qing listened to the movement in the house outside, but his heart was even more surprised. I didn’t expect this yellow-faced man to become a doctor. He really cured the master’s illness without saying anything. On second thought, he thought about it, but he didn’t want this guy to have a bad heart or borrow a cure. Or could that little master’s illness be that this guy moved something and the healing machine wanted to get some conspiracy? Mei Qing thought about it, but he didn’t tamper with it. He stopped at a distance and watched a bearded and straightforward man send the yellow-faced man out and ordered a maid to accompany him.
Mei Qing far hanging two people turned the moon gate in the side yard and saw that this courtyard was small in scale but very clean. Although there was no fake pond, this Han living room was also planted with elms and willows in the end, which was quite quiet.
The maid sent the yellow-faced man into the room and covered the door. Mei Qing hid out of the window before taking a light step. At this moment, he suddenly heard the door "noting". The maid came out with shame and anger and walked away without looking back. "She looks like a plague killer who looks at you!" If the master didn’t want slaves to serve ghosts, he would stick you! I haven’t said anything yet. You’re pretending to be a gentleman! Looking at it mysteriously doesn’t seem like a good thing, and I don’t know what it is! " A line of scold a line to go *
Mei Qing saw that the maid looks like a charm, but her posture is enchanting. The yellow-faced man didn’t know what kind of person was able to refuse the door, but it was beyond Mei Qing’s imagination.
Think carefully and then leave. Suddenly, I feel that there is a aura fluctuation in the Han house, and an extremely horrible breath comes over. I vaguely heard the Han "Ah" in my ears. I was quite surprised. Mei Qing was surprised. I don’t know what happened, but he quickly released his mind and quietly explored the situation in the house. I was surprised to see that Han Pan was sitting in front of the bed, and he had seen him take out a small tripod in the mausoleum.
I don’t know what material the tripod is made of, but when I see it, I think it’s plain, but I don’t know what’s going on at the moment, but a dark purple light can be seen hovering around the tripod body, and pathogens keep coming out of the tripod body
The yellow-faced Han Zheng was sweating, and his right and left hands each showed a tactic to suppress the evil spirits of Ding Teng Ran, which coincided with Mei Qing’s spirit reading through the window and the evil spirits were excited by the Chinese tactic.
To the evil has been yellow-faced han can’t suppress it. It’s when it’s ready to go crazy, I suddenly meet Mei Qing’s spirit force and suddenly rush toward Mei Qing out of the window like being attracted.
When Wu Han came to his heart complaining, he suddenly saw this change and couldn’t help but "ah". Now someone was peeking out of the window and secretly complained about his carelessness. See the evil in the tripod. I don’t know if I actually rushed to the person outside the window. When the pressure was relaxed, I immediately raised my hand and released a green bracelet.
As soon as this bracelet came out, the green mountain was shining brightly, and the Han’s hands turned over like a wisp of smoke and seemed to be attached to the bracelet, and then it turned into a green mountain with a "disease!" Then broke the window and spilled a piece of green light straight to Mei Qing hood.
Mei Qing this is silly * to him is to want to test a who thought that the evil in the tripod was actually dominant in the yellow-faced Han struggle, so sensitively, he now gave up the yellow-faced Han confrontation without hesitation and descended on himself as if he had seen the enemy.
This evil will make the body feel cool and biting, and it will make the whole body stiff and hard to move like all kinds of ice. Mei Qing is terrible. Fortunately, in the past few days, there are always some experiences in practicing spells. A Zhang Jingang character has instantly appeared in his body.
Smell creaking, slightly ringing, and the diamond charm forms a light diamond cover, and the blink of an eye has been overwhelmed. On the verge of holding on, Mei Qing could not help secretly complaining.
In the past, he just entered invisibly, but it was just an ordinary house, so he didn’t make too many protective preparations. At this time, once he met an emergency, he showed his inexperience
Now Mei Qing can’t help secretly regretting that he has been busy painting one operator and two operators for the past few days. Now he has painted the most goods everywhere. If I had known this, I should have got more operators.

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