As for Kouxun’s retreat all day, Chen Han can understand it. After all, he can’t control whether he is alive or dead. The only thing he can do is to improve his cultivation.

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This shouting made Chen Han not frowned. He didn’t want to be moved by Red Pearl. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t find these things. However, as the first master in the field of fix true, she teaches in the Temple of Heaven Demon, and what reason does she have to compromise in front of her, and what reason does she have to cry?
Don’t … She really likes herself?
He didn’t want to accept this result, and then sneered: "Chizhu, I don’t know what you are thinking, but I can tell you that no matter what you do, it has nothing to do with me, and my life or death has nothing to do with you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have become a public enemy, and I would have been hunted by the whole fix-true world. Why pretend now? "
Booming …
His words just stopped when a wrist-thick Lei Guang fell from the sky.
Scattered immortals have to go through seven Armageddon to soar to the celestial realm, directly crossing the celestial stage to achieve the position of Taiyi Jinxian, but these seven Armageddon are far from being as easy as imagined. There is no special change in the power of the triple Armageddon corresponding to the three grades in Mahayana period. Usually, it can be crossed with a little superiority or with foreign objects. However, since the fourth Armageddon, the power of robbing thunder has been completely enhanced.
For example, three robberies of scattered immortals are equivalent to the late Mahayana, and the third robbery of scattered immortals is the strongest robbery of thunder, which is similar to the attack of scattered immortals at the peak of ordinary four robberies, only one level higher than that of Du Jie.
However, the strongest robbery that the four robbers have to face is more than two products higher than their own realm, and the gap between the fifth celestial robbery even reaches a big realm.
It’s almost impossible to get by with Dan medicine and magic weapon. In any case, you must have the lowest level of talent growth.
In the sixth and seventh times, the power is even more amazing.
Ice Pupil, who has increased the talent of Xuan Han Xian’s two products, plus top-grade fairy wares and precious fairy pills, was injured in the sixth celestial disaster, which shows that the more difficult it is to scatter the fairy.
The sixth doom, if the preparation is not sufficient, even the special physique may fall!
The seventh fate, with special physique and full preparation, can survive up to 20%!
However, in the face of the powerful fifth scattered fairy apocalypse, Chen Han’s magic weapon of attack and defense was not used at all, and even had no intention of making moves at all.
The first wave of thunder, which was relatively the weakest, struck him hard on the forehead, and his hair flashed with fine electric sparks, and as a result, not a hair was hurt.
There was silence for a long time on the communication order, but Chizhu didn’t speak again. After about ten seconds, the communication order was closed directly.
Chen Han just gave birth to this idea in his heart, and almost couldn’t help slapping himself in the face and hating himself: "Her anger is none of Lao Zi’s business. Does Lao Zi have anything to do with her?"
Booming …
Less than ten seconds later, the second wave of power enhanced the first line of thunder, and split into the cold that was thinking.
"Are you Chen Han?"
A cold voice came from a hundred meters away. A young man in a golden suit had a flying sword with a Chinese fairy hanging overhead.
In fact, when he first appeared, Chen Han found it, but he didn’t pay attention to him when he was talking to Chizhu. Is it worthwhile for him to care about the scattered fairy?
"That’s right, you didn’t mistake me for someone else, so what?" Chen Han stopped in mid-air, watching him with a little interest, thinking that he would come to die so soon.
There was a loud crash, and the second wave of thunder fell on Chen Han’s forehead, but it still failed to hurt him.
The young man who was just cold and arrogant almost popped out, and the second wave of the five-fold scattered fairy apocalypse robbed the thunder, and it didn’t hurt that fraction directly on his head. This guy’s defense is much more terrible than the legend. Is he a pure human or not?
Five-fold celestial robbery?
His heart suddenly froze, and news came from Taiyi Xianmen more than 100 years ago. At that time, he had just advanced to the four robberies and scattered immortals, and he broke through again in such a short time.
When the four robberies scattered the fairy realm, he beat the six robberies scattered the fairy into heaven without the strength to fight back, even a line short of the super-powerful elders’ protector, and now it has been upgraded to a higher level.
This news should be immediately reported to his legacy, and now Chen Han is being promoted again. If you still regard him as the first place of four robberies and scattered immortals, you will definitely suffer!
"I don’t think I’m your opponent. Don’t think I’m here to deal with you." The young man managed to calm his emotions, but he couldn’t hide the horror in his eyes. He didn’t even dare to summon his legacy in front of Chen Han.
"oh? There are still people in the fix true world who don’t want to deal with me, so what are you doing jumping out? "
"Tearing the wind gun and the silver star fairy armor are the personal treasures of the palm teaching in front of this door, and they are also the treasures of my spirit of war Shengge. As early as more than 100 years ago, Zhang Jiao gave the order. If you take the initiative to hand over these two treasures, our door will never shoot you. This should be good news for you, right? "
The third wave of thunder fell from the sky, and Chen Han didn’t want to waste any more time, ignoring the thunder that had been chopped straight down, and grabbed the Chinese fairy longbow.
Whew! Whew!
Two arrows tore the void from bottom to top, and at the same time, he took off with his body in full swing, and Liu Yun’s combating Dao severely split into the purple and black cloud.
With the loud noise spread, the robbery cloud was blown to pieces on the spot, so it vanished out of thin air and disappeared.
The young man looked at this amazing scene stupidly. It was not easy to get through the five-fold scattered fairy doom itself. He actually used his body to carry three waves of thunder, and directly broke the cloud with violent attacks!
The arrow breaks the cloud!
The knife breaks the cloud!
Such power is incredible, and the young people’s hearts are shaking. He even regrets asking Chen Han for a magic weapon. Can this malefic provoke himself?

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