Even if you can’t grab it again, it’s because you are too strong.

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But few people in the world can compare with it.
"The spiritual fish in the waters are all products of heaven and earth, not ordinary animals …"
"They are given to us by heaven and often contain great cause and effect … If I turn into a prototype, those spiritual fish will be limited by the rule base. I may not be able to eat it or eat it and it will become empty …"
This problem is just like the logic that even Yan Nvxia, who admired the enchantress, could catch the magic fish with a fishing rod.
Gifts from heaven
Don’t take advantage of your ability.
Otherwise, you may lose your original ability to draw water with bamboo baskets.
But other sea animals are not spiritual fish. They eat this kind of gift from the world.
He’s a sea animal. He doesn’t eat it.
"There are also spiritual fish in the world?"
"Yes, there are many immortals fishing in Tianhe, and we live in Tianhe and either learn to fish immortals or become fishermen. It’s a pity that it is more difficult to hunt fairy fish in Tianhe than to fish …"
"There are too many powerful fairy beasts in the Tianhe River. Even if they are strong in hunting ability, they often have a full meal."
"Some eat fairy fish is willing to become some fairy mount …"
Wang Mu thought that there were fishermen in this special world, right?
One person and one Kun chatted for a while and then came to Dongyou Reservoir.
This place is not far from Yutianfang, and the flying speed of Brother Yuanying’s royal sword may arrive in one day.
But this reservoir is quite interesting.
When coming to the reservoir, the whole reservoir is suspended from the view.
Not the normal kind surrounded by mountains.
The great advantage is that monks can find fishing platforms at will.
However, there is a faint luster in the water, and even the water surface can’t penetrate it.
"Hey … how does this water feel a bit like a nine-secluded spring?"
Wang Mu surprised way
After the death of the heavenly demon was solved in the former Dongling Sea and Haiyuan, Wang Mu got the Jiuyou Spring and the small water droplets merged.
At this time, I feel that the water in this water is a little similar to the nine deep springs, but not much.
Because there are strong bans around the suspension, from the perspective of the scope and firmness of the ban, most of them are written by strong people in Du Jie, and the reservoir side has a unique flavor, which is very familiar and special
At this time, the gods can’t perceive the situation in the reservoir, so they can judge where there are more spiritual fish with their naked eyes.
When Wang Mu came, all around the reservoir were filled with lanterns, and the monks used their own instruments to fish quietly.
"So many monks?"
It was only after glancing at Wang Mucai that he first discovered that there were not many monks in this place.
It seems that there are also many fishermen among the immortals.
This kind of reservoir is contracted by Zongmen, and the forbidden passage needs the strong to build it, so naturally it is not.
The entrance to the forbidden enchantment is guarded by two Yuan Ying Godsworn.
Judging from the age of clothes, he should be a first-class elder of the three main gates of the contracted reservoir.
"How do you collect it?" Wang Mu flew over and asked.
Two old man fondle beard way
"Ten lingshi can fish for half a day."
Wang Mu zheng.
So expensive?
Lingshi is a spiritual resource for Godsworn then.
And a lingshi is enough for Brother then to speed up his practice for more than half a month.
Ten dollars?
For brother then, you can definitely take it out.
However, it should be noted that fishing here is no ordinary fishing … It is possible that you will have to fish for a few days before you can catch it.
Fishing here is also a kind of practice!
"If you feel expensive, you can go to other places."
The old man on the right smiled and said, "This reservoir is out of date for three months."
"What’s so special?"
The two old men glances at the old man on the left. "Is it the first time to come here to fish when you are weak and weak?" Let’s get to the point. "
"There are several kinds of special spiritual fish in this reservoir, which may appear."
"The long-bearded salamanders who can rise to Shou Yuan rank among the immortals and rise to the top 100 in Shou Yuan."
"Jin Linyu, who can upgrade his spiritual roots, can upgrade his spiritual roots to heaven and rank among the immortals."
"It’s the goal of Brother Yuan Baby in this reservoir to be able to raise the probability of deifying Yuan God. This kind of fish can also make the Yuan God change to some extent, thus producing a special Yuan God avatar."
"These three species are among the fairy fish."
Fairy fish is similar to Dan medicine.
Immortals of the Middle Way …
Former Wang Mu caught a fairy fish from Linglong Love Garden.
In addition, it was the fetal breath spring that was caught and later given to the Moon Palace Fairy.

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