The pawnbroker smiled and said, "A man who knows the time is a hero" and then disappeared from my face together with the soft couch.

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I breathed a sigh of relief. I pulled a chair out from behind the screen and sat on the Dan Tai glass. When I first brought me to the pawnshop, I had to wait for the black man.
Always cold eyes, the black man glanced at me with a surprised mood, and then continued to do the pawn business.
The man in black is in the pawn business, but a gambling man gambles away all the money and still owes a loan shark. He wants to pawn his son and wife to the pawnshop in exchange for repaying the gambling debt and then getting gambling money.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Spoiler
The gambling man’s wife is a dead heart at the moment, and she is silent about the gambling man’s pawning her.
Gambling man is less than four years old, and he can’t stop looking around with confused eyes, holding the gambling man’s wife hand tightly.
Seeing that the gambling man was about to pawn the signature of the agreement, I said to the gambling man, wait
I spoke out, and the gambling man stopped in his hand and looked at me. The man in black beside me stared at the pawn agreement and kept silent.
I asked the gambling man how he pursued his wife in those days. Did he remember how many promises he made to his wife?
When he first saw his son, he felt like he was in a mood when he first heard his son call him dad.
When was the last time he saw his wife laughing? How long has it been since he visited his wife and son carefully?
I asked a series of questions slowly, and I left every question for the gambling man to think about.
Look at that gambling man’s eyes getting more and more erratic. I said he should know that gambling is not bad at the end.
From time to time, I want to get out of the casino and think that those who return to the casino or get rich must die in the casino, even my parents can recognize the corpse.
Knowing that the casino is a pit, he will continue to be stubborn.
Once he pawns his wife and son, his wife and son may have their eyes gouged out, their noses cut off, their hearts cut off, and their livers dug out. There is no way out.
If he keeps gambling, he will lose everything and owe a loan shark again sooner or later.
If you don’t indulge in gambling any more, you will get better gradually if you earn more money, but once he pawns his wife and children, he will lose them completely.
At this point, I will be silent.
I saw the gambling man’s mood turn sharply, and then I slowly pushed the pawn contract to the black man and said that he had gone back on his word and was not going to make this pawn deal again.
Gambling man got up from his seat, bent down to pick up his son and hugged him again. His eyes were full of surprises and he cried with joy. His wife whispered, I’m sorry, please forgive me.
The gambling man’s family left the pawnshop, and the black man’s mouth twitched around me, destroying the contract and receiving another guest.
I sat next to the man in black, and the guest was about to sign the pawn contract, which once again made this transaction fall.
Little by little, after I sat next to the black man, the black man didn’t complete a pawn transaction.
The black man’s cold face is cold and cracked, and it is difficult to hide his depressed mood.
The pawnshop is always full of guests. The black man glanced at me with a cold face and asked me coldly, Is it fun?
I said that generally speaking, I will help him a lot after he doesn’t thank me for helping him with the pawn transaction.
After the black man’s mouth twitched again, I told the other two black men in the pawnshop that they didn’t envy the black men around me.
Then I thought I would also help them deal with the pawn transaction.
The two black men looked at each other, and then they all sorted out the pawn contract in silence.
After the two pawnbrokers in black robes left me and came out from behind the screen, they all made four or five pawn transactions smoothly.
In those pawn transactions, the pawnbroker pawned all the things he owned, such as organs, knowledge, life span and so on.
I followed the pawnbroker when two men in black robes brought him behind the screen.
I saw that the black-robed man walked behind the screen with the pawnbroker, and his figure would soon reappear by disappearing. At the moment, the pawnbroker wanted to pawn something and it had been taken away.
Behind the screen, I can see nothing but a few chairs.
After the black-robed man and the pawnbroker disappeared behind the screen, I couldn’t see where they went. I felt that there were many independents behind the screen that I couldn’t see.
Thinking that the pawnshop owner can take me into the pawnshop instantly, I guess there should be a direct passage to other places behind the screen that I can’t see through.
I don’t have any extra feelings about not being able to see the real situation behind the screen. I want to stay in this pawnshop for half a year. I believe I can always see the real situation behind the screen.
Glancing at the three silent black men behind the case, I sat on the chair and began to practice the ninth floor of bamboo slips.
Disrupting the pawn business, I naturally don’t aim at it.
If the pawnbroker can’t stand it, I’ll spoil it and take me away from the pawnshop. I can find the opportunity to contact Goo Zi’s spirit by peeping into the secrets of the pawnbroker.
As soon as I entered the pawnshop, I tried to communicate with Goose’s spirit. The result was that I was in the pawnshop and contacted Goose by Reagan method.
For me, I’m gone forever, and I’ve broken Goo Tsai’s spirit contact. Grandma, they will react like this. I have the ability. I can try not to think too much. They protect themselves before contacting, and at the same time, they try their best to cultivate bean happiness.
When I was practicing, my eyes were fixed on the three men in black robes.
I saw three black-robed men put the pawn contracts in order, and all of them entered the screen with their pawn contracts in their hands, but they never came out from behind the screen for a long time.
When the three men in black robes came out from behind the screen again and took their seats, it took less than a minute for the pawnshop to come to the new guests.

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