It’s just the end of the night, and there are several eggs standing beside a big stone. Two jade dragons are preparing food. Suddenly, one jade dragon noticed that an egg beside the stone was abnormal.

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"This thing is cracked?" It went over and knocked on the egg and said to its companion not far away, "Hey, come and see if this thing is cracked!" "
"Maybe something bit it. Never mind the smell."
"Say yes." Jade Dragon turned and just wanted to go when the egg issued a "Kara" side crack.
"No, this looks like it’s going to hatch!" This emerald dragon immediately reacted. At this moment, the egg suddenly burst and rushed out of a wonderful creature from the inside.
This creature is similar to the scorpion, but smaller in size. Their main feature is that their limbs are very slender and connected by a film, and they can wave their limbs to fly to high school!
"It’s flying!" The Jade Dragon shouted in surprise, "Go and report … Ga!"
Before his words were finished, he swooped down on the scorpion in the sky, and the hook tail behind him instantly stabbed the emerald dragon in the abdomen …
"Ga-! ! !” A bitter cry echoed through the sky.
"Kara …" At this moment, the eggs near the stone were also cracked. When another jade dragon saw this situation, it immediately turned around and ran and shouted, "Those eggs are hatched!"
"Hatched?" There are small tents and stone huts everywhere on the edge of the jungle, and jade dragons come out of them one after another.
"Hurry up and follow me to see it!" The Emerald Dragon ran over and shouted nervously, which caused other Emerald Dragons to wonder.
"Why are you so nervous?" These jade dragons took up arms more leisurely, because their newly hatched cubs are quite fragile and can be easily solved without exception.
"Did the scorpion appear?" At this time, the commander also came out of the tent. It asked the flustered Jade Dragon, "Sure enough, where are they still hiding?"
Because they found that the number of dead scorpions was not complete at first, Su Sumi thought that the remaining scorpions might have escaped from the city, so the jade dragons were always on guard against them, but Su Sumi was not very worried about these scorpions. He thought that even if they fled from the burning city, most of them were seriously injured and fought again.
But actually there has never been a scorpion leaving the city …
"What’s that?" When the Jade Dragons got together, they suddenly noticed a strange creature flying in the sky …
"That’s it!" The emerald dragon cried in panic, "It hatched from an egg!"
"hatch out of the egg?" The commander looked at the flying creatures in disbelief. If you look closely, it does look like a scorpion.
The command picked up his bow and arrow, aim at that flying scorpion in the sky and shot an arrow.
But at the moment it shot an arrow, the scorpion suddenly rose and passed the arrow, and then it rushed towards the commander. Before the Emerald Dragon could react, it rushed to the commander’s body, and its hook and tail instantly stabbed the commander’s thigh.
After hitting it, it flew to the sky again. The commander is kneeling now. It seems to have been paralyzed after being stabbed in the thigh.
"Shoot it!"
As the commander shouted at the nearby Emerald Dragon, they immediately pulled up their bows and arrows and instantly shot the flying scorpion through. This terrible creature finally fell to the ground …
And then it was suddenly covered by a shadow …
Chapter two hundred and seven There are deformation problems
"What are those things …?"
Jade dragons gather at the edge of the jungle and look at the huge shadow of the sky … They are now confused and confused and … afraid.
The shadow is made up of several small creatures that look very familiar.
"Those are made scorpion? How can … "At this moment, Su Sumi also looked at the situation of the sky. This situation was unbelievable to him. Why did this group of scorpions suddenly fly?
Actually, not only Susie Milin, but also a little surprised about flying scorpions.
Before Su Sumi, they found that those’ eggs’ were not eggs, but things like pupae, scorpions and arthropods like beetles. Instead of growing new organs and structures directly from their bodies, they needed to make a shell to wrap themselves and then dissolve themselves into liquid to reorganize the whole body.
This is an extremely complicated way, and every cell is rearranged to create a completely different creature, so many insect larvae and adults are completely different.
Scorpions look very close to the former shape, but their bodies have undergone major changes. To fly, they first have to change into a lighter porous shell, and then they have to adapt their bodies to aerodynamic forces, followed by changes in dirty structures and the addition of wings, which is relatively easy.
However, there is a doubt that the Yates were sea creatures before, and there should be no flying species. However, the wings of scorpions are not common arthropod biomembrane wings, but similar to pterodactyl wings. Lin speculated that maybe there were such arms before the Yates, and they were suitable for flying out of the sea to attack surface creatures
But what makes a scorpion deform now? It changed after more than half of it was burned by Susumi? If they could fly, the Jade Dragon would have been defeated long ago. Did the scorpion come to have this deformation ability or did it come later? This is also a mystery … Lin thinks they are similar to brain worms, which may require the community to reach a certain time to produce new arms … but further research is needed in this respect.
It seems that the decision to make this deformation is like gambling, because the scorpion is not sure whether the Emerald Dragon will destroy the eggs. Although they have odor protection, it takes too long to say anything, but now they have won the gambling.
Lin felt very interested in their various problems and asked a scorpion to say hello.
Thinking about Lin spy leaving the Emerald Dragon Camp, here we go to the city of scorpion.
And the jade dragons are still surprised to see the Chinese flying scorpion troops.
"I didn’t expect the eggs to become like this, but they don’t seem to be many," said Mukra Susumi, who has been carefully observing this group of scorpions. Although they fly everywhere, the actual number is not as many as the eggs found in their cities.
"I noticed," Susumi said. "Maybe some eggs didn’t hatch successfully. No matter how they become like this, even if they can fly so little, they can’t resist our troops … bow and arrow preparation!"
Su Sumi ordered the surrounding Emerald Dragons to react. They took up bows and arrows and aimed at the flying scorpion. At this time, they kept flying around, but nothing moved.
Mukra noticed this phenomenon and said, "It’s a little strange that they never attack."
"Then let’s attack first and shoot the arrow!"
Whoosh!’ A large number of arrows suddenly rushed up, but before they touched the flying scorpion, they lost power and fell to the ground …
The flying scorpion is still not attacking, but hovering as if waiting for something.
"Isn’t the range enough?" Susumi looked at this situation, and it didn’t know for a moment that it was so good. Now the bow and arrow range of Emerald Dragon is about 100 meters, which is not far away, but the killing range is even closer.
Now Susumi feels a little anxious, but it is impossible for Yalong to attack Lizou. Even if Yalong will not be bitten, the Emerald Dragon riding on the face will be easily besieged by Lizou.
And the former giant bows were also damaged in the battle. Now Susumi, the only way is to … make them again.
The manufacturing method of giant bow is complicated, and it needs to find suitable wood and then cut it, so it can be made. At first, Susumi didn’t bring too much, but another reason is that it is not convenient to transport.
But Susumi has now found another way to make a giant bow. It looks at some trees on the edge of the swamp. These trees are called’ swamp trees’. Before Susumi, these trees took sap and burned and raided at night.
But now Susumi has thought of more ways for this tree.
"Muklaling to soldiers!" Looking at the sky, Su Sumi said to Mukra, "We may be able to hit those trees …"
"Tree?" Mukra doesn’t know much about it yet, but after listening to Su Sumi, it immediately ran to command the soldiers. Some soldiers Mukra ordered them to follow the action, and most of the jade dragons were still watching with bows and arrows. They had to keep an eye on those scorpions so that they wouldn’t rush.
Susumi doesn’t know what he will think of. Although Lin has guessed it
On one side, I watched Su Sumi’s command, while on the other side, Lin Spy is now close to the scorpion city …
The city burned by fire is somewhat different in appearance. Most of the pyramids have been hit at the top. It is estimated that the flying scorpions flew out from there.
They have such a strong deformation ability that they can’t have acquired it during the war. They must have had similar arms in the pre-Atlantis ethnic group, but why did the scorpion change now?
Lynn thinks there are more secrets in the pyramid.
Speaking of it, dragging the brain to crystallize the white skeleton dragon crystal crazy, it has been on the edge of the plain all day and night, and it has not yet entered the jungle.
Although there are occasional dinosaurs in the urban plains here, most of them are vegetarians and pose no threat to crystal fanatics, and no creature in the jungle will let go of a piece of fat dragging heavy objects.
However, Lin felt that Crystal Crazy didn’t go into the jungle because of fear. It was simply because of the terrain in the jungle that it couldn’t drag the crystallization well.
After so long, Lin found that it was getting more and more anxious and tried to drag it inside, but such a big weight could easily get stuck in roots or various places.
But it still works hard, and its perseverance is quite strong. Unfortunately, it waves its perseverance into this crazy face, which is a rare sight.

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