It means that it is very stressful to see the apprentice holding an iron ingot every day, so that the apprentice will collapse sooner or later if he talks more.

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Sun Hao is different from most white-collar brothers in Wanshun Mountain.
The unique environment of Soul Island has created a unique cultivation body here, where the cultivation of body and soul is prosperous, but the cultivation of qi and spirit is relatively backward.
God knowledge is not valued by monks here.
The level of divinity among these white-collar brothers is generally not high.
And what is the level of Sun Hao’s divine knowledge?
Sun Hao’s deification reached the level of Godsworn then.
It is this level of knowledge that makes Sun Hao slow down this step.
"Big Blade Qi", that is, Fa Jian Qi claims to be 75% copper and 25% black iron.
However, when Sun Hao modulated, he found that he could not meet this standard.
The reason is very simple. Sun Hao found that the two most important components in the sword marked with Six Qi in Kao Gong Ji-copper and black iron-can’t be pure whether it is bronze or black iron in reality, and there are bound to be other metal impurities in them.
For example, there are tin, lead and other metals in copper, so the question is, what should be the most reasonable adjustment standard?
Even if his white-collar brother can find this problem, there is no way to solve it.
Sun Haohua’s knowledge of Poseidon can really solve this problem.
Sun Hao took out his own sword and carefully analyzed the composition of the adjustment ratio through divine knowledge.
In reality, the contrast sword modulates all kinds of refined materials.
By comparing Sun Hao, it is found that the bronze proportion of French sword, especially extreme sword, is close to 75%
The proportion of darksteel is close to 20%, and the proportion of other metals accounts for about half.
Not only that, but he also has a proportion requirement for this half of the metal ratio.
not easy
After discovering this rule, Sun Hao felt that it was really not easy to complete the modulation.
This modulation should fully feel the proportion of all kinds of refining materials, and also reasonably match all kinds of refining materials according to the size and weight of the sword model, so as to ensure that this modulation reaches a scientific proportion
Sun Hao is not white. How can his apprentice reach it so easily with such a key step?
Summer insects do not talk ice.
Different requirements, different realms, different ways and different lines
that’s all
However, in the eyes of white-collar brother, Wang Hui, the sword room instructor where Sun Hao is located, is so wonderful and extra different to weigh Sun Hao with an iron ingot every day.
This guy’s been trying to make a change for a month
Among the 300 white-collar brothers who went in a month, more than 100 brothers were successfully promoted to the first-class refiner. He did not advance and was on the verge of promotion.
There are very few younger brothers who have a poor foundation and continue to work hard.
But the second step of the refiner is spinning except Sun Hao.
Through a month of unremitting analysis and efforts, through a month of continuous efforts to adjust
Sun Hao has always achieved something.
Sun Hao adjusted ten pieces of sword refining materials with reasonable collocation according to his own ideas.
After allocating the tenth material, Sun Hao took a breath and carefully packed the ten refined materials and rested for half a day to prepare for one-step practice.
Before you know it, five months have passed since Sun Hao’s trial.
Five months is only the second step of the refiner.
This made Sun Hao once again feel the profoundness of the cultivation of truth and skills.
It’s not easy to master a skill of repairing truth.
After adjustment, it enters the third step of refining.
After the raw materials are properly blended, they will be put into a melting furnace for smelting. The purpose of smelting is to melt bronze, darksteel, lead and other raw materials, and at the same time further remove impurities contained in the raw materials, such as charcoal. He does not need metals to make the raw materials more pure.
The melting key is the word temperature.
This step is similar to alchemy.
Grasping the melting temperature, the refiner should observe the gas and decide.
There are three stages in the smelting process. In the first stage, the black and turbid gas of cast gold Suk Kim is exhausted yellow and white times; In the second stage, the yellow and white gas exhausted the green and white times; In the third stage, the green white gas exhausts the green gas.
In the third stage, when the flame color is pure and the refined material is "complete", it can be cast.
This step is mainly to remove impurities, smelt impurities and melt the refined materials into a whole.
It is also an important step in the refiner.
It is very important to grasp the melting temperature of the input sequence of smelting materials
This step is the process that the white-collar brother of Wanshun Mountain practices and familiarizes himself repeatedly.
A white-collar brother with a good foundation can learn faster. It takes about one month to get familiar with the ordinary brother, and it takes about two months.
This step is not difficult for my brothers. Many swordsmanships need not only one melting, but also many repeated melting because of many impurities.
The meaning of "changing to fry Suk Kim" in Kao Gong Ji Li Shi means that many swordsmanships need to be repeatedly fried.
This step stumped many younger brothers.
When Sun Hao came to this step, he found that because he had an alchemist, he had a good grasp of the temperature, and because he had already matched the ratio of refining materials when he made it himself. It seems that this step is not as difficult as expected.
Three or five days
Sun Hao has been "complete"
But at this time, no one has paid attention to Sun Hao, even Wang Hui, and Sun Hao has also adjusted it.
Sun Hao completed the smelting easily without a sound.
Enter that fourth step of the refiner.
Casting and melting mature refining liquid is poured into the sword model to be cooled and solidified, and the sword is initially formed.
This step is not difficult for monks, and the strength can be evenly distributed.
Practice like his brother for two or three days.
Sun Hao appeared in front of the first rough-embryo sword in his life.
Chapter four hundred Magic Refiner
Nobody paid attention to Sun Hao.
Even Wang Hui, the sword room manager, was completely disappointed with Sun Hao and turned to others.
Sun Hao enjoyed playing with the first rough sword in his life.
The sword cast by the sword model is only a rough surface of the blank, which needs to be scraped.

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