There was a commotion in the crowd.

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Then a few people came out.
A short man gave an elegant gift to Princess Lola. "I saw you at the dinner of Zeng Xingling Kingdom last year. I’m sorry that I almost accidentally hurt your distinguished princess hall."
Even if they are possessed, they are on the thorn bird’s side
They are really smart people.
But they don’t know what happened outside.
Suddenly a tall dark-skinned man jumped out and asked, "Wait! Just now, you said to save us and said that we were cheated. What the hell is going on? "
"Yes, the Thorn Birds have never encouraged the killing of creatures. Why will there be devil’s fire this time?" A man followed and asked.
Some people don’t trust to ask, "I have gained great strength and treasure by completing the soul-collecting power. Isn’t this the doomsday line of all worlds?" I’m sure I’m possessed-what’s wrong? "
The crowd is getting louder and louder.
"Listen to me, you are not possessed" Gu Qingshan Avenue.
Everyone looked at him in disbelief.
Every word of this man is far beyond everyone’s imagination
Iron fist Barry and all his strong friends are guarding the outside world.
-Princess Lola of Thorn represents the kingdom of Thorn.
Besides, this man said that we were cheated.
Each of these three things makes people have to keep thinking.
Iron fist Barry and his friends are peerless and powerful, who can easily ignore them for thousands of years in the 900 million-story world?
Besides, this is Tristan’s world, and Lola the Thorn Princess is the master of the Thorn Kingdom.
Once she appears on such an occasion, she will definitely represent the Thorn Royal Family.
And we and others are in the world of thorn birds. Who dares to touch the thorn princess easily? If the thorn birds directly destroy the world, won’t they be directly crushed to death?
And this man said we were cheated.
We’re not possessed?
This is fucking wrong. We’re obsessed
-wait, where did the fire come from? Is it really reliable?
Or is this person just talking nonsense?
People wait for a while looked at two people at that time in the heart doubts uncontrollable coughing.
Hundreds of people looked at each other for a moment and finally looked at the three addicts in the rear together.
These are the top three out of 100 people.
Including two other people who identified Gu Qingshan’s combat effectiveness before.
"God, are you sure about the identity of a princess Lola?" said one person.
"Freelander, I’ve just seen her identity confirmed by mistake", said the person with purple eyes.
"Since it’s a real thorn princess, I think we have to stop. What do you think?" Freelander asked.
"I also think it’s necessary to find out the situation," said the God-eyed man.
Two people looked at the last man together.
"SHEN WOO? What do you mean? " They asked.
SHEN WOO sighed, "Origin is crazy. Even I have a crush on sending me new rewards."
Gu Qingshan keenly captured the word.
It seems that the fire has indeed evolved!
This confirms one thing.
Fire has been deceiving itself.
At this time, everyone looked neat and moved.
Someone shouted, "Look at the new reward!"
Hundreds of people held their breath and quietly stared at the emptiness in front of them.
Gradually, someone looked at Gu Qingshan and Lola, and there was more excitement in their eyes.
Gu Qingshan knew that the situation was critical and quickly sounded at Lola.

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