The federal side of the earth obviously showed this tough side to the supernatural forces of Tiancheng Era, and they were not prepared. In their eyes, Tiancheng forces were just a group of lambs to be slaughtered, but who knew that they were actually a group of hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the result was immediately stunned.

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While the other side was being beaten, the troops in Tiancheng quickly completed the contraction process of the encirclement.
When the earth Federation finally woke up like a dream and found out the strategic intention of Tiancheng, it was too late. Tiancheng had launched the final charge against Robert’s destruction of the king.
"Not good! We were tricked by the people of Tiancheng. From the first moment, they didn’t want to break through but the old clan leader! " I found that the ultimate goal of this battle in Tiancheng was actually Robert Earth. The commanders of the Second Division of the Federal Pre-war Command couldn’t help but take the risk of death. If Robert had a Trojan temper, none of them would want to live and have to be buried with him. "Stop them quickly! At all costs, we must stop them from protecting the old clan owners! Otherwise, the clan leader will be angry and we will die! "
"Kill and swear to protect the old clan!" Aware of the seriousness of the consequences in case of failure, the soldiers of the earth Federation are desperately trying, and I really don’t remember all the costs to intercept the forces of the heavenly city era.
At this time, Yan Nanfei, Jiugong Great God and others have to try their best even though they know that it is very difficult to intercept the people in Tiancheng. If anything happens to Robert, they will definitely be prostrate.
The two sides instantly fell into the most tragic fight.
At this time, Robert, the protagonist of the first world war in the headquarters, is still obsessed with Yiling. He has a keen perception. The era power is obsessed with Yiling. I didn’t notice that people’s heads have become dog’s heads outside at this time.
The fierce fighting continued, and the federal side of the earth was abolished by the top nine efforts. There was a great gap in the top-level combat power in Tiancheng, so even though the troops were more than the Tiancheng side, they were not alone in Tiancheng. The opponents were immediately broken through the last line of defense by Tiancheng troops and culled to Robert’s headquarters nearby, and the headquarters was besieged by iron drums.
"Master, master, it’s not good. What’s going on outside doesn’t sound right. It seems that someone has killed him!" At last, Yi Ling has not been carried away by sexual desire like Robert, and when she heard the unusual movement outside, she quickly woke Robert up.
"Ha ha ha how could someone kill …!" Robert didn’t believe it, but when his era divine power spread out, he felt that his soul was flying. "Someone really killed him! These fools have so many troops that they can still be killed! Are they trying to kill me? !”
"Master, what shall we do? !” God Chi Yiling casually wrapped a dress and ran to the door to look out. Qiao face suddenly went white and trembled. "Our defense here has been washed away by the enemy, and the horse will come to us!"
Robert’s face is unusually ugly, and if he doesn’t go to see it, he will be white outside. The situation has reached such a level that he will be rushed here by Tiancheng people. There is no doubt that he is not as good as these two three-legged cats, and he is afraid that he will be blasted in an instant.
"No, I’m not afraid to have my son here. No one can kill us!" Robert deserves to be a man of many scenes. At this time, he didn’t lose his heart. As soon as he turned his eyes, he thought of a way to save his life, and that was to call his son Troy.
Life togeher Robert also can not consider what the situation in Troy is like. Have you ever defeated Jiuchong to exert another ability of his era divine power "remote voice" and shouted "Help! I want your father back! !”
At this time, Troy and Jiuzhong were in the battlefield, and Jiuzhong was just trapped by Troy’s net. Troy was trying to show his strength to kill Jiuzhong when he heard Robert give him a sound.
Hearing Robert’s voice is as dangerous as killing a pig. Otherwise, Robert wouldn’t be so rude. Although Troy was very impatient, Robert interrupted him in the middle, but he didn’t dare to neglect him. He took Jiujiu directly and rolled up a sonic boom, and his body soared through the sky.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six When
The battlefield where Tiancheng Earth Federal Command is located.
A debacle, a torrent of thousands of miles, the earth Federation’s defense line around the headquarters was washed away, and it was difficult to build a new defense line again. For a moment, it had been broken through the last distance by the city team and killed in front of the headquarters.
The temporary building of the headquarters has not been attacked by the troops of Tiancheng, but the momentum released by the supernatural powers of Tiancheng Era was crushed, fragmented and collapsed into ruins. In the headquarters, Robert and God Chi Yiling appeared in the sight of everyone as if they had just climbed out of the soil.
"Ha ha, old guy, you have today!" Robert Pacifism and Bing Wang, who were in a mess in the ruins of the headquarters, were even more excited, especially when Bing Wang gnashed his teeth and looked ferocious. Seeing this smile, it was easy to imagine what he would do next.
At the beginning, when the Earth Federation swept across Europe and America, Robert took advantage of the power of Troy to do a lot of things that caused widespread indignation and resentment. Pacifism and the king of soldiers were among the victims, especially the king of soldiers Helen didn’t directly kill Helen in Troy because Robert wanted to occupy Helen, which is why the king of soldiers was able to escape the key from Troy.
Therefore, Robert can be said to have taken his wife and hated him. Although he didn’t win it, it was also a mortal enemy. The soldier couldn’t wait to cramp Robert and skin him.
"Humbing king with you this defeated also dare to kill me? !” Seeing this group of devils in Tiancheng, especially those with ferocious expressions like ghosts, the soldiers secretly complained, but on the surface they still pretended to be calm and threatened, "You should know that my son Troy is amazing. If you dare to touch my finger, I promise that my son will cut you to pieces!"
"Haha, your son is awesome. I can’t beat him!" Bing Wang readily admitted that he was not as good as Troy without any refutation. "But Troy doesn’t need to play with the abnormal condition of Jiuchong to deal with me. I need to deal with you, the old guy!" Do you think I can have any more questions about you? !” Bing Wang’s hands clenched "Kaka" straight ring.
"Yes … you really have no difficulty in dealing with me!" It has always been a scar for Robert that he failed to get a strong battle era in the ceremony of descending the gods. Now the soldier king openly exposes his scar in public. Robert hates itching in his heart, but he deserves to be an old hand. On the surface, he thinks so, but he doesn’t show it at all. Instead, he makes a sincere face to the soldier. "But the soldier king, have you ever thought that even if Jiuzhong can fight against my son, my son is still in the absolute strength gap. In case Jiuzhong finally loses, he has little chance to defeat my son. If you kill me again, you won’t live, and I’m afraid your woman Helen won’t be able to make a good scene. My son is not as sympathetic as I am. You are reckless now. Don’t you think about it? !”
"Helen …!" Helen’s suspicion is the death of the soldier king. If Robert hadn’t coveted Helen’s soldier king, he might have surrendered to Troy rather than defected to Jiuzhong. Therefore, when Robert arrived at Helen’s soldier king, he was almost conditioned to hesitate.
"Don’t be fooled by this old guy!" Compared with the soldier king, some simple thoughts are much more sophisticated. "Kill this old guy, even if my brother-in-law didn’t defeat Troy in the end and let him come back. It’s a big deal that we all die together; But if we don’t kill this old guy, Troy will come back at last, then I think Helen Yard will definitely survive, and we can’t beg for death and be ruined alive by this old whore! "
"… that’s right!" The authorities are fascinated by the onlookers. When the antique is said, the soldier’s face suddenly stops hesitating and becomes fierce again.
"You still killed him when he was procrastinating!" At this moment, I haven’t talked. Suddenly, Xuan night made moves to merge people’s swords into one, and a cold mountain culled Robert in the ruins.
"Ah … you!" Bellows rang out, but it was not Robert, but God Chi Yiling, who killed the crowd in the mysterious night. At the beginning, Robert felt a virtual force to forcibly control Robert’s body and blocked Yiling from the front to resist the mysterious night’s winner.
Yiling’s snow-white neck has a blood line running through her. I never thought that Robert was still in love with her before, but now she is the shield. I never thought that her skill was much higher than Robert’s, but she didn’t respond. I wanted to look back and see what would happen. I wanted to question Robert like this, but when I said the word "you", my head fell directly from my neck.
To death, Elaine didn’t close her eyes.
As soon as Yiling’s head fell and hid behind her, Robert appeared in the line of sight, but seeing his whole body’s virtual force rising like a flame, the ultimate culling was still in Robert’s body after Yiling’s buffer, but it was hindered by the virtual force. In the mysterious night, this ultimate blow was actually broken, but it was also broken. Finally, it was difficult to break a layer of skin and leave a faint blood mark on Robert’s neck.
"Virtual force! And it doesn’t look like he manipulated himself … No, Troy is back! Let’s make this old product together! " Please listen to me. I have to wake up.
"Old goods go to hell! !” They no longer hesitate to shoot together and burst into a wave of the fiercest attacks, instantly drowning Robert.
"I don’t want to die! !” What I saw in my eyes was a tidal wave of destruction. Robert really felt the shadow of death and finally gave a desperate scream.
"Dare to touch my father, you are simply looking for death!" However, at this moment, a thundering sound that is different from nightmare sounds for all the people in Tiancheng sounded like a celestial galaxy beam, which covered Robert in the field and resisted all the attacks in Tiancheng.
For a moment, the light beam crashed and exploded, and the virtual force roared around like a hurricane, destroying everything, and the wind swept away the fallen leaves and generally lifted the Sagittarius of Tiancheng out.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Despair arrival
"It’s over …!" Released by this Milky Way beam, the virtual force blew out, and all the people in the city suddenly fell into a trough and fell into despair.
Let them despair is not the fact that they were blown out by just a Milky Way beam, but the fact that it sounded like thunder. Troy is back. Now that Trouilh is back, it is obvious that Jiuchong is running out.
After the virtual force formed the storm and dissipated, all the people in Tiancheng fell from the middle of the school like dumplings. Some of them were able to get up, but they were also seriously injured, and more of them were dead and could not get up again.
"You this group of gluttons incredibly even city these remnants can’t pick up incredibly let my father in danger! I want you to have? !” With the hubbub scattered, Troy slowly descended from Robert’s head to the center of the field like a god. The gloomy eyes swept across the periphery of the battlefield, and the earth’s federal armies were so scared that they took a chill behind their necks that they knelt down for a moment. "Please forgive me!"
"… I’ll deal with you later!" Eyes from the earth federal armies moved to Troy and looked at the city people who suffered heavy casualties in the field. "You are very kind and dare to touch my father’s hand. This is hitting my face! Come on, how do you want to die? !”
"What about the tiger? What happened to the tiger? !” Troy came back intact, although he had a black ball in one hand, but he didn’t see the nine-fold figure. Seeing this result, all the people present in Tiancheng were filled with a sense of despair. Tao Feng in the crowd was crazy and hysterically asked Troy.
"Tiger? Are you a nine-fold lover? !” Troy looked at Tao Feng with great interest. "What do you think I can do to him? Of course, I’ll kill him. There are ten thousand pieces of bones left!"
"I’ll fight with you!" Taofeng one mouthful blood gushed out, his eyes were red, and the whole body was ablaze with flames. * Phoenix threw herself at Troy.
"I won’t live if my big brother dies!"
"Brother Chong, I will accompany you!"
"You’re gone … what’s the point of me living!"
"Life can’t be together … it’s good to die together!"
Followed by Tao Feng’s nine-fold confidantes, Tao Luan, Gu Xiang, Miyazawa Zhenxue and an illegibility, Huo Shanshan all seemed to be crazy, knowing that they were going to die and still throwing themselves at Troy.
"Tiger …!" At the moment when Shen Yue, who sits in Tiancheng, saw Troy appear, tears could not stop streaming down, and then the whole person turned into a white streamer and broke away.
"Ha ha sooner or later to die that it is better to die! We, a group of big men, will never have the courage of a few girls! "
"Ha ha ha ha-!" Laughing with a hint of sadness, the Central Plains has been hit hard by Troy, and the supernatural powers of all eras in Tiancheng have suddenly and violently embraced each other and burst into their most gorgeous attack colors to pounce on Troy.
"Ha, ha, ha, a group of people who don’t know what they can do and want to shake the tree are simply suicidal!" See city these already half-dead era divine power who still dare to life to him Troy couldn’t help laughing "that I will be you! Jiuzhong, I will kill your woman and dog legs today, so I believe that you will not be lonely in the dead road! "
Said the surge of troy’s whole body virtual force is about to completely destroy all the people in the city.
"Well …! ?” However, at this moment, Troy’s eyebrows are wrinkled, and he suddenly becomes unstable with the black ball in his palm. As the black ball swells, the surface color of the black ball becomes lighter and lighter, and it is faintly visible that there are dragons in the black ball trying to reverse and churn as if they were about to break the ball at any time.
"I have become a turtle in the jar and I still want to struggle!" Troy hastened to suppress the virtual prison in the palm of his hand by urging physical weakness.
As a result, Troy has less virtual power to deal with all the people in Tiancheng. As a result, all the people in Tiancheng were unexpectedly forced back again before the outbreak of Troy’s powerful power, which failed to cause effective harm to Troy.

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