In addition, Xu retired for a long time and also understood Xiao Liu’s so-called saying that he was the guide of the cosmic passage.

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First of all, Xiao Liu has the path of reincarnation of the small universe, earth, water, wind and fire source because of his birth.
But we have to find the direction before, and the universe channel is also four-access.
The second little six doesn’t have all the small universe routes.
But Xiao Liu has a very strong ability.
This is probably the reason why Xiaoliu’s mouth honored Xiaoliu to guard the seal of the yuan domain until the present root.
Small six this fellow has the ability to record road signs since he returned to the red jade slips, that is, the red core.
For example, Xiao Liu, the cosmic node of Taoyuan Star, has no signpost, but Xu tui will take him through a short stay, so he can generate signposts by himself and then return with Xu tui!
At the same time, due to some characteristics, Xiao Liu is a little higher than most people in identifying the cosmic channel.
Of course, the passage of the universe is not unique to the Blue Star Terran.
Now Eldar, Daxi, and Maya can all benefit the passage of the universe.
For example, the transition ability of Daxi clan is born out of the characteristics of some cosmic channels.
The cosmic passage is more like a mysterious highway passage.
Also because of this, Taoyuan Star is in a very dangerous position in an instant.
A large number of enemies may touch Taoyuan Star through the cosmic channel.
This is a dangerous place.
In this case, Taoyuan Star is always in danger.
Even after the fortress is built.
In this case, five days later, after retiring from Taoyuan Star’s eastern cosmic channel node defense fortress, some strong players were carefully selected to explore the nearby cosmic node channel.
You have to find out the road in front of your own house, right
I didn’t forget to join Cai Shaochu in this expectation.
I told Cai Shaochu most of the information through sequential encryption, and I wanted to invite Cai Shaochu to come and study this cosmic channel node together.
However, Cai Shaochu replied that Xu was surprised.
Cai Shaochu said that Ceres has undergone some changes at present. He temporarily left Ceres and told him to explore carefully and pay attention to safety.
This way, you can explore carefully by yourself first.
On April 9th, Xu retired with meticulous care and selected an exploration team. The members of the exploration team were all famous. Xu retired from the fifth Hui Yin Liu Laves, and the general commander of Wenshaoan Xiaoxue was Qu Qingshan, deputy commander of Ah Huang.
However, before entering this cosmic channel node, it is necessary to retreat. First, two people are suspended from the cosmic channel in a purely physical way for testing.
Xiaoliu dialect is highly credible.
But Xiao Liu is a new hand after all, and if Xu tui really keeps believing what another person said, he won’t live now
Even if you are exploring, you should carry out your own verification.
Being hanged is a captive of Xu tuiliu Yamen.
The pre-Amyan prisoners did not throw them into the center of Yun Ling, leaving a transmutation boundary and two for experiments.
I didn’t expect this.
Throw it first. The Mayan quasi-planet feels bottomless. Throw it in for about 100 meters and it will slip out after one minute.
People are alive!
Look a little scared. It’s all right
After the transmutation of the Amyan people threw it in, it was a bit miserable
When you throw it in, you feel that the rope is lighter. After one minute, you slip out and the bust disappears directly!
"Small six dead bodies can pass through the cosmic channel?"
"If there is no spiritual breath, there will be no pressure on the cosmic channel," said Xiao Liu.
"That ling clan and Huang?" Xu tui frowns
"You this low-level digital life not in some horses will die! Ling clan is all right. This clan’s flesh and spirit will not die, "said Xiao Liu.
"You are a lowlife!" Huang nu ma got into a fight with Xiao Liu.
"Huang, take good care of the house"
A minute later, Xu retired, and all of it turned off the energy of the equipment department, and then Xu retired and jumped into this cosmic channel node.
It’s kind of like diving
It’s like walking through a film with a bang, and there’s a feeling of weightlessness when you fall into the water in front of your eyes.
I can make a retreat and want to explore telepathy, but my brow will soon wrinkle up.
The spirit here has been suppressed!
Now, after the breakthrough to the quasi-planet, the range of telepathy has reached ten kilometers of terror.
But here, the feeling of retreat can be explored, and it has been suppressed and reduced by ten times.
Then Xu retreated his eyes and looked at this cosmic passage.
The stars are a bit like a starlight passage, which has a light feeling in the water, but can walk around.
"Small six, this is the passage of the universe?"
"Does it have a boundary?"
"Where is the direction of passage?"
"How do we get back to Taoyuan Star?" Xu asked a series of questions.
"If there is a great force approaching at the boundary, you can feel that this method penetrates the great force," Xiao Liu said
"In the direction of passage, this place that rejects great power can pass."
This statement was shocked as soon as it was retired.

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