"Brother Chen should be the younger brother of the school to salute you." Baiyunlou reciprocated and laughed.

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"Elder brother Chen, the younger sister of Caiwei, has shown you how to whip, but you haven’t come to Jianli to thank him."
Picking EU’s smell speech quickly saluted him, and his younger brothers also greeted each other before.
The second fix-up meeting is busy, so we can get to know each other well by exploring the siren machine in Xuanhekou.
Xiao Jing helped to introduce the younger brothers of the school one by one, and Chen Qingshuang, the younger martial sister of Haoran Sect, was also generously born to introduce several younger brothers of Haoran Sect.
"Brother Qinghe, your younger sister has been independent. I have seen her in the mountain village once, and it is admirable to help her silently with several younger brothers and sisters …" Baiyun Tower led Chen Qinghe aside and looked at Qingshitai and saluted each other. The younger brother praised.
"Your institute is full of talented people. At this age, Nangong Xiaojing speaks and does things in an orderly way, and he is a big business talent."
Chen Qinghe smiled indifferently and took out a stack of rubbing paper, which was impressively the cover of Chaoyang Post. A couple dressed in happiness was very eye-catching.
"This Chaoyang Post is really all-encompassing and eye-opening … Luo Yugong and Cai Weijia’s perfect looks make people envy. I just learned this news yesterday and I still feel that I didn’t go to attend and don’t want to see the real person today."
Chapter five hundred and forty Walk together
Looking at Brother Chen’s appreciation of the expression of Baiyun Tower, I can’t help but think that if my father lets him know that this post newspaper has been praised by his noble brothers, I don’t know what to be happy about.
"Brother Qinghe also likes to watch anecdotes and mundane things in this spiritual world?" Baiyunlou laughed
"This is no ordinary thing. Although there are many anecdotes, this post newspaper also reflects the attitude of the whole Chinese people to live and work in peace and contentment, and the words are easy to understand and can be very inspiring to read." Chen Qinghe did not hesitate to praise.
"Qinghe brother this praise teacher younger brother remember haha …"
Just thinking about the Baiyun Tower, he asked, "Brother Qinghe came here with his younger brother as a siren?"
"It was just two days ago that I actually visited here to harass the siren. Most of my colleagues can’t build the East China Sea Pavilion, so we are happy to be at leisure."
Two people are chatting about the south bank of Xuanhekou, where two bodies are riding the waves.
One person is Tian Yi’s Zixiao Sect. After Tian Yi won the Zixiao Cave, he not only rebuilt the ancient Zixiao orthodoxy, but also made great progress in a day. Now it is the initial stage of building a foundation.
It’s no longer necessary to walk on the waves through the intellectual man fit technique when you reach the preconditions.
The other is quite unique. It is a magic weapon, Wang Fugui.
It is said to be a magic weapon, but most of them are low-level magic weapons. It is the late stage of condensation, but it comes from a medium-level magic weapon to break the waves.
Take the two of them to the Baiyun Building and ask with a smile, "Did the two younger brothers Tian Yi and Fugui come here because the two elders let you into my Qingyun Gate?"
"The elder brother and younger brother really want to, but it’s a pity that Elder Han said that the East China Sea Pavilion is short of a talented younger brother like me. I have some difficulties. Why don’t the elder brother put in a good word for me?" Wang Fugui said quite seriously.
"Put in a good word? If you put in a good word for the elders of Korea, wouldn’t it be more reluctant to give up your teacher younger brother? "The Baiyun Building couldn’t help but pull the corners of the mouth and replied with a smile.
"That would be difficult …" Wang Fugui sighed.
"Teacher younger brother, this instrument looks like it’s all refined by Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce, but it’s still easy?" See Wang Fugui carefully will break the waves shuttle income treasure capsule Baiyun tower could not help but ask 1.
"Conveniently is very convenient …"
At this time, Yu Pupil also came running and looked at Wang Fugui with a strange brilliance in his eyes.
"Little Puppy Wang’s magic weapon is not all refined by you, is it?" Baiyun tower see clue surprised and asked
Although I didn’t pay special attention to what magic weapon was refined by Yu Pupil’s refining cabinet, these magic weapon refining methods are indeed similar to the techniques.
"Hey hey master elder brother mostly …" Yu pupil hey hey smiled.
"Ah, this … little teacher younger brother, these magic weapons are all refined by you. Teacher younger brother is really amazing. These instruments are all senior brothers. I’m a talented person with a thousand choices. It’s not the magic weapon with the lowest price but good work." I said enthusiastically before I saw the main Wang Fugui’s eyes shining.
"Master Brother, let’s go there and chat alone ….." Wang Fugui turned to the dialogue master brother and said with a smile.
"Go, don’t go too far" Baiyun Tower waved and said.
Yu Pupil was so confused that he was taken away by Brother Wang Enthusiasm to explore the novel magic weapon.
"I’ve seen Brother Bai and Brother Chen" and it took Wang Fugui to go far to Tian Yi to see the two brothers again.
"Teacher Tian came to this matter?" Baiyun Lou nodded in return
"The elders of Zhixing took their younger brothers to appease the fishermen, and the elders let their younger brothers see the world with their brothers." Tian Yi said superciliously.
"Elder Zhixing will leave it to us to think about Zhou’s siren. If you want to solve this siren nuisance, you still have to go to the East China Sea to find the root cause …"
In the middle of the speech, the corner of Baiyun Tower turned to look at the small bamboo building.
See two beautiful images hand in hand across the threshold of a small bamboo building. Xia Chaoyang is holding the sea moon in one hand and Yan Ruyu in the other.
The same long hair shawl, a few strands of hair, a long veil and a soft dress. Last night, the night was deep and I didn’t feel anything. I was dumbfounded to see a group of younger brothers in the warm spring sun.
In particular, a pair of jade feet on the moon and the sea give birth to a layer of water waves when they step, which is quite a bit smokeless.
"Sister, come and meet brother Haoran Zong and the little sister you often talk about." The first two steps of Baiyun Building greeted him.
"Seen brother Chen … Qing Shuang little teacher elder sister is here? Where? " Xia Chaoyang obediently saluted Brother Chen and immediately turned to look for it.
Second time, I saw that Xia Martial Sister had always admired it very much. Every time I read Haoran’s poems and poems, I would think of that little martial sister, Haoran’s poem and sword.
Find the figure in the crowd. Xia Chaoyang pulls Haiyue all the way and squeezes past. Only then can he see Kan Kan, the younger brother of Zhenghe Hospital, and talk about Qing Shuang, the younger martial sister.
"Well, go to the teacher elder sister to find Qing Shuang and have something to discuss." Xia Chaoyang brought out the momentum of the second teacher elder sister and immediately made the lively scene a little quiet.
Then Zhao-yang Xia took Miss Qing Shuang, a shark girl, to one side and talked about daily trifles.
"Brother Qinghe, there is a fellow nurse in the Xuanhekou of Donghai Pavilion. Can you be interested in going to the depths of the sea with your brother?" Baiyunlou wanted to be close to several noble brothers, so he made an invitation.
"Solid wish also did not feel please ear" Chen Qinghe hand way with a smile.
Baiyun Lou ha ha a smile and then shouted, "All the younger brothers in the hospital will pack up a cup of tea as soon as possible and set off."
Upon hearing this, the younger brother of the House of Representatives immediately began to get busy, and Xiao Pang took Luo Li leisurely to the elder brother’s side.

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