The monk with a small mouth agreed to kowtow and stutter on his knees, and all the other people were dumbfounded. What happened?

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The raccoon dog didn’t avoid it, so he felt at ease in the same place. "It’s all your arrangement not to let others go into the cave?"
The old rabbit looked around with a little hesitation. He and the raccoon dog are now surrounded by curious eyes. If curiosity is heavy, even if he leads the sky, he is now overwhelmed. "Borrow one step, borrow one step … there are too many people." He said, reaching out and pointing to the yard, he turned back and told the little stutterer, "Take care of all the distinguished guests here. If the monks in the front yard come over, let them all fuck off!"
The raccoon dog doesn’t talk nonsense. Pull up Wenleyang and follow the monk. The Wen family just wanted to stop Wenleyang and quickly waved their hands. "Grandpa, I’ll be right back. Please wait a moment …"
The rabbit demon took his family members with his small mouth and walked into the depths of the courtyard to live. "One thousand nine hundred years ago, I was enlightened by the Great Immortal and jumped out of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma …"
Wenleyang was relieved, and the monk finally spoke well.
If the raccoon dog realized something, he shook his head and hung up a slightly bleak arc with a sip of his mouth. "How did you become a monk after all these years?"
The Rabbit Demon respectfully replied, "I have been practicing meditation for 400 years since I left the Fairy Cave, but I finally wore this human skin … It’s a vast day, and I don’t know where to go … At that time, this big temple was just built, and it was an ordinary temple in Emei Mountain. I always came here to chat with monks when I was free, and I learned some Buddhism. I simply shaved my head and became a monk. I was unhappy at that time, and I was praised by the old Zen master for my profound knowledge."
Wen Leyang walked over and shook his head. The Buddhist holy land actually let a monster mix in. It is estimated that after the death of the unhappy Zen master, he must have suffered serious dereliction of duty in A-bi Hell.
The raccoon dog is also ridiculous. Although she doesn’t know the monk, she can always understand that this is a human religion. She casually commented that "Buddhist magic is peaceful and has some merits. If it is practiced to a high depth, I am afraid it will be powerful!"
Don’t le demon monk force nodded "yeah! Yes! "
The raccoon dog rebuked "Speak well!"
"… when I didn’t take this group of baldness seriously, but then a wandering monk lived in the temple for more than half a year and discussed Buddhism with me every day. I didn’t think much about it. I didn’t expect that the wild monk suddenly laughed at me when he left, saying that the rabbit misses you and still has some Buddha nature, so I will leave you. If you can really erase the demon nature, it will be a merit! If the opportunity is hard to come by, if you take a wrong step, you will never be able to recover from it! "
The raccoon dog curled his mouth. "I’d like to twist his head to see if it’s made of meat."
Don’t rub your palms. "You always don’t know some true feelings in Zen …"
Wen Leyang saw the raccoon dog’s face disdainful and quickly interrupted the unhappy words. "The wild monk saw that the rabbit … was unhappy, but the Zen master was unhappy when he was an ordinary person. I’m afraid there was a big difference."
I don’t care if I’m unhappy. "Hehe, in fact, what he said was for nothing. I didn’t want to join the WTO or I wouldn’t have come to the temple to be a monk. Later, the old abbot gave me a position before he died. I know that hidden dragons and crouching tigers in Buddhism dare not go around to show off my seclusion. I’m a demon. You always help me to practice Xianji, and my eyes have become sharper. I have received a few very good brothers to practice Buddhism, magical powers and great compassion with me. The temple has gradually changed from an ordinary temple to a Buddhist Sect and finally became what it is
When he finished, the raccoon dog sneered, "Is that little monk your apprentice, too? Your small eyes are good, and the young monk’s achievements in the future are not ordinary! "
I nodded with a frown. "I am his apprentice in name, but I am actually teaching!" Said and pointed to the small mouth monk behind him. The biggest hobby of the old rabbit demon for more than 1000 years was to collect his disciples. At this point, I hope that the monk fully inherited the rabbit demon’s grandmaster.
Wen Leyang smiled thickly at the side. This unhappy monk came to be a rabbit demon, but he secretly presided over a big temple and turned it into a holy place for practicing Buddhism. I don’t know if this is the edge of Buddhism
The rabbit demon is unhappy, and the monk sees Wen Leyang’s smiling face awkward to justify himself. "This little Shi … little brother, although I am a demon and cultivate Buddha, I will ask Zen in my heart when I am doing things with kindness and kindness in Pudu for more than 1000 years. All beings in the Buddha should be wholeheartedly dedicated to Buddha …"
Wen Leyang suddenly turned to the raccoon dog and asked him, "Do this … demon have a long life?"
The raccoon dog raised the long eyelashes of the micro-pointed jaw and almost met Wen Leyang’s eyes. Gherardini asked, "What do you want to ask?"
WenLeYang some simple and honest smile "I am curious"
Chapter 40 Buddhist practice
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Wen Leyang is kind and kind-hearted, but not as beautiful as a silly little raccoon. Why did Grandmaster Tuoxie not want to get along with her in the past? This rabbit demon respected her status, but when she first met her, she blurted out that the cat was changing all the time, and her expression never belonged to the world.
The raccoon dog smiled innocently and warmly, and her lips lightly opened to him and said four words, "I am a cat demon". The fragrance of orchid was tactfully in her teeth.
Wen Leyang’s curiosity was greatly satisfied. Hehe smiled, "I had a cat when I was a child and then I ran away."
The raccoon dog looked at him in a daze. "Aren’t you afraid?"
Wen Leyang is a modern teenager. When he was a child, he saw the robot cat and Tian Qitan playing the fairy sword and chivalrous man in the county Internet cafe. Like most young people, the word demon has long been a derogatory term in his mind. No monk realized that he shook his head and laughed heartily. "I’m afraid of you. I’m not a mouse."
The raccoon dog’s eyes are bright and sharp. After staring at Wen Leyang for a long time, he suddenly reached out and patted his shoulder. "It’s much smaller than your grandmaster!"
In his eyes, Wen Leyang is just an ordinary teenager with excellent qualifications and continues to sell well to the raccoon dog. "Before retiring, I left a law for the temple to let my disciples guard and cut the wild goose peak from generation to generation …"
The raccoon dog interrupted him with a wave of his hand. "I know all about it. That guy called Xijue Xiao told me that I spared his life. Please send someone to pick him up."
The rabbit demon took a look back at the small-mouthed monk Wenleyang, only to think of it. The small-mouthed monk in his early thirties was also a rabbit demon.
Small rabbit demon muster up courage to answer "has been sent to … to show" great compassion temple received hope to hear anything, but through to show also know that something had happened would have sent a player in the past.
The beautiful facial features of the raccoon dog cocked its head with a puzzled look and repeated "to show?"
Wen Leyang explained that the raccoon dog was more confused and shook his head. He simply stopped thinking about it and said to the two rabbit demons, "Now that hole has been closed, you will no longer be guarding you and let all the people you caught go."
The rabbit demon is unhappy. After talking to the raccoon dog for a long time just now, it is not as stiff as it was just now. He smiled and shook his head. "If I go to the monk of the size of the decree and see the presiding over it more than a thousand years ago, I will be scared out of my mind. This matter has to be left to Shanjue. Now it must not be the abbot!" Said a refers to the small mouth monk behind him.
The monk with a small mouth smiled shyly. "I’m telling you that these people have treasures in this world before they make trouble. Now it’s impossible to let them out and have to make trouble in the temple."
The old rabbit demon shook his head with a worried face and added, "These people are all bewitched by evil spirits. Sejong monsters have been quiet for hundreds of years, but in recent years they have all gone crazy. No matter where there is a little trouble, they will flock as if they are looking for something. You should be careful now. I’m afraid the world will be chaotic again."
Sejong just kept himself in the world, and after hundreds of years of calm, the evil spirits suddenly became restless. Whether it is famous mountains and rivers or desert lakes, any abnormality will attract their attention. Several big factions in Shan Zong have noticed that these evil spirits seem to have got some information and cast a big net to find something.
Although unhappiness and kindness are evil spirits, practicing Buddhism and Zen for thousands of years can be regarded as a righteous demon.
It’s not a big deal to cut the ancient cave of Yanfeng in this world, but it has attracted a series of disputes vigorously. Wen and Luo came to find their ancestors. It can be said that the devil wanted the mountain, but he couldn’t cross the barrier of the Great Mercy Temple, so he spread rumors that the treasures from heaven attracted a large group of scattered mountains to make trouble.
The raccoon dog’s face hung up again. He patted Wen Leyang on the shoulder and said to the monk, "This is my junior. If he has anything …"
Two rabbits at the same time a pretty chest revealed a pair of Wei Tuo evil "that is difficult and great compassion temple! If you want to compete with Shan Zong and Five Blessingg, you have to weigh your weight! My Buddha is merciful. "
The raccoon dog wondered and raised his eyebrows. "Five Blessingg?"
The unhappy rabbit demon explained with a little pride that "there are five gates in Shan Zong, three mountains, one palace, great compassion, and three mountains refer to Kunlun Mountain, Jilong Mountain and yangshan Gate, and one palace refers to the word Luohai Lake. Gong Fei’s monk is not a Taoist, but a great compassion, which means that our Emei Mountain Great Compassion Temple helps the right path and benefits Tianhe, which is called Five Blessingg".
Wen Leyang smiled heartlessly again. This title is quite folk.
The little rabbit demon directly pulled out a business card from his pocket and handed it to him, "Call me if you have anything."
Wen Leyang also bluntly told the story that his 17 people were buried alive with witchcraft. Finally, he asked, "Whose hand will it be?"
The little rabbit demon is good at breaking and frowning and thinking for a while, but the answer is disappointing to Wen Leyang, just like Ji Fei’s old saying. Although the power of this spell is average, I heard that it was a mistake for a long time before. This time, the mountain wants to enter the ancient cave. Most of Sejong’s strength is usually an unknown devil, which is very difficult. By the time he gets there, he will have escaped.
The old monk was not happy for fear that the raccoon dog was not happy. He patted his chest from the side and smiled, "Don’t worry, brother, we have collected a message from the Great Mercy Temple in Emei Mountain to tell you."
Wen Leyang nodded and continued to ask, "Do the two masters of Dingyang Palace understand?"
Good broken show relieved indignation asked "they have sinned against you? Leave it alone! After a while, I will let them go to your house to plead guilty and kill people. What should I do if I owe money? "
The noble faction is full of confidence.
Wenleyang smiled. "It’s better to talk about something that hasn’t been understood yet."
When they had finished, the raccoon dog nodded to the two monks and pulled up Wenleyang to walk away. "Silly little monk, if you have anything, just look for this group of monks. It’s my idea that he is my brother according to the demon door. He can’t care if you have anything."
Wenleyang looked at her eyes full of inquiries.
The raccoon dog smiled freely. "I’ll go for a walk first. Even if he dies, he will always leave a few bones, and I don’t believe he died like this. Many old goblins in the world can always find some clues. Let’s go." Then Wen Leyang stepped away in another direction.
Wenleyang had long expected that she wouldn’t stay with herself for too long, but she didn’t expect to walk to the beautiful enchanting figure and shout "13 Wenjia Village, Jiuding Mountain, western Sichuan …" Before she finished, the raccoon dog waved and disappeared into the night.
Wenleyang a slight heart.
Outside, a group of monks came respectfully to lead the way, waiting for Wen Leyang to come back and send them away.
Several old men in the Wens looked at each other strangely when they saw Wenleyang coming out, but they didn’t ask Wenleyang. While walking, Wensi Master said, "Grandpa Xiao Yi is still outside."

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