"Good old dragon, thank you for your kindness. I will repay you in the future." The Dragon King of the East China Sea politely invited Taibai to sit down.

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"Princess Wansheng" The weapons in the hands of the three dragons in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea danced like wheels and rolled up waves.
A rockery exploded and a man said, "I don’t know. Is there anything wrong with being so grumpy?"
Looking at the man dragon three who came out from behind the rockery, he was so depressed that he said, "Of course you don’t know what’s bothering me. Why are you here? Who told you to break in without an order?"
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I did. I was afraid of being too safe after hearing the noise in the garden." The man said.
"Hum, why don’t you quit? If I hadn’t seen you almost die that day, the dumpling demon king’s hand wouldn’t have brought you back as a loser." dragon three turned his head and waved his urn hammer again.
The man smell speech bowed his head and withdrew from the dragon three Taiwanwu scene, where "it is strange that Hum Jun will inevitably make you suffer retribution in the future if he doesn’t win people’s love, and the father God can’t find the trace of people appearing in Bibotan that day, as if by appearing."
It is said that nine head worm fled back to the wild to find the snake god after being planted with lotus flowers by Jade Duxiu that day.
"seen too"
As soon as nine head worm entered the territory of the snake god, the monks met nine head worm and left in succession.
The nine head worm nodded and walked towards the bedroom of the snake god.
"You this inverse ran away from home, isn’t it? Why did you come back today? " Before nine head worm walked into the bedroom, he heard the cold words of the snake god coming out of the palace
Nine head worm smell speech plop a kneeling "also please father god family that the east China sea insult".
"East China Sea?" The snake god heard one leng, "Why don’t you get in here and talk?"
The snake god has proved that the fairy road has lost its bloodline, and it can attach great importance to its own heirs.
"Father God" walked into the hall and looked at the snake god nine head worm lying in the big chair. He called in a low voice and gave the snake god a shoulder and legs.
"You’ve been here for 30,000 years, and now you’re courting the bodhi old zu. If it weren’t for seeing if you’ve repaired the bodhi old zu, I’d have to throw you into the mating seat of ten thousand female snakes in the snake cave to continue the blood." Although the snake sounds cold, it’s a little more warm.
"Well," then nine head worm froze and gave a quick laugh. "The father made a joke on the child, and it won’t be long before he can prove the fruit. Please rest assured the father."
"Go ahead, what can I do for you when you come back this time?" The snake god squinted.
"Father, the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea is cruel. The child Princess Bibotan Wansheng has hit it off. But who would have thought that the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea was too close to heaven to collude and bully Bibotan?" nine head worm gnashed her teeth.
Snake god smell speech lying there lazily "dragon three too I know but the East China Sea Tianjiao is second only to Aole, what’s the difference between this Wansheng princess and actually provoked the East China Sea to force marriage regardless of the face?"
"Father, the blood of Princess Wansheng is 70% atavism" nine head worm whispered.
"What?" The snake god suddenly sat up. "Aole is just a blood ancestor."
"Is this really true?" The snake god turned his head and stared at nine head worm.
"Nature is really doing it." nine head worm suddenly felt happy when he saw his old expression.
The snake god kicked nine head worm out.
"Father, what are you doing?" nine head worm said.
"What are you still doing here? Such a good daughter-in-law is still not quick to grab it back and disturb the dragon three’s too marriage. That’s the ancestral dragon blood. If my snake family gets the ancestral dragon blood, it will be more powerful in the future. "The snake god hates iron and does not produce." The East China Sea Long Junfu is holding it for you. "
"But the father god child has something not finished yet" nine head worm rubbed his head and said.
"Is there anything else?" Snake god impatient way
"On that day, the boy Bibotan was warned by a mysterious strong man not to be near Bibotan in this life, or he would be so killed that he could not be reborn forever." nine head worm said.
"What a wild word! Didn’t you name him as your father?" The snake god’s eyes flashed a obliterating machine.
"Don’t wait for the child, the man has already said that the father can’t protect the child." nine head worm wronged.
If it weren’t for the sudden mysterious strong man, he really couldn’t beat himself, and he didn’t have to come back crying like a child to call his parents.
Hearing nine head worm’s words, the snake god was about to suddenly see a light flash across the sky and fall into the hands of the snake god.
It took a while for the snake god to frown. "No wonder it’s so rampant that it actually involves the wild and wild demon gods. It’s really impossible to get involved in the powerful game of the heavens and the earth."
"Father" nine head worm called a.
"Then don’t go to Bibotan."
"Father, no matter how much this Wansheng princess is, you should think of some way to get it back for me. Don’t tell people that you have returned to the territory of the snake god. If you don’t know, you will not be guilty. If you break somebody else’s plans, your father will come forward to intercede with you." The snake god has a long eye.
"Very troublesome? Even the father god should avoid it? " Nine head worm tightness in the way
"It’s more than trouble. It’s a big trouble, but no matter if Princess Wansheng wants to please come back, it’s all over to you." nine head worm, the snake god, has been shot out and landed on the east coast.
Then nine head worm has wandered around the East China Sea for a few days and can’t go back to Bibotan. There is really no way to seduce Princess Wansheng. Even if the means are high, you can’t see people’s hair.
Seeing the slow fruit passing by a little bit, I suddenly heard people say that Sun Wu of Huaguoshan entered Tianguan, and when nine head worm turned his eyes, he came to pay attention to the arrival of Huaguoshan. Even the quasi-demon gods wanted to sell some noodles with the status of snake god.
So a dumpling demon king came after nine head worm’s drama in the East China Sea and was’ just’ passing by dragon three. It was discovered that dragon three was too early to see the dumpling demon king. This fellow stirred things up in the North Sea every day and made people hate it. It was that dragon three didn’t hesitate to help.’ Brave’ force killed the dumpling demon king and saved nine head worm.
Chapter 1459 Marriage staggered though
Dragon three was too angry. After nine head worm walked out of dragon three Tai Garden, he snorted, but he didn’t say anything about getting up and walking towards the distance. "Sooner or later, you will look good."
It’s been three years, but I don’t know that the world is already surging.
"Give this imperial edict to Bibo Dragon King. This is my promise in advance. I will forgive Bibo Old Dragon and Bibo Dragon King and leave the old place in charge of Bibo Lake." Dry day will hand the imperial edict to Taibai.
"The East China Sea sent someone to send an invitation." Taibai saw the day on duty coming in before he left the hall.
"presenting" to do heaven.

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