Ma Liangli broke the wound as soon as she squeezed it, and some blood came out. Su Yuyao, it hurts.

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"It’s okay." He wiped it.
"You don’t know how to be gentle when it hurts," she complained. It looks like a girlfriend’s attitude
Ma Liang suspected that he had an illusion.
Unfortunately, the illusion soon woke up, and she directly retaliated against him by pinching him.
"What’s the matter?" Xia Xue hid the small pot and just saw this scene from the room. Su Yuyao quickly shrank his hand. "It’s nothing. Sister Xia Xue, your craftsmanship is really good."
Xia Xue smiled and continued to be busy in the kitchen.
Su Yu Yao pinched Ma Liang again and went back to his room with satisfaction.
"Sister Xia Xue, wait a minute. You go and ask Sister Xiang Lanjie to come over for dinner. I’ll pick up Mengmeng." When it’s almost time, Ma Liang said something to Xia Xue and went out.
It goes without saying that it is convenient to have a motorcycle, and it takes a few minutes to get to Xiaomei’s home. Xiaomei’s brother-in-law is still in a daze. He looks at Ma Liang and laughs for a while.
Grandpa Xiaomei is making some crafts, the kind of thing that bamboo weavers put loach in the field. It is estimated that the long white beard is half a meter long and he saw Ma Liang squinting and said hello.
"Miss Ma, it’s you. Xiaomei and Mengmeng are still in the mountains," he said.
"It’s in the back hill. I’ll look for it and save the two girls from playing crazy." Ma Liang laughed. Although girls are usually clever, they also forget to eat and sleep when they meet fun things in the mountains. When it gets dark, they still won’t come.
"It’s all right for you to go and see behind the mountain." Grandpa Xiaomei nodded and took out some tobacco and asked Ma Liang if he could smoke.
Ma Liang politely declined and took a stick mountain.
After the slope head and the mountain show, you can see a winding path stretching into the Woods.
After walking for a while, I reached the top of the mountain and saw two bundles of firewood, which should be Mengmeng and Xiaomei, not far away.
Walking along the rough imprint, I gradually saw the figure. Sure enough, the two girls were together and didn’t know what they were doing.
"Mengmeng Xiaomei, what are you doing?" Ma Liangjin shouted.
The two girls were immediately scared silly because their pants were half naked in their legs and they didn’t know what they were doing.
"Teacher Ma Ma" Xiaomei was scared silly.
"What are you doing? Pull your pants." Ma Liang is a little embarrassed, but he has to be serious as a teacher.
Mengmeng came to her senses, but she was still shy
Xiaomei prevaricated. Fortunately, Ma Liang tilted her head and she was relieved.
What does "teacher, we, we" dream explain?
In fact, Ma Liang is also white. Boys and girls at this age are very curious about themselves. Sometimes they just look at each other when they are idle. Ma Liang still remembers that a group of people in his class were secretly bigger than peeing in the mountains and were caught by the teacher.
There is also a class where you measure yourself with a ruler, which is actually nothing.
It is estimated that Mengmeng and Xiaomei are also curious
"Don’t say that the teacher has been there before. Don’t be shy. It’s time to go back after dinner." Ma Liang said.
"Good" Mengmeng was relieved, and so was Xiaomei.
There are two bundles of firewood and horses next to them, and they go directly with the two girls.
"Teacher, teacher, I found a beautiful flower." What happened in my dream suddenly said.
Xiaomei also echoed, "It’s beautiful, Teacher Ma. Do you know what that flower is?"
Ma Liang moved in his heart and now he is looking for those strange things to "show me"
"Good" Two girls skipped around the road and saw a pinch of different red in a relatively hidden wet and cold place.
Ma Liang has really never seen anything like this. It’s so red that people are very comfortable, the leaves are very green and the pole is quite strong.
At first glance, Ma Liang knew that this good thing looked like it was squatting with firewood.

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