"What kind of tea is this? I haven’t drunk it."

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Yao Shangqing glanced at Yuanyuan consciously. "This is a medicinal tea bag, not ordinary tea, but my family matches it."
Zhu Wenyuan was disappointed to hear this. He wanted to buy some back when he came.
"Well, is there a menu? I’ll order some food. "
Yao Shangqing handed over the book he had prepared in his hand, or did he write it in Yuanyuan?
Zhu Wenyuan slowly leafed through the dishes. There are many fonts that look good, but the price is not cheap.
"Today is winter. Would you consider eating a bowl of dumplings?"
Yao Shangqing woke up a little.
Zhu Wenyuan was so busy that he forgot that it was winter again.
"Ok, let’s have a dumpling. I want to eat sour soup. Do you think so?" He is an authentic northerner. He must have dumpling soup when eating dumplings.
Yao Shang counted and nodded the menu and wrote, "There are celery, pork, fennel, pork and leek eggs for the time being. Which do you want?"
Zhu Wenyuan likes meat, but his stomach is not good. But is today a solar term? It’s okay to eat a little.
"Let’s have celery, pork and fennel."
Yao Shangqing remembered and turned into the kitchen.
Looking at her quietly next to Yuanyuan, my mother was very calm, and then she looked at this man. He had many merits and was a good man.
I didn’t prepare much dumpling stuffing because I knew that there wouldn’t be too many practitioners today, and I thought that if I couldn’t sell it, my family would eat it.
Yao Shangqing’s kitchen is full of instant noodles and dumplings.
Zhu Wenyuan just sat there drinking tea over and over again. After drinking it for the first time, he really couldn’t drink the taste behind him.
Chen will also come back from the back now. When he came in, he saw someone sitting, and then he went to the kitchen to help.
"Come to eat dumplings?"
Yao Shangqing has a good time.
Chen didn’t read it and immediately began to help. "Why didn’t you call me? Hurry up and pack it. It can’t keep the guests waiting for a long time."
It’s not for nothing that she stayed in the south for so long. There are already many small restaurants there, and people are very fast.
Chen still works very quickly.
The boiled dumplings in the pot are almost ready.
One or two dumplings are six, and that’s four or two, that’s 24 dumplings.
Three drives and three rolls
Yao Shangqing doesn’t delay making sour soup, which is coriander, chopped green onion, salt and some seasonings at the bottom of the bowl. Finally, pour in dumpling soup and come in with dumplings.
Steaming, eating a dumpling and drinking a soup, sour soup to relieve boredom, is very authentic.
Zhu Wenyuan didn’t expect it to be good so soon. Looking at a big bowl of dumplings steaming and sour soup coming out, it stimulates the whole sense of smell and drives the sense of taste, so it’s a little hard to wait.
Chen brought the saucers of Chili oil and vinegar, which some people like to eat.
When finished, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law stepped aside.
Zhu Wenyuan is really hungry. I can’t feel right when I bite. The meat stuffing is very strong. After eating a bowl, I took a sip of soup. It is satisfying to take advantage of this strength and eat a big bowl in a short time. Finally, I had a burp and even a little soup was left. I was a little embarrassed to look at this.
Yao Shangqing saw the bowl and knew that his first business was a success.
"Your cooking is delicious. I’m a dumpling lover. I often go to state-run restaurants to eat dumplings before. The master there is very good at this, but you can do it very well."
Zhu Wenyuan changed his address to honorific. He respected everyone who had something to do, no matter what industry.
Yao Shangqing smiled and thanked him.
"This tea is delicious, too. I will often come to your house after I live near here. When does it open and sell breakfast?"
Zhu Wenyuan decided to prepare his three meals here without hesitation, and there was no one at home anyway.
Yao Shangqing shook his head regretfully. Their shop is still immature and just started. Breakfast has not been prepared yet.
The writer has something to say, little angel readers. Congratulations on the opening of Yao’s private museum.
Steamed buns congratulations on the opening of Yao’s private house.
Yuanyuan enjoys the same happiness, so I wish you all a happy day in the exam.
Chapter 7 Burn your elbow
Zhu Wenyuan thought about it for a while, but it’s okay for him to just eat something outside for breakfast.

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