Le Xuewei looked at her back and felt that she was old in appearance or imposing manner, and she was not as domineering as before. Suddenly, she thought of her father Qiao Wandong, who was in the city, and said that he was actually sorry for Kang Huizhen because he had never had feelings for Kang Huizhen.

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If my father were here, he would certainly help her, right? Father is such a nice gentleman.
So thinking that Le Xuewei suddenly trotted after Kang Huizhen "Auntie!"
"…" Kang Huizhen doubt turned and looked at Le Xuewei "? Also want to say what difficult obedient … "
LeXueWei nai shook his head has been so down and out mouth is still so tide wait for no man LeXueWei bowed their heads and took out a wallet from her handbag, took out all the cash inside and handed it to Kang Huizhen "to take it! Although it’s not much, you can save some flowers for a while. "
After observing Kang Huizhen for a long time just now, it is not difficult to see that she is now down and out.
Kang Huizhen’s one-sided look is very complicated. She would never dream of being rejected by her own daughter and reaching out to help her. It would be Le Xuewei, a dead girl!
"I …" Kang Huizhen trembled and dared not pick it up, but her eager eyes showed that she needed the money very much. Without the money, she wouldn’t know how to solve it or where to stay for a meal.
Le Xuewei guessed that her mind bent down and pulled up her hand and stuffed the money into her hand. "Take it!"
Kang Huizhen clenched her palm with a grind, embarrassed to thank her, turned around and ran away quickly.
Le Xuewei shook her head and thought of her mother who died early. If she were still here … Qiao Yuwei was so cruel that she didn’t care about her mother. Even with her biological parents, she couldn’t be so affectionate to her adoptive mother! Kang Huizhen has raised her for so many years.
Le Xuewei has been standing in front of the presidential palace for an afternoon. The sun sets and the summer heat comes out from the ground.
Le Xuewei made a phone call to go home, and the children were taken by the nanny. They were fairly obedient and didn’t make any noise. She kept asking her mother when she would come back, and Le Xuewei promised that the children would go back soon after they finished their work.
Someone came out in front of the presidential palace.
Le Xuewei’s eyelids moved quickly and went over there and stopped in front of the door to see that people were stunned for a moment and stopped. It was not Han Chengyi who’ invited’ her to Hangzhou, the presidential palace.
Hang An walked out of the door and looked up and saw Le Xuewei’s dark eyes not far away. He couldn’t help but slightly narrow his mouth and hung a speculative smile. He asked his sidekick, "Boss, get a bottle of water."
The young man called boss agreed to run in and soon came out of the presidential palace with a bottle of water without a trademark. The water was not produced by the manufacturer.
"An Shao"
Hang An took the water and walked towards Le Xuewei in an impartial way. She smiled in front of her and looked at her carefully.
Le Xuewei spent a whole afternoon outside the door with hot flashes and flushed cheeks. She is very thin, but her facial features are just right, and her eyes are extraordinarily beautiful. In short, she is definitely a beautiful figure with both eastern and western characteristics.
"Give me some water." Hang An handed the water to Le Xuewei and said nothing else.
Hang’ an also took care of her when Le Xuewei’s blood sugar was low. Le Xuewei had a good impression of Hang’ an, but she took the water in her hand and didn’t drink it.
"Come to the presidential palace for something?" Hang An lowered his eyelids and smiled.
Le Xuewei’s eyes are frowning. Obviously, she doesn’t want to answer this question. Hangan clearly shook her head. "Sorry for talking too much. It’s none of my business … but Miss Yuan, can I give you a piece of advice?"
Le Xuewei looked up at Hang An and motioned for him to go.
"If you don’t wait here, you can’t wait for someone today."
"hey!" Le Xuewei couldn’t help laughing. "Do you know who I’m waiting for?"
Fortunately, Hang An didn’t play charades. "Han Chengyi, am I right?"
Le Xuewei Zheng smile froze in the corner of his mouth. It is natural for Hang An to say so. Le Xuewei remembers that he seems to be Hang Zehao’s confidant.
"Don’t wait and go home! Have you been waiting a long time? The weather is so hot, you are so thin, and you almost fainted. You want to be in poor health. Don’t waste it any more. "Hang An patted Le Xuewei on the shoulder and she passed by.
After thinking about it, I went back and added, "Miss Yuan’s life is not something that you can get if you insist on it, nor can you stand on your feet if you recognize the right thing."
"…" Le Xuewei suddenly turned to look at Hang ‘an. "What do you mean?"
Hang An shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, "Miss Yuan is so clever, can you not be white? Give up Han Chengyi! Do you know what he’s doing in there now? He didn’t come alone. He also brought his mother and family … Do I need to be more explicit? "
Le Xuewei’s pupil shrinks and her steps are a little unstable. In fact, after waiting for so long, my hunch is not so good.
"boss goes"
"An Shao"
Hang An didn’t say anything more. He turned around and looked stubborn in the rearview mirror. Le Xuewei was thin and slender at the gate of the presidential palace, like a gust of wind, but she could blow to sex, but it was the opposite.
"hey! It’s a bit interesting. "Hang An whispered unconsciously.
"What did you say? An Shao? " Boss jumped over and asked
Hang An called his head and laughed and scolded, "What can I do for you again? What does a kid know? "
Boss didn’t want to touch his head and muttered, "Why don’t I understand? An Shao, did you see that Miss Yuan? "
"…" Hang An surprised his eyebrows. Did he see Le Xuewei? Is it? In the eyes of others … Is it like this?
As a result, Le Xuewei didn’t leave. She won’t leave until Han Chengyi today!
When Hang An went out for a trip and came back, Le Xuewei was still in the original position. Rolls-Royce stopped at the door. Hang An did not enter the door, but walked towards Le Xuewei.
"It’s really … stubborn." Hang An sighed and thought for a moment and said, "Come in with me!"

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