"Well, my territory is finally in order 7, and it’s not too much to lose."

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"But this order is a bit difficult."
【 Territorial abyss 】
【 Equal order 7 】
[Advanced Devouring 1 7-step device or 1-step device (/1)]
[There are three types of architectural miracle (1/3), and all the building grades reach LV(/)]
【 Unified Destroyer, All Indigenous Forces, Lord Forces (/1) 】
[Killing all creatures of the destroyer]
[Blood Sacrifice Destroys Thousands of Enemies at One Time (/1)]
[Heroes All heroes reach level 7 (1/1)]
[Prestige makes an aborigine have negative emotions such as fear, horror and hatred towards the territory (/1)]
【 The abyss layer reaches 1 layer (1/1) 】
Now the building requirements directly require miracle buildings or three good Qin Mu Ye bullet can also be made.
But the resources needed for the advanced level are outrageous. He will have another series of results. Now, the world is not good enough.
"This is not forcing me to harm the order device, otherwise I can’t find another transfer certificate."
Order device is definitely much more dangerous than the seventh order device. Qin Mu Ye dares to make trouble in the seventh order, but if it comes to order estimation, he has to be honest.
There is also good news, and he needs it directly, which means he doesn’t implement it.
I’m afraid it’s also a big problem to really implement it
"The biggest problem is to devour the order device and annihilate thousands of enemy troops at one time. There should be no way to get another ten million out this time." Qin Mu Ye is very resistant
After the first world war, all the spiritual calling groups were directly wiped out, not to mention extinct, but they also fell directly to the bottom. Maybe there will be surplus, but it will not become a climate.
More importantly, it is a blow to morale. Absolutely no one dares to resist again. The 3 million extraordinary Coalition forces are ready-made, and there is no room for resistance.
Even if there is, it can’t make up 10 million enemy troops. At the beginning, they worked hard to get a 3 million. Now it is quite difficult to triple it.
It’s the easiest way to destroy the creatures in a device. Just do it when you devour the device.
"Let’s talk about it later. After the black hand handles the skeleton soldiers, arrange everyone to advance into a 7-order goblin."
Qin Mu Ye, the seventh-order Grinch, named Titan Grinch, and his strength is not bad.
The attribute is too long. Qin Mu Ye didn’t want to watch it once. When it was too rough, no one looked at it anyway. It was probably attribute growth, skill effect enhancement and many new skills.
The most important thing is that Qin Mu Ye integrated various abilities such as Zerg, Skynet, Titan Blood and so on to form a new ability called the second generation Terran Blood, which is a special blood improved from Qin Mu Ye’s original Terran Blood.
Qin Mu Ye came to think about calling it abyss blood, but when he thought that the source was his own Terran blood, he lost his legitimacy. So he chose to postpone it directly and became the second generation Terran blood.
Don’t say that this second-generation Terran is quite strong after joining various abilities such as abyss care, but unfortunately it has not become indescribable. Instead, it has become a source of pollution in the abyss, which occasionally makes the geeks think more rationally and crazily.
It sounds a bit contradictory, but it’s probably equivalent to a situation where I know I’m wrong but I dare again.

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