But Lin decided to’ light’ and see what it was.

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Chapter six hundred and nine Cold and dark
"Ah ah ah!"
It’s still dark and cold here …
Still ringing with screams
"Hurry up and shoot! Shoot! "
In the cave, the soldiers shouted that they took out their weapons and shot wildly ahead.
They used to face a dark place, and there were some dangerous things moving in the dark. It was necessary not to attract them with light, so there would be no problem.
Although they turned off all the lights, a strong light that did not belong to them suddenly lit up.
When the soldiers found out that the light was a fluffy creature, the dangers in the dark cave had come to them.
With the soldiers screaming, a lot of hot light flashed across them, raining down on the creatures flying out of the cave
These creatures are a group of creatures that look like’ birds’. They have sharp mouths and wings, and their shape and structure are ten centimeters each, but they look like stones and there are a lot of them. From that moment on, these creatures have filled the field of vision of all soldiers in tens of millions.
Lin’s flying machine poked at this kind of biological data. They are called’ sharp ice’, which is extremely sensitive to light and will impact them wildly in places with light, but their ecology is not accurate.
Beep!’ Energy weapons shoot many’ sharp ice’ in an instant, and they seem to have weak resistance to high temperature.
But they will also hit the soldier who is shooting at them. The sharp ice method penetrates the soldier’s armor. A lot of sharp ice keeps hitting the soldiers and Lin finds that they are slowly wrapped in sharp ice.
These wrapped soldiers seem to be frozen. They stop attacking, and they don’t move or make a sound. They just float …
"Stop the attack!"
Suddenly the captain shouted, "The attack will attract more sharp ice and hide in the dark!"
Lin found that the captain was already in a dark place when he shouted. It looked as if he had let his teammates attack and attract Rui Bing to hide himself, and then asked his teammates to hide after nothing happened.
It did do the same thing, and finally Lin noticed that it had acted. It had no command but found a place to hide.
After hearing the captain’s speech, the soldiers here suddenly seemed to wake up. They stopped shooting sharp ice and flew to a darker place.
However, there is still light behind them, the pompoms are shining behind them, and the soldiers can’t confirm the position of the pompoms. They just see a pompoms figure.
It’s impossible to guess where the pompoms are and then attack them. The only thing they can do is … move forward.
Fly forward into those caves where sharp ice flies out. This is the only safe way. Actually, the captain is in that cave.
When these soldiers found out the current situation, they all flew to the front cave at once.
Therefore, many soldiers were covered with a lot of sharp ice when flying forward, and they soon became like their former floating companions …
And many soldiers have successfully escaped into the cave with sharp ice attacks.
After entering the darkness, they seemed to be invisible, and a lot of sharp ice flew past them, but the soldiers couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they entered here.
When Lin saw that they had almost escaped, she stopped the pompoms from shining and followed the soldiers into the cave.
This is a spacious place, which may be 100 meters wide, but the height here is very insufficient. It is 3 meters high for all living things to fly here. Fortunately, the soldiers here are not that high.
Now fifty soldiers are gathering together, and they have more than twenty companions who have become floating … ice sculptures outside.
"Captain … that creature called fluffy ball has been following us!" After gathering in the dark cave, a soldier said, "Just now, it shone to attract sharp ice to attack us!"
"It seems that the former explosion didn’t kill them …" The captain said, "But I think this kind of creature is called’ fluffy ball’ … there are very few creatures left because of the destruction of the main ship. They may chase us and want to get back at us. We need to pay attention to it. Once we find it, we will attack it immediately and solve it!"
It seems that the captain thought that the former driver had killed craken by explosion, and then a few pompoms came after him for revenge … and other players agreed with this statement.
So they decided to face the alert and move on here.
Lin also followed them on. In the dark, they seemed to make the wave method to detect the surrounding environment. Plus, the helmet would show the position of the players. These soldiers would not hit anything.
But they can’t observe the details of their surroundings like Lin …
While following this team, the fluffy ball makes the’ low light night vision’ method look at the surrounding environment. There are a lot of sharp stone pillars with stalactites on the top of the cave, and the sharp ice in front of the attacking team grows upside down.
They shook slightly but didn’t move as if they were sleeping.
These sharp ice are hung in a large area here, and there are quite a few of them. Lin tried to make the fluffy ball stick out and poke a piece of sharp ice … but it didn’t respond.
It seems that there must be enough light to cause their bodies to move. If the pompoms glow here, is this team in Mi Rui Bing dead?
Maybe it won’t be because the captain knows that the pompoms may follow them and go into the cave so boldly, which means that it may be okay here.
However, Lin doesn’t intend to shine either, because she has seen the attack methods of sharp ice, and now she will continue to explore with them.
"Captain, we’re almost there." "Yes, it’s not far ahead."
Lin suddenly heard a soldier and the captain say two words. Looking ahead, Lin found that the cave structure in front has changed a lot. The stalactites at the top of the cave and the sharp ice hanging stones became less and less as the team advanced. After a while, they disappeared.
At the same time, the team also came to a more spacious place, where the ceiling height has changed to more than 30 meters, and many potholes have appeared on the surrounding ground.
It’s like being bombed by a lot of bombs.
After the team advanced in this special environment for a while, the captain suddenly said, "You can light those sharp ice here and you won’t notice this position."
All the soldiers turned on the armor lights, and the dark caves suddenly became more accessible, while those sharp ice in the distance … if you can see the light here according to the usual biological vision, they didn’t respond.
It seems that they still have a certain distance to attack.
However, Lin also read the data and found that if there is a sharp ice, even if she doesn’t see the light, she will follow it. It is necessary to ensure that every sharp ice is out of range
As the cave brightened, Lin felt that these soldiers became courageous again.
They are no longer as cautious as before, and they move much faster.
As they advanced, Lin found that the potholes around them were getting bigger and bigger, and some potholes with a diameter of about 10 meters had appeared. Just when Lin thought that these were formed …
"What are these holes?" A soldier also raised the same question.
"It’s something left," the captain said. "It’s a trace they left looking for food, but they don’t worry that the creature won’t return to the place where they ate …"
"Boom …"
The captain hasn’t finished yet. Lin found that the cave ground shook and saw a head of … creatures in the distance of 100 meters.
It doesn’t seem to be a creature … because it looks more like a machine.
This thing has a square body, and there are ten robotic arms around it, most of which are circular saws or drills at the ends.
It has a height of ten meters. Lin found a red light flashing on its surface.
"That’s … the ghost!" Suddenly a soldier cried, "I didn’t expect such a thing …"

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