They don’t intend to hide their strength, they don’t intend to avoid the sharp edge of the Chinese army, and they have full confidence in themselves.

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Where the Chinese army comes from, they will go. The two sides will make a real battle and let these Zhongyuan people know who the grassland is at home!
On October 11th, the second year of Hongwu, the southern edge of Kelie’s territory was covered with lush water and grass, and 500 people from the vanguard cavalry of Kelie’s army met with 500 people from the vanguard cavalry.
The two sides were very cautious, tested each other for a while, tested each other’s crossbows, and then both withdrew from the battlefield and reported to their main teams.
On the military side, Han Jingxuan, Xin Qiji, Zhang Qiao Nian and Wu Ge immediately made corresponding arrangements after learning the news.
Xin Qiji’s top staff officer consulted Wu Ge, and after learning about the fighting habits of grassland cavalry, especially Kelie’s department, he decided some effective tactics.
Most of the cavalry in Kelie Department are good at riding, shooting and rushing. They are almost quite skilled in the tactics of Zhongyuan Step Army and the tactics of army cavalry against Song Jun infantry.
They are good at archery and also have strong melee ability. The main weapon is steel knives, which are purchased and produced by themselves, and the overall quality is acceptable.
In terms of long weapons, they are short of steel knives and crossbows, and cavalry and heavy cavalry are scarce.
In terms of armor, their main leather armor is scarce, and there is almost no so-called heavy cavalry, but they are equipped with leather armor
The performance of military weapons far exceeds that of the cavalry of Kelie Department.
The cavalry of Keliebu is superior to the adaptability of skilled riding and archery to grassland ecological environment.
In addition, Wuge also found that prairie tribes often kept a large number of war horses.
Ordinary fierce cavalry usually have two horses or Sanma needs an expedition. Elite cavalry often have four horses, but mature riders with five horses are very reliable and can complete long-distance raids with raw milk. The maneuvering speed is quite terrible.
Of course, the number of cavalry is relatively small, which requires not only training for people, but also strict training for Lien Chan horses.
At first, when I heard about the mobility of elite grassland cavalry, senior commanders such as Xin Qiji and Han Jingxuan all looked pale. It was not until I heard that such cavalry needed excellent training that I relaxed a little and felt that things were not too bad.
Despite this, Xin Qiji also showed strong vigilance and hostility to the major tribes in the grassland.
It is said that the grasslands are full of barbarians who have a strong desire to expand and plunder. They have no political wisdom and pursuit. Their pursuit is looting, destruction and aggression.
For such a group of people who focus on developing a big country, we must find ways to limit them or completely eliminate them, otherwise it will be Yongning Day.
Xin Qiji, with a strong sense of vigilance, decided to collect information on grassland cavalry, especially tactical tactics, from now on. Immediately after the end of World War I, Su Yonglin immediately intervened in grassland management and could not let them grow up independently.
It is necessary for the means of the state of Jin to surpass the means of the state of Jin to effectively rule and restrain the grassland tribes and make their laws develop and grow.
In particular, they must not be unified!
Seeing that they have a deep hatred for each other, a lot of power is consumed, which is not enough to threaten the power of the Central Plains. One day, if they are unified and have a unified order, they will inevitably explode with great destructive power.
That would be terrible
So on October 12, Han Jingxuan and Xin Qiji confirmed that they had reached a further marching order together.
Han Jingxuan personally led the main cavalry with 30,000 men to March forward, and the Shenjie army was leading Zhong Xuemin with 10,000 cavalry on the left, and the Weilie army was leading Yuan Han with 10,000 cavalry on the right.
Xin Qiji, an ancient cavalry in Wanggu, suggested that Han Jingjue Wuge and the 5,000 ancient cavalry reserve team make a key moment-
Actually, Xin Qiji doesn’t believe those Wang Gu cavalry whose morale is not very high. He thinks that they can’t cooperate with the military tactics well, so they might as well stay behind and get in the way.
Of course, he is satisfied with this Uighur, and he doesn’t want to fight in the front. Who knows what the army will treat him as?
At present, the army itself regards him as a strategic reserve, which makes him have a great affection for military production.
Inexplicably, there is a feeling of being protected by big bosses. What’s the matter?
The two sides still lack the minimum strategic mutual trust, but it is no wonder that it is the first time for them to get together.
Near noon on October 12, the cavalry of Kelie Department also set up a formation and attacked the army. They were relatively positive and did not retreat. Obviously, they were very confident in their own strength.
Khanli of Kelie Department believes that he has a certain understanding of the army. Through the skirmish, he learned that the army cavalry also has a certain ability to ride and shoot, and the riding skills are not bad. There is also a configuration of one person and two horses, which is obviously not a simple riding infantry.
But what can this be like?
Riding is the guard of grassland herders. How can you fight? Can you ride beyond grassland herders?
What he thinks is not meaningless, but the enemy he faces is no longer an ordinary enemy.
It was a cloudy day on October 12, even at noon, there was no sun, and there were no sunny and sunny lines for each other. Both sides looked at each other from a distance, and an army was slowly approaching.
Xin Qiji went to the front line and looked at the cavalry array of Kelie Department with a thousand eyes. He found that they really lacked armor and necessary armor, as Wu Ge said. Most of them were light cavalry equipped with steel knives and bows and arrows. Perhaps it was recognized that they could make up for the lack of defense by their own speed and archery.
Compared with the cavalry armor, although it is not heavy armor, it also has considerable defense ability, and the armor defense of the cavalry is not a horizontal line with the cavalry of Kelie Department.
Seeing such a scene, Xin Qiji grasped something in his heart. He began to understand what it meant to be a five-beard or ten-beard in the Han and Tang Dynasties-the Han army surpassed them too much in terms of weapon performance and armor performance, and it was necessary to be able to reproduce such a scene in hand-to-hand combat.
Xin Qiji looked at the history and saw that at the peak, Tang Jun was able to fight nomadic cavalry with a ratio of 1 to 20, which was 30 casualties. It was even said that he could fight a ratio of 1 to 50 casualties.
At that time, Xin Qiji was shocked, and it was difficult to understand whether Tang Jun had any special tactics. But now, when he looks again, he finds that it seems that it is not incomprehensible.
Since it worked, what didn’t?
Well, the answer is obvious
The imperial court was corrupt, the finance collapsed, the army was not trained, and the weapons and equipment were not superior enough, so the glory that once belonged to the cavalry of the Central Plains Dynasty was gone forever.
This is three or four hundred years.
"Korea commanded me to recognize the war. Since the fierce people want us to confront such a big army head-on, they will win or lose at this moment."
Xin Qiji suggested that Han Jingxuan formally go to war.
The specific method of warfare is to try every means to close the hand-to-hand combat weapons and armor with superior performance, and the fierce cavalry will kill them face-to-face in hand-to-face combat.
To be able to enter the frontal melee state, the fierce cavalry must not be an army opponent.
Han Jingxuan fought a bloody battle with Su Yonglin for several times. He has been familiar with life and death. At this moment, he is not afraid and worried, but nervous and excited.
He thought that if he could win this war, he would be the first Han general to build a grassland to break the enemy after hundreds of years.
He will inherit the achievements of the Tang Dynasty, reproduce the glory of the Tang Dynasty, and let the Central Plains order dominate the grassland order
With such awareness, Han Jingxuan reached the attack order.
Chapter 763 Xin Qiji is very confident in the melee ability of the cavalry.
After Han Jingxuan’s attack order arrived, the army cavalry first launched an attack and attacked the cavalry array to attack the cavalry of Kelie Department.

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