None of them!

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"He is so good? No shortcomings at all? "
"Is it a disadvantage to have more women?" Fox complained from this, "It would be great if you said there were more women. He insisted on getting all the women together and was not afraid of the frying pan!" "
"What?" Yang Fu and Yang Mu exclaimed.
Give your daughter-in-law a look. Yang Fu is silent.
"Small power ….." Mother Yang got the message and sat down in front of her daughter, hugging Fox and asking seriously, "Are you telling mom the truth about him … ok? Once a man is over forty, he will be completely finished. What will you do in the future? "
"Ahem!" Yang Fu some not complacent gently cough a.
"Cough what cough? Say it is you! " Yang mother gave her husband a discontented white look.
"Say what I do! Let’s talk about power! " Yang Fu some would shame nu way
"Well …" Fox said weakly, "Anyway, there has never been a fight over this matter." Then she sat there watching the play.
"You look at somebody else you look at yourself! In his forties, he’s already like a teenager! It is not as good as a ten-year-old man! " Yang mother said angrily
"By the way, there are three …" Fox added fuel to the fire.
Chapter 4 It is said that there is a car going to the kitchen?
When Fang Siyi came back, she accidentally saw this picture.
Yang Fu and Yang Mu sat in a small fox and saw that they were sulking.
"This is … what’s the matter?" Fang Siyi naturally can’t buy oranges.
I got some apples and mangoes.
But the fox is eating oranges.
And it’s all that special acid.
"Isn’t the sour hot girl …" Mother Yang mumbled a word that brightened at the moment and quickly asked, "Is the child a man or a woman?"
"This … hasn’t come for inspection yet …" Fox said with some embarrassment.
"All a few months? Why don’t you check it? " Yang Fu said angrily, "How can you be parents like this?"
"Cough uncle, I don’t let Power Power do the inspection" Fang Siyi wry smile way "If I do the inspection … then …"
I didn’t say anything later, but Yang Fu and Yang Mu already know.
Then I’m afraid it will really be a news that shocked the whole China!
"If one thousand son …"
"If my son will tell me my family name and … he agreed that the first child, whether male or female, will be surnamed Yang." Fox said with a smile, "He is also a descendant of his family name. Anyway, I am still young and can’t be reborn."
She doesn’t care much.
Anyway, she’s not even thirty now, so she’ll keep giving birth if it’s a big deal.
It’s not that I can’t afford it.
"Your girlfriend … can accept it?" Yang Fu looked at Fang Siyi frown and asked.
"Of course I can accept it!" At this time, denying that is brain deficiency!
Fang Siyi hurriedly affirmed.
"You!" Words here Yang Fu can suppress along while suppress such a sentence.
"Hey hey ….." Fang Siyi can be stupid at this time.
Fortunately, when it was delivered, it was also a tire gas that nursed back to health for a while, and the little fox could be discharged from the hospital.
Because of the good protection, this is a private hospital and a special passage. Although there is news on the Internet that Fox is hospitalized, there are no pictures and videos flowing out.
Naturally, it is recognized that this is another speculation.
It’s a lot quieter without Fox.
Many people are a little uncomfortable at the moment.
There are even some wonderful flowers that run to Weibo’s face and repeatedly ask when the fox will return.
As a result, when you look at it, Nima is power black.
A small fox black powder bar owners original words to explain.
That is, without Fox, the entertainment circle has no motivation.
I have to say that these years of controversy and criticism have made the fox circle a very strange place.
Others have more fans than black powder, while she has more black powder than fans.
It is also a wonderful work.
Fang Siyi also molested Fox and became the only one in the circle.
The result is naturally aroused strong dissatisfaction from Fox.
Honey, it is said that Fox and Fang Siyi are at this time.

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