Almost at the same time, Sun Hao thought of the beast King Kong.

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The huge body of King Kong is so magnificent. If human beings live in a real body of King Kong, it means the same thing to the worm emperor. Then will the virtual world really be a huge life?
It is estimated that this is a proposition that Sun Hao can’t find the answer.
The final view of the Worm Emperor is based on this point: "We Zerg are really equivalent to the great living body of the virtual world, and automatically generate an insecticide after taking medicine. The purpose is to clean up you harmful micro-organisms that destroy the virtual world continent all the time …"
According to Worm Emperor, they have played the role of virtual world sweeper for Heaven, aiming to completely eliminate all intelligent races and finally restore the normal operation order of virtual world.
This is an answer that Sun Haowan did not expect, and Sun Hao did not know what to say.
Wouldn’t it be doubtful that the intelligent race is really a virtual "pest" if you agree with the worm emperor?
But if you don’t agree with the worm emperor, then some facts make Sun Hao speechless again.
For example, whether the Terran or an imaginary intelligent race occupies a continent rich in resources, they will often try their best to plunder many spiritual resources.
Worm emperor leisurely said, "Your intelligent race extracts the spirit vein and digs up the spirit mine, which is equivalent to extracting the skin from the mainland, causing incalculable losses to the most basic cells of the mainland, that is, the virtual life, which will accelerate the death of a continent. The so-called intelligent race is the biggest enemy in the virtual world, and our zerg’s sacred duty is to eliminate you pests …"
This is a cognitive view that subverts Sun Hao. Many times, Sun Hao thinks about whether the worm emperor makes sense after all. If so, what should his position be?
The mother emperor seems to have kindly revealed the core secrets of the Zerg to Sun Hao, but the real idea also has the idea of disturbing Sun Hao’s heart.
Once Sun Hao’s idea of transforming a monk from a righteous side into an evil one takes root, it will undoubtedly affect Sun Hao’s understanding of the world and impact Sun Hao’s Taoist heart.
The information of the Bug Emperor is uneasy and kind at first glance, but if you think about it seriously, Sun Hao can get a lot from it. After practicing to the extreme, it will be of great help to find the source of virtual world and finally build a road.
After reaching the height of Sun Hao, the conjecture that the world originated from the world will give Sun Hao many new insights if it is confirmed.
What Worm Emperor dares to throw this thing out is to expect that Sun Hao will think and verify it. Not only is this a verification process, but once the verification is correct, I don’t know what it will be like for self-proclaimed justice humans and intelligent races to know that they are actually virtual pests. This is the root of Worm Emperor.
Hey, hey, will your faith collapse and your heart be out of balance? Unfortunately, the worm emperor can’t see it.
This is the first legacy of the worm emperor. It’s a high-end trap
The second legacy is similar, and it seems that this is really a very legacy, but if you think about it seriously, Sun Haobai’s worm emperor may not be kind.
At first glance, the second legacy is absolutely true and informative.
This is a kind of refining method with little fortune in the virtual world, and the effect after refining also makes Sun Hao’s heart move
This is a kind of fairy treasure that Sun Haodu hopes to refine successfully. The effect of fairy treasure refining is too bad. At the same time, it can control the gas transportation capacity according to the refining gas transportation capacity and the function of fairy treasure to upgrade the understanding level of Brother Avenue.
After reaching Sun Hao’s height, every step of avenue practice is already very difficult. Usually, every avenue practice needs to be understood for a long time.
Everything that is helpful to the cultivation of the avenue is precious. Fortune refining has really caught Sun Hao’s mind. Sun Hao can’t even think about it until he knows that the mother emperor is uneasy and kind, and he has to drink this poisoned wine.
This may be the mother emperor’s fate, the fairy treasure effect, and the difficulty of refining is naturally the fate. Once Sun Hao plunges into it, it will not be a day or two to do a good job in the worm emperor. I think it will definitely make Sun Haolang a lot of energy.
Chapter DiErSanWu Insect Emperor Legacy
Don’t say that he just realized that it takes a lot of time to refine Xianbao and then find the refining materials, and I don’t know how long it will take
In the end, it will be refined into a fairy treasure, which also puts many incredible tests on the monks, such as the level of refining equipment, such as refining equipment?
In a word, this thing is absolutely a sinkhole even for Mahayana friar!
Once you plunge in, you may not be able to get any benefits in the end.
After Sun Haosi took the exam for a while, out of a kind of self-confidence and curiosity about this fairy treasure, he finally decided to spend some time refining this fairy treasure and absorb it in the end, which really depends on the situation.
Then the kagyu emperor was destroyed by Sun Hao, and her feelings about Sun Hao were quite complicated, with indelible hatred and at the same time, two bequests were deeply given to Sun Hao, which reflected her mood at that time.
These two things must have special ways, but at the same time, Sun Hao is not so easy to digest. If you swallow them, you will have a stomachache for a while.
Sun Haocan finally feel this kind of bearing strength after realizing Xianbao refining bearing.
This bearing should be that the once brilliant race in the star domain was destroyed by the Kagyu Bug Emperor, and the ultimate bearing position of the race may be stronger than his current car Abel War Star.
Of course, the real combat power of this theory of Xianbao bearing in different directions is not necessarily stronger than Abel War Star.
After perceiving the strength and magic of Cheng, Sun Hao thoroughly meditated and realized that it was probably because the worm emperor himself failed to understand things thoroughly.
Refining this fairy treasure to the law department is the core area in the forbidden level, and the law is absolutely big to the degree of fairy prohibition.
Don’t say his array is a little weak. The friar has to look down and sigh when he sees this fairy treasure refining technique.
Even monks with powerful array methods, such as Sun Hao’s array practice for so many years, were shocked by this vast array method when they first came into contact with Xianbao Refining Method.
To refine this fairy treasure, it is necessary to abolish the ban of 100,000 immortals, and the ban of 100,000 immortals has reached 1,000 in different categories.
It is said that it takes a lot of time to thoroughly understand so many kinds of prohibitions and fairy prohibitions, which is a prerequisite for getting lucky fairy treasures. If these prohibitions are not thoroughly studied, don’t even try to refine fairy treasures.
Sun Hao once again lamented the imaginary boundary and the fact that some races have a long history of great power, and that it is not easy for great monks to repair.
On learning these prohibitions is also a help to Sun Hao’s practice. Sun Hao’s Tao has not been thoroughly combed for a long time since he entered the void, and he has not studied it carefully and systematically.
It’s just right to take this opportunity to seriously tamp it again.
Quietly, I changed the contribution of Terran Array to a whole set. Sun Hao sank Abel War Star into his agarwood palace to meditate and seriously understand.
Sun Hao’s practice in advanced Mahayana is a nine-in-one body.
There is an array in the nine-in-one, and Sun Hao’s array foundation is very solid. Terran is also a rare array in the virtual world. The whole set of bearings is very complete, but Sun Hao is missing.
Peace of mind to Sun Hao, while seriously understanding the array, he promoted his understanding of Wuxing Avenue and Causality Avenue.

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